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From: "Dr. Virginia Kobler" <>
Subject: Re: Amelia Co. VA Jackson's
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 04:28:13 -0600

I am descended from Elizabeth (Betty) Jackson, daughter of William Jackson
who died in Amelia County, VA after 1 Nov 1778. William was the son of
Thomas who died 1765. Elizabeth married John Manier. They migrated to
Garrard County, KY and then to Williamson County, TN where both died.

Would be interested in any information on the above William and Thomas. Do
they connect to yours?

Yours, Ginny Kobler

>From The Virginia Genealogist on the Jackson's of Lower Virginia. The page
>number is missing, but the article is on Mark Jackson, son of Williams
>Jackson. I
>didn't copy the whole article before, and some of the right margin is
>missing from my copy but here is what I can read. It was written by Evelyn
>Duke Brandenbesyer (?) assisted by Clara Jackson Martin.
>Mark Jackson, son of Williams Jackson
>Mark Jackson, son of Williams, on 16 Aug. 1746 Mark Jackson sold to Thomas
>Franklin, Jr. for 15 pounds 130 acres, part of a 490 acre patent to Williams
>Jackson on 15 March 1735 in Henrico County on Licking Creek. The deed was
>witnessed by
>Ralph Jackson Jr. John Stewart, John Green, Patience SUDBURY and Martha
> On the smae date Joseph Jackson, brother of william Jackson,
>relinquished all right inthe above land to Thomas Franklin. This was
>probably the land that williams devised to his son Mark in 1739, but there
>is no explanation as to why Joseph relinquished all right to the property.
>Thomas Franklin had by patent 200 acres in Henrico (after 1749 in Amelia
>County) on the south side of Swift Creek adjoining Williams Jackson on the
>north side of Licking Creek.
> James Franklin died in Henrico County in July 1747. He was the son or
>brother of Thomas Franklin. In his will he names his wife Anne, daughters
>Loveday Burton, Ann Pucket, Elizabeth Jackson and Mary Jackson, sons James,
>Joseph and Alexander. Either Elizabeth Jackson or Mary Jackson named here
>was the wife of Mark Jackson.
> Patience Sudbury was the wife of Ezekiel Sudbury and seems to have been
>the daughter of Joseph Jackson. In 1746 Martha Jackson, John Green and
>Jackson witnessed a deed of gift from Ezekiel Sudbury to his son Ezekiel
>Sudbury "son of my wife Patience".
> By 1747 Patience was dead and Ezekiel had a wife named Anne. On 8 April
>of that year he gave for love and affection to Ezekiel, his son by his wife
>Patience, deceased, and to his daughters Hannah and Patience. Witnesses
>were Francis Jackson, Thomas Sadler and Stephen Beasley. The deed was
>recorded on 1 May 1747.
> After the creation of Chesterfield County from Henrico in 1749, Mark
>Jackson resided there, at least until 1750. On 30 Jan. 1750 Mark jackson of
>Chesterfield County sold to William Norris for 16 (pounds) 75 acres on the
>osuth side of Swift Creek, lying next to land of Thomas Franklin and Matthew
>Jackson. Mark's wife relinquished dower.
>>From the pages that were handed to me, this is what I've quickly come up
>with. I'll go over it later for mistakes in case anyone is interested.
>Ralph Jackson m. Leah ?
> Williams Jackson
> Daniel Jackson
> Francis Jackson d. 1777
> Rowland Jackson m. Ann ?
> Josiah Jackson
> Francis Jr. Jackson
> Mary Jane Jackson
> Elizabeth Jackson
> Priscilla Jackson
> Mark Jackson m either Elizabeth or Mary Franklin
> John Jackson d. 1788 married Sarah ?
> Joseph Jackson will (dated Aug. 2, 1772) (probably married twice) m. 1st
> Cain Jackson
> Patience Sudbury (Joseph "seems" to be her father)
> Peter Jackson
> m. 2nd ?
> Lucy Jackson
> Joseph Power
> Ezekiel Jackson
> Martha Watkins
> Joseph Jackson
> Hezekiah Jackson
> Martha Jackson
> Ralph Jackson m Obedience d. bet 1774 and 1776 in Chesterfield
>County-nowill but
> inventory of his estate was made Sept. 1776
> Joseph Jackson
> Joel Jackson
> Francis Jackson
> Lewis Jackson
> possibly Mark and others
> John Jackson dead by 1733
> Leah Jackson m James Moor
> John
> Robert
> Ann
> Daniel Jackson m Elizabeth Grainger

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