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From: Sara Patton <>
Subject: [JARRETT] David Gerrad-Susannah Hicks/Hix
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 17:07:27 -0700

Jarrett List,

I've been out of town for the last month so I'm only just now getting
to read my email. Just wanted to weigh in on Susannah Hicks Jarrett
as I have done fairly extensive research on this couple.

Susannah Hicks/Hix was the second wife of David Gerrad (d. 1808 in
Kanawha Co, VA/WV)

The only marriage records I've found for David and Susannah was a
photostatic copy of John Alderson's marriage returns in the VA State
archives which lists David Garrat with Susanah Hicks on April 24,
1785. I never did find a marriage bond for them in Greenbrier
records--but then I looked way back when and they may have found
something since.

There are several possibilities for confusion be Susan and Sarah.

Could be a difference between mother and daughter, as David and
Susanah had a daughter named Sarah aka Sally.
Could be another David Jarrett--David, son of James Sr. married
Sarah/Sally Mitchell. 25 Jun 1793
David H. Jarrett m. Susan Jarret in 1838 in Monroe Co
(not sure whose children these were!)

Some background on David Gerrad and Susannah Hix/Hicks:
Susannah Hix/Hicks was the second wife of David Gerrad (d. 1808
Kanawha Co, VA/WV) Together they had daughter Sarah b. ca 1788 in
Greenbrier Co (now Monroe Co.). In 1796 the family moved west to
Kanawha Co, settling near Witchers Creek on the Kanawha River. In
addition to David and Susannah, a number of David's adult children by
his first marriage, moved to Kanawha Co at the same time, all
settling near each other. David appears on Kanawha Co deed records
and personal property tax records from 1796 until his death in
1808. David and Susannah were also active in the Kanawha Baptist
Church (see Old Kanawha Baptist Church Minutes -Abstracts by Mary Ann

After David died in Kanawha Co, his widow and 20 yr. old daughter
returned to Monroe County. The following year, Sarah married James
Graham (his sister Jane Graham had earlier married Sarah's half
brother David Garred.) Susannah Hix Jarrett had at least two sisters
living in the area and she may have gone to live with them or with
her daughter and her new husband.

By the looks of Susannah's will, Sarah or "Sallie" Jarrett was
Susanna's daughter as she is the only one of David's children
mentioned in the will. Susannah also leaves property to three of
Sarah's children. By the time of Susannah death--probably in the
spring of 1839 when her will was proved--, son-in-law Sam Graham had
died (ca 1819) and Sarah his widow had remarried to Benjamin Blain,
and is thus named Sarah Blaine in the will. Andrew Jarrett, the son
of James Jarrett Jr. and Ruth Gwinn, was named as executor of
Susannah's will. Andrew was the husband of Susannah's granddaughter
and namesake, Susan Graham Jarrett. Her grandson, Mordecai Blaine
was probably named for Susannah's brother Mordecai Hicks, who died in
Illinois ca 1788 while serving under General George Rogers
Clark. Another of Susannah's brother's, William Hicks, married
Hannah Jarrett, daughter of David Gerrad by his first wife. (making
Susannah a sister in law and step mother at the same time! So whose
your uncle?!)

Greenbrier Baptist Church Records show SUSANNAH JARRETT (SUSANNAH
HICKS? Wife of DAVID JARRETT???) as having died in 1838. (Greenbrier
Baptist Church Records, pub. JGHS) -- so she must have been active
in the Baptist church in Alderson as well.

The following is the will of Susannah Hicks Jarrett, transcribed from
microfilm of original by Sara Patton

Monroe Co, VA/WV Will Bk3410 (1829-1844)
"In the name of God Amen. I Susanah Jarrett of the County of Monroe
and State of Virginia being weak in body but of but of (sic) sound
mind & memory, and considering the uncertianty of life do make and
establish this my last will & Testament (revoking all former
Testaments by me made in manner & form following to wit Imprimus I
give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Sarah Blaine my saddle and
bridle, one silk dress one merino dress one black police? shawl two
new callico dresses unmade. Secondly I give & bequeath unto my
grandson Mordacia (sic) Jerrett Blain (sic) ten
dollars. Thirdly. All my other property, money or effects of
whatsoever kind after my Just debts may have been paid out of it) I
wish to be divided equally between my beloved granddaughters Susan
Jarrett and Elizabeth Graham. I appoint Andrew Jarrett Executor of
this my last will & Testament. In Testimony whereof I here unto set
my hand and affixed my seal this Seventeenth day of September 1838.
Susanah Jarrett
her X mark

Signed & sealed in presence of us
JWP Stevens
Jacob Crone X
Ann Edes X

At Monroe May Court 1839
This last will & Testament of Susanah Jarrett dec'd was presented in
Court and proven by the oaths of Jacob Crone and Ann Edes,
subscribing witnesses thereunto and is ordered to be
recorded. A copy Teste
Jno Hutchison JCMC?

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