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From: Larry Golden <>
Subject: [JAMES-L] Francis, Sherwood Sr. and Jr., and Mary Jane
Date: Fri, 08 Jan 1999 13:31:09 -0600


Wondering if anybody looks familiar to anyone. Would love any
information, corrections etc.

Sherwood James Sr. was born ca 1702 in King George County, Virginia. He
married Ann Taliaferro. His parents are believed to be Francis James
and Mary Sherwood.

Sherwood James Jr. was born ca 1720 in Virginia, and died ca 1784 in
Craven County, South Carolina. He married Martha Holliday daughter of
Daniel Holliday. Sherwood migrated to SC with his father, Sherwood Sr.
and mother, Anne Taliaferro, in 1752.

Child of Sherwood James Jr. and Martha Holiday is:

Mary Jane James was born ca 1748, and died ca 1793. She married Hugh
(Rees) Reese ca 1765, son of Hugh Rees and Sarah.

Thank You,

Larry Golden
16126 Ladino Run
Cypress, TX 77429

Gladly share information concerning following surnames and locations..

ARMSTRONG, Clermont County, Ohio - around 1815
BEDFORD, Southhold, Long Island, New York - 1740-1760
BURKHALTER, anywhere - anytime
CARTER, Surry County, Virginia - 1630-1680
CONNER, Georgia in 1820's, Alabama in 1830's and 1840's
COOK, Northern Texas and Oklahoma - 1880's and 1890's
CRAFFORD, Surry & Southampton Counties, Va - 1680-1705
EMERY, Surry County, Virginia - 1780-1805
EVANS, Wales to 1684, Pennsylvania until 1730's, then Va
GEORGE, Georgia before 1840, Alabama 1840's, Texas 1850 on
GILBERT, Maryland - 1670-1690
GOLDEN, South Carolina 1750-1770's, Georgia 1770-1830"s
HARBUCK, Warren County, Georgia - 1770-1823
HOWARD, N & S Carolina, 1750-1780's
JOHNSON, Hartwell was his name - anytime - anyplace
KNIGHT, North Carolina 1740-1780's, Tennessee 1780-1820's
LANE, Maryland, 1750-1780's
LIVERMORE, Missouri and Texas - 1860's and 1870's
MARTIN, Virginia - 1730-1760
MATTHEWS, Southampton County, Virginia - 1700-1750
MILLIDGE, Georgia - 1720-1760
MURPHEY, Georgia - 1780-1820's
NEWSOME, VA 1635-1752, SC 1756-1773, Georgia 1773 on
REESE, Maryland, 1690-1710's
REESE, Va or S Carolina - 1750-1770's, Georgia 1770-1820's
REEVE(S) Massachusetts - 1638-1670's
REEVE(S) Southampton and Southhold, LI, NY 1670-1750's
ROWE, Massachusetts - 1640's
SCOTT, Virginia 1670-1680's
SHEPPARD, Virginia - 1624-1670's
SIMPSON, Maryland 1680-1750's, North Carolina 1760-1800's
SLY, Virginia 1770's-1800, Ohio 1800-1870's
SMITH, New Jersey 1690-1780's, Ohio 1790-1860's
SPENCER, Virginia - 1608-1640's
STIDHAM, Alabama in 1840, Texas by 1850
TRACY, Maryland - 1720-1760's
WALTERS, Virginia, Ohio or Pennsylvania - anytime
WELLS Southhold, Long Island, New York - 1690-1720's
WELLS, Maryland - 1790's, Virginia - 1810's
WILLIAMS, Virginia - 1770-1780's
WOOD, Tennessee - 1810-1830

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