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From: "Wiley Alston Jarrell <><" <>
Subject: Ella Jarrell, and variations
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 04:59:42 -0600

Diane Mitchell wrote>

> You stated in a previous letter that you had about 10 Ellas.
> Could you share that info?

I'll do even better than that. Below is a list of every female
JARRELL who had "ella" in her name.

Please note the number of these women that I really don't have
much data on; such as no dates, places, spouses, cemeteries, etc,

As usual I'm looking for additional data on the following:

Amanda Isabella JARRELL b:13 Feb 1849;
child #11 of "Fountain" Joseph Fountain JARRELL and
"Betsy" Elizabeth Ann JARRELL.
Arabella JARRELL b:circa 1850; living 1850, enumerated with parents,
Rockingham Co NC;
child of Owen JARRELL and Brand (Braney(?)) ???;
[Note: listed a 7/12 on the census].
Bella JARRELL b:____;
child #3 of Austin JARRELL and Wilhelmina H. HUFFMAN.
Cartella JARRELL b:circa 1911; living 1920, enumerated with parents,
Floyd Co KY;
child of Alexander JARRELL and Oma WOODS.
Cinderella JARRELL b:roughly 1854; M:(30 Nov 1876 Lee Co AL) Wesley
"Sook" Cinderella Elvira JARRELL b:10 Jan 1850, Crawford, Russell Co
AL; M:(1 Sep 1870 San Marcos, Hayes Co TX) James C. BROWN; d:3 Aug
1932, Ganado, Jackson Co TX;
child #1 of Smith Callaway (Henry Smith Callaway(???)) JARRELL and
' Mary Ann Elizabeth Meriah HORN.
Claydella JARRELL (Geralds) b:____, Monroe Co KY; M:Johnny GRAVES;
child #3 of Escoe JARRELL (Geralds) and Esther WHITE.
Della JARRELL b:circa 1891, Raleigh Co WV; M:Chris C. WILEY; living
26 Mar 1933, Dorothy, Raleigh Co WV;
child of Jacob JARRELL and "Jenny" Virginia MASSEY.
Della JARRELL b:21 Oct 19(private), Floyd Co KY; M:??? CURTIS; living
1989, Weir, Cherokee Co KS;
child #5 of "Epp" Epperson JARRELL and Millie M. RICE.
Della Mae JARRELL b:____; M:George HOWARD; living 17 Nov 2000;
child #6 of James C. JARRELL and Lenora LOYD.
Della Valerie JARRELL b:____; d:21 Nov 1964;
child #1 of Frank Abia JARRELL and Martha Elizabeth DUNCAN.
"Donnie" DonElla JARRELL b:25 Oct 19(private), Abilene, Taylor Co TX;
M:(12 May 19(private)) "Al" Alva Levi MECHLING; living 14 Sep
1998, Fort Smith, Sebastian Co AR;
child #3 of Matha Donald JARRELL and "Carsie" Laura Carson NORMAN.
Dulcena Arabella JARRELL (Jerrell) b:____; M:Simpson MCCONNELL
(McConnel); living 24 May 1880;
child #2 of Elijah Wilson JARRELL (Jerrell/FitzJerrald) and
"Nella" Eleanor JARRELL (FitzGerald) b:1826, AL; M:(1843) William
child #8 of John JARRELL (FitzGerald Jr.) and
"Polly" Mary Anne COUCH.
Ella JARRELL b:26 Jun 1877, Orange, Boone Co WV; M:(21 Mar 1895
Boone Co WV) Allen FOSTER; d:2 Aug 1932, Dorothy, Raleigh Co WV;
buried Ameagle Cemetery;
child #1 of Jackson JARRELL and Alice PACK;
[Note:see alternate parents].
Ella JARRELL b:roughly 1868, GA; d:before 6 Apr 1924;
child #2 of John Albert JARRELL and Frances Mary L. SMITH.
