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From: "Greg And Winnette" <>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 21:49:48 -0500

There are a couple of Jackson's listed here........Winnette

LOCKE -SYLVESTER BIBLE of Sumter, S. C. and Eufaula, Alabama
Owner: Mrs. Retta Locke Jackson
254 Oleander
Corpus Christ, TX

Demarcus Sylvester, son of A. & M. Sylvester, 2/27/1797 Sumter, S. C.
Mary Ann Rembert, daughter of A. & E. Rembert, 12/29/1798 Sumter, S. C.
William Herrod Locke, son of Richard and Elvey Locke, 10/9/1832, Pike Co.,
Ann Judson Sylvester, daughter of D. and Mary Sylvester, 1/1/1838, Houston
Co., Ga.
Clifford Asbury Locke, son of W. H. and Ann J. Locke, 10/1/1860, Eufaula,

Retta Fannin Thornton, daughter of William and Mary Shorter Thornton
11/11/1863, Eufaula, Alabama
Retta Thornton Locke, daughter of Retta and Clifford Locke, 8/20/1895,
Eufaula, Alabama
Bush McLaughlin Jackson, son of Mary and James Laval Jackson, 1/1/1895
Hagood, S. C.
Rhetta Locke Jackson, daughter of Bush M. and Retta Locke Jackson,
12/7/1918, Monroe, La.

Demarcus Sylvester-Mary Ann Rembert 2/18/1818, Sumter, S. C.
William Herrod Locke-Ann Judson Sylvester 10/30/1855 Barbour Co., Alabama
Clifford Asbury Locke-Retta Fannin Thornton Berry 2/21/1889, Eufaula,
Retta Thornton Locke-Bush McLaughlin Jackson 8/20/1916, Eufaula, Alabama

Demarcus SylvesteR 3/31/1870 Barbour Co., Alabama
Mary Ann Sylvester 1/22/1880 Eufaula, Alabama
William Herrod Locke 1/15/1882 Eufaula, Alabama
Ann Judson Locke 11/17/1912 Eufaula, Alabama
Retta Thornton Locke 84/1941 Columbus, Georgia, buried in Eufaula, Alabama
Bush M. Jackson, Sr. 4/27/1854, buried in Corpus Christi, Texas

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