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Subject: Re: ADCOCK/ANDERSON families
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Don't think this is my line at all. My ggrandmother was Emily Anderson
Anderson. She was married to Bud Anderson. We do not know if Bud was
his real name or a nick name and have not been able to find proof of
marriage. It gets worse. Granny lived to be over 104 years of age at
the time of her death in 1942, yet had never drawn an old age pension
because she could not prove her age...the family bible was "with someone
in the west" and she had no one alive that could prove her age,
eventhough her son had proven his at 72 at the time she applied for the
pension. Her pension application is under the name Emily. Her death
certificate and funeral were under the name (at least what we could make
out as POSSIBLE name) Matildan Anderson. She was born in 1837 in Mud
Camp, KY which is now part of Monroe County, but was Cumberland County
then. Under the name of Emily for the time period, she had to be the
daughter of James C. Anderson and his wife Johnny Cozzart. Yet, on
later census showing her living with her son, Joseph Anderson, the year
of her birth more reflects the Emily Anderson born to Thomas Jefferson
and Caroline Anderson, so there is some question here. To top it all
off, the names Emily, Thomas Jefferson, and others repeat frequently
amongst these families. Since Clay County is just over the line from
Monroe County, I was hoping there might be a connection there I could
follow from Mud Camp.

Emily was interviewed by the Louisville Courier in 1941 and discusses
"going with" a union soldier and her father making her break up with
him. She discusses going west in a covered wagon, but returning because
the neighbors were too far apart and they didn't make their fortune, and
she discusses running a hotel in Mud Camp for all the preachers and
traveling salesmen that came through the area, yet we find no other
proof of her.

I have been told by someone on the net, though not proven, that Bud was
actually William C. Anderson. The William C. Andersons I have found
were a brother, a nephew, or an uncle to Emily and therefore that does
not fit either.

Emily and Bud had: 1) Joseph, 2) Josephine (my line) who married David
Taylor, 3) Julius who moved to California and built sets for the movie
studios, 4) Robert who was married twice (the second time to a Native
American)and lived last in Oklahoma, 5) Tanny who married first and
Orten and second Bennie Tooley and died a day after childbirth. These
are not necessarily in order of birth. The 1900 Census (the one showing
her living with Joe) says she had 7 children, five of them were living
at the time of the census, but I have no other names at this time. This
of course, is also the census that gives her age as that of the Emily
born to Thomas Jefferson and Caroline Anderson.

To further complicate things, my mother remembers HER mother talking
about Uncle Tom Jeff, presumably a brother to her mother....SEE MY

I know it probably doesn't fit your line, but would you check your data
base for me?



> In a message dated 9/8/98 10:08:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
> << Do you have any Andersons from Peyton's Bible? Would appreciate any
> help in straightening out this line!!! Any family stories of the
> Andersons being Indian?
> Lian
> >>
> Peyton was born circa 1792 and according to the Bible married Anna on 18 Mar
> 1811. I believe he was the son of Charles ANDERSON and Catherine (NMN). The
> children of Peyton ANDERSON and Anna (NMN) were John b. 19 Jan 1813, Mary b. 9
> April 1814, Charlotte b 27 April 1816, Mahala 31 Dec. 1818, Pamelia 4 Feb.
> 1820, Lousanna 12 July 1822, Rhoda 5th Oct 1824, Elizabeth 21st of Feb. 1826,
> Joel 11 Nov 1830, Mariah 31 Jan 1833. I have that Rhoda married Thomas Joel
> Stafford, Elizabeth "Betsey" married Peter Backey, Mariah married Wade
> Skimmiehorn. According to the Bible, "Willie" married an ADCOCK. I believe
> that this was actually my "Millie". Judging by my Millie's date of birth she
> would have been either Mahala or Pamelia. Millie sounds to me like it could
> be a nickname for Pamelia. I'm still not sure that this is the correct
> daughter, but if Milly wasn't a child of Peyton and Anna ANDERSON, why were
> the ADCOCK children's birhtdates in Peyton's Bible?
> What ANDERSON family are you trying to straighten out?
> Karen
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