Ella JARRELL b:1877; M:(21 Mar 1895 Boone Co WV) Allen FOSTER;
child #4 of Thomas Benton JARRELL and Frances Darby SCOTT.
Ella JARRELL b:____, Kent Co DE; M:Harry HUFNAL; d:Dec 1971, Dover,
Kent Co DE;
child #4 of Thomas JARRELL and Mary Elizabeth DARLING.
Ella JARRELL b:circa 1872;
child #3 of "Nat" Nathaniel JARRELL and Alice V. ALFORD.
Ella JARRELL b:____; living 20 Apr 1972, Martin, Floyd Co KY;
child of Samuel JARRELL and Dollie CONN.
Ella JARRELL b:____; M:(before 1876) James MITCHELL.
Ella (Eller) JARRELL b:26 May 1892, Patrick Co VA; M:(26 Aug 1915
Surry Co NC) Amos WORRELL; d:9 Jan 1976;
child #3 of "Bill" Joseph William JARRELL and
"Maggie" Margaret A. TERRY.
Ella JARRELL (FitzGerald) b:1883;
child #4 of Floyd Gibson JARRELL (FitzGerald) and Mary A. RAPER.
Ella JARRELL (Geralds) b:16 Oct 19(private), Monroe Co KY; M:(26 Dec
19(private) Monroe Co KY) Charlie Marion GORDON;
child #4 of Thomas Junior JARRELL (Geralds) and
Lucille Katherine MUSE.
Ella JARRELL (Jarrels) b:1866;
child #7 of Richard JARRELL (Jarrels/Jerolds/Garrels/Jarold) and
Ella JARRELL (Jerrell) b:19 Aug 1884; M:Columbus RUMBLE; d:12 Feb
child #2 of Filmore JARRELL (Jerrell) and Catherine WILLIS;
[Note:no children].
Ella Belle JARRELL b:29 Jan 1910;
child #6 of "Charlie" Anthony JARRELL and "Susan" Virginia TURNEY.
Ella Mae JARRELL b:4 May 1904; M:(1934) Noah HALL; d:1 Sep 1947,
probably, Floyd Co KY;
buried Jarrell, Jarrell Fork of Bull Creek Cemetery;
child #5 of "Billy" William JARRELL and Jennie Rose BISHOP;
[Note:not listed by all sources].
Ella Mae JARRELL (Geralds) b:27 Oct 19(private); M:(27 Mar 19(private)
Monroe co KY) Luther MONDAY;
child #1 of Earl JARRELL (Geralds) and Irene JARRELL (FitzGerald).
Ellard Grady JARRELL b:18 Jul 1890, Surry Co NC; M:??? ???;
child #1 of Richard Walter JARRELL and Susan Jenette AMBURN.
"Ella" Ellen JARRELL (Jarrells) b:24 May 1911, Firebrick, Lewis Co KY;
M:??? KNAPP; d:Aug 1991;
child #1 of Joseph Earl JARRELL (Jarrells) and Lucresia DEBORDE.
"Zella" Ezella JARRELL b:11 Mar 1896, Leesville, Vernon Par LA;
M:(1920) Ennis HINSON; M:(before 1940) Louis OZAN; d:circa 1986,
probably Silsbee, Hardin Co TX;
buried Hinson Family Cemetery;
child #9 of "Steve" Stephen J. JARRELL and Nancy STONE.
Fidella (Vidella) JARRELL (FitzGerald) b:circa 1854, Fentress Co TN;
M:W. L. SHAW; living 1880, Monroe Co KY;
child #1 of John Hise JARRELL (FitzGerald) and
Harvella JARRELL b:____; M:??? COOK; living May 1994;
child of Adron H. JARRELL Sr. and Ernestine MCSPADDEN.
Ida Mozella JARRELL b:1875, Madison Co VA; M:(21 Dec 1899 Greene Co
child #3 of James Morgan JARRELL and Sarena Eudora WEAVER.
Isabella JARRELL b:Dec 1859, Franklin Co IN;
child #3 of Richard Fitz JARRELL and Margarett SHERWOOD.
"Belle" Isabella JARRELL b:circa 1853; M:(21 Jan 1873) "Jeff" Tandy
Jefferson BRANHAM; d:24 Feb 1947, Floyd Co KY;
buried Dwale Cemetery;
child of D. Marion JARRELL and Milly (Lilly) ???;
[Note:tombstone has dob 14 Mar 1840].
"Belle" Isabella JARRELL b:20 Feb 1865; M:(9 Oct 1917) William H.
child #5 of Moses D. JARRELL and Millie Rebecca ROWE;
[Note:not listed by all sources; some sources show dob 1864].
Lee Ella JARRELL (Jerrell) b:____;
child of Lee Wallace JARRELL (Jerrell) and Ruby SMITH;
[Note:unknown birth order].
Lillie Ella JARRELL b:4 Jan 1894, Argyle, Denton Co TX; M:(22 Jun
1911) Charles BOLTON; d:25 Dec 1981, Corpus Christi, Nueces Co TX;
child #4 of Caskey Clifford JARRELL and Cara Dialtha LINDSEY.
Lizzie Ella JARRELL (Gerald) b:18 Nov 1914, Center Point, Monroe Co
KY; M:(29 Oct 19(private) Center Point, Monroe Co KY) Thomas Fred
child #1 of Herman Luther JARRELL (Gerald) and
Betty JARRELL (Gerald).
Louella JARRELL b:Jul 1885, Wayne Co WV; M:(16 Dec 1905 Wayne Co WV)
John Henry THACKER; d:1963;
child #5 of "Lee" Leander JARRELL and Mary Margaret CRUM.
Louella JARRELL b:circa 1879, MO;
child #2 of John Ritchard JARRELL and Pernecia WRIGHT.
Louella JARRELL b:____; M:??? RICKMAN; living 17 Mar 2000, Beckley,
Raleigh Co WV;
child of John Lewis JARRELL and Sarah PETTRY;
[Note:birth order unknown].
Louella JARRELL (Jarrells) b:____;
child #1 of James Ralph JARRELL (Jarrels) (TWIN) and Loretta
Lucy Louella JARRELL (Gerrell) b:19(private); M:Hughes MOORE Jr.;
M:Thomas HANSON;
child #11 of William Sumpter JARRELL (Gerrell) and
Callie Elizabeth ALLISON.
"Jib" Luella Geneva JARRELL b:20 Dec 19(private), Cannelton, Fayette
Co WV; M:??? ???; M:Dale MAYES; M:Frank HENRY; d:31 May 1979, Lima
Coshocton, or Meigs, Allen Co OH;
buried Memorial Park Cemetery;
child #2 of Alga Otto JARRELL and Lola Pauline BLAKE.
Lula (Louella) JARRELL b:____; M:??? MORRIS; d:before 17 Mar 2000;
child #8 of John Lewis JARRELL and Sarah PETTRY;
[Note:birth order unknown].
Marcella JARRELL b:____; M:??? PAULEY; d:living at the time of
mother's death in¯ Robinhood, WV;
child of Griffin JARRELL and Josephine KIRK;
[Note:no idea of birth order].
Marcena Joella JARRELL b:17 Mar 1871, Jarrolds Valley, Raleigh Co WV;
M:(before 1894) C. Basom DEW; d:15 Nov 1901, Weber Co UT;
child #3 of Andrew Plunket JARRELL and Pauline Ann CANTERBURY.
Martha Isabella JARRELL b:____; M:"Sam" Reuben Benjamin DAWSON;
M:(17 Jan 1849 Greene Co VA) Daniel S. BROWN; living 17 Jan 1849,
Greene Co VA;
child #1 of Joseph JARRELL and "Malevia" Olivia SIMS.
Mary Ella JARRELL b:3 May 1920, Boone Co WV; M:(1939) Kenneth E.
child #5 of William JARRELL and Gracie JONES;
[Note:three children].
Mary Ella JARRELL b:17 Jun 19(private), Coleman Co TX; M:(5 Jun
19(private)) Charles Edwin WEBB; d:13 Oct 1998, Gwinnett Co GA;
child #2 of "AA" Arvel Archie JARRELL Sr. and
"Ludy" Louisa PEARCE.
"Eller" Mary Ella JARRELL b:20 Mar 1892, Coffee Co TX; M:B.F.
TRAWICK (Traywick); d:before 15 Sep 1950, McMinnville, Warren
Co TN;
buried Shady Grove, city Cemetery;
child #5 of "Charlie" Charles Winston JARRELL and
Lizzie JONES (Roland).
Novella JARRELL b:9 Aug 19(private), Humphreys Co TN; d:5 Dec 1925,
Humphreys Co TN;
buried Ebenezer United Methodist Church Cemetery;
child #4 of George Gordon JARRELL and Ella May MITCHELL.
Opal Estella JARRELL b:10 Feb 19(private), CO; M:(26 Dec 19(private)
Colfax Co NM) Hyrum MEAD;
child #2 of Robert N. JARRELL and Mary KINDT.
Pricella D. JARRELL b:31 May 19(private); d:2 Aug 1933;
child #3 of Robert Ashby JARRELL and Ina Mae JORDAN (twin);
[Note:not listed by all sources].
Rosella JARRELL b:Apr 1879;
child #2 of Lindsey N. JARRELL and Martha Frances GOBLE.
Roxie Nella JARRELL b:28 Aug 1905, Surry Co NC;
child #6 of Richard Walter JARRELL and Susan Jenette AMBURN.
Ruth Zella JARRELL b:21 Feb 19(private), Marfork, Raleigh Co WV;
M:William Dothan WEBB; M:Dillard SMITH; d:17 Mar 2000, Beckley,
Raleigh Co WV;
buried Jarrell family, at Horse Creek WV Cemetery;
child #7 of John Lewis JARRELL and Sarah PETTRY;
[Note:birth order unknown].
Stella JARRELL b:____; M:Willie Lee CONN; d:17 Apr 1989, Dana, Floyd
Co KY;
child of "Jack" Jackson A. JARRELL and "Minkie" Mink WATSON;
[Note:birth order unknown].
Stella JARRELL b:30 Jun 19(private); living 2 Feb 2001;
child #10 of Lewis JARRELL and Dorothy BARKER.
Stella JARRELL b:____;
child of Charles B. Fountain JARRELL and Rosa L. JARRELL.
"Peg" Stella JARRELL b:14 Jun 1914, Red Ash, Fayette Co WV; M:James
M. BRUBAKER; d:2 Jan 2000, Beckley, Raleigh Co WV;
buried High Lawn Cemetery;
child #12 of Walter JARRELL and Ethel Christine TOMLIN;
[Note: unknown birth order].
Stella JARRELL (FitzGerald) b:21 Apr 1915(?), Monroe Co KY; M:Bill
child #7 of Robert E. Lee JARRELL (FitzGerald) and
"Lizzie" Mary E. WRIGHT.
Stella L. JARRELL b:____; M:(19 Jun 1897 AR) D.H. JONES.
Stella M. JARRELL b:Aug 1895;
child #10 of John Samuel JARRELL and Martha Jane MARCUM.
Stella Mae JARRELL b:18 Jan 1904, KY; M:Dewey Halley GRAHAM;
child #6 of Ancel Amos (Ansel Amos) JARRELL and Lucy Ellen CARTER.
Stella Maydell JARRELL (Geralds) b:17 Aug 19(private), Monroe Co KY;
d:17 Aug 1926, Monroe Co KY;
buried Center Point Cemetery;
child #3 of Bedford Hovey JARRELL (Geralds) and Belva L. PITCOCK.
Stella Renee JARRELL b:5 Apr 19(private);
child #2 of Charles Rodney JARRELL and Lisa Carol RAINEY.
Stella W. JARRELL b:Mar 1896;
child #8 of Thomas Benton JARRELL and
Anna Bell CLENDENEN (Clindinin).
Tabitha Louella JARRELL b:circa 1863; M:(23 Jan 1888) John Riley
child of Branson JARRELL (Jerrel) and
"Tempy" Temperance MCDOWELL.
"Stella" Thelma JARRELL b:13 Mar 1920, Floyd Co KY; d:1922, probably,
Floyd Co KY;
buried Jarrell, Jarrell Fork of Bull Creek Cemetery;
child #4 of William Grant JARRELL and Frances LAFFERTY.
Uriella JARRELL b:1869, LA; M:(1896) J. C. MARLEY;
child #1 of Rev "UW" Uriah Willis Smith JARRELL and
Frances Latitia MCDONALD.
Vella Louise JARRELL b:____;
child of Troy Ellis JARRELL and Jean WHITE;
[Note:unknown birth order].

If anyone can add, subtract, or change any of the data listed above
please advise. If anyone has any questions about any of this data
feel free to ask!

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