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From: Pat Bagwell <>
Subject: Jay, David's
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 96 21:38:16 -0500

Hi all!

I will type in here what the Jay Family Index has listed for David Jay:

P. 38, shows
David Jay [JFI# 1320] b. 28-5 mo-1765, d. AL
as a son of William and Mary Vestal Jay.
P. 43, Same as above but also:
From North Carolina to South Carolina. In the Revolution, he had
measles, and the Tories and Indians came to his house. They would have
killed him but his folks rolled him up in bed clothes and he crawled into
a hollow log in a thicket where he stayed all night. He was a Methodist
minister. Went to (go to page 44)
Alabama. He m. _________ ? Had 4 children:

1. Joseph Jay (JFI# 4768) b. ca 1775
2. John Jay
3. Jesse Jay
4. David Jay (JFI# 4017) b. 7 May 1787, d. 16 Aug 1866, Evergreen, AL.

Some correspondence thought, or confused the David Jay that was a Rev.,
and thought that he died in AL. With this many David Jay's, I just don't
know what is the true story???????

Page 163,

David Jay (JFI# 4017), b. 7 May 1787, Abbeville Dist., SC, d. 16 Aug
1866, Evergreen, AL
m. Martha Brown, SC, dau. of _______ ? Brown, an orphan, she b. 1788,
d. 1 Apr 1858, Evergreen, AL, age 70.
1. Margaret (Martha Madison) Jay b. 1 Jan 1816, SC, m.1st. Mason Long
Mosley, m. 2nd __________ Williamson d. 1856,
2. Mary Jay b. 17 June 1818, SC d. young
3. Andrew Jay (only son), b. 16 Feb 1820, Conecuh Co., AL., d. 18 Jul
Jayville, Conecuh Co., AL

Page 42
William Jay (JFI# 1315) b. 1745 VA d. SC
He signed a petition to have Caswell Co., set off from Orange Co., NC
[Colonial Records, NC Vol. 9, p. 9] he married Elizabeth [perhaps a
Layton?] ca 1763. All joined the Friends Society in SC. This is the
William that is a son of William and Mary Vestal Jay.
1. David Jay (JFI 1342) b. 28 Dec 1764 Newberry Dist., SC Settled in
Warren Co., OH. Moved to Centre Meeting, Wayne Co., IN. Moved to
Henry Co., IA, m. Ruth McMillan?, m. in SC
1.1. William Jay b. 22 Sept 1788 Newberry Dist., SC d. 23 Jul 1863,
Henry Co., Iowa
1.2. Eunice Jay b. 1 Dec 1790, Newberry Dist., SC, m. James Jay
(JFI 1343), 1st cousin d. 17 Feb 1868, Henry Co., Iowa.
1.3. Joseph Jay b. 22 Nov 1800, Newberry Dist., SC d. 1835,
Randolph Co., IN
1.4. Evan Jay, b. 2 Jan 1811, d. 31 Dec 1861, Red Oak,
Montgomery Co., Iowa
1.5. Rachel Jay, b. ?
2. James Jay (JFI 1186) b. 25 Oct 1766, Newberry Dist., SC,
d. 1860 Henry Co., Iowa
3. William Jay (JFI 1881) (Tailor Billy*1) b.? d. Miami Co., OH
4. Layton Jay (JFI 1188) b. 27 Apr 1771 Newberry Dist., SC d. 1813 OH
5. Charlotte Jay b. 27 Apr 1771, Newberry Dist., SC m. David Hammer
Layton and Charlotte are twins.
6. Anne Jay, b. 5 May 1772 m. John Coppock d. 9 Apr 1820, age 55 yrs.,
Miami Co., OH
[*1 - there were 2 William's nicknamed "Tailor Billy" in the JFI, I don't
know if both are named this, or is this an error?]

William m. 2nd to Margaret ?
7. Susannah Jay b. 19 Nov 1778 Newberry Dist., SC m. Benjamin Coppock d.
14 Jun 1859, Miami Co., OH (Union M. M.)
8. John Jay b. 29 Aug 1780, Newberry Dist., SC, d. Sept 1846 Miami Co., OH
9. Charles Jay b. Newberry Dist., SC
10. Lelitha (?) Jay b. Newberry Dist., SC m. 1st John Elleman, m.2. Ahab
11. Isaac Jay b. 26 Nov 1785 Newberry Dist., SC d. 26 Jan 1840 Darke Co.,

p. 46
William "Billy" Jay (JFI 1348)b. 22 Sep 1788 Newberry Dist. Co., SC, D.
23 Jul 1863, Cedar Creek, Henry Co., Iowa, It also said that this Wm. was
known as Tailor Billy. [From Pat: Wm Jay #1881, was said to be known as
Tailor Billy, don't know if both were named, or is this an error?] Moved
to Ohio in 1804-"Slavery killed all free labor." Moved to Indiana in
1823; moved to Iowa about 1842. "Raised cotton in SC and rolled it to
Charlestown, as there was no conveyance. M. 1st Rachel Mills in 1809,
Warren Co., OH b. 7 Nov 1790, d. 5 Nov 1824 Randolph Co., IN
p. 101
David Jay (JFI 1987) b. 19 Jan 1815 Warren Co., OH d. 20 Dec 1875 Decatur
Co., Iowa, a Methodist. m. ? had 2 sons and 2 daus.?
1. Alvin Jay
2. Almarian Jay
No further information on these descendants in the JFI.

>Descendants of David Jay, from Robert T. JAY ()
>1 David Jay1765 - 1839
>. +Elizabeth Earp
>......2 David Jay1813 - 1883
>..........+Elizabeth Wallace1816 - 1904
>..............3William M. Jay1836 - 1925
>..................+Mary Jane Neill1839 - 1913
>......................4John Strickland Jay1856 - 1950
>..........................+Sara Rossa Lee Brown1861 -
>......................4 Wade Hampton Jay1858 -

Do you think the above David Jay 1765 - 1839, is the same one as:
P. 38, shows David Jay [JFI# 1320] b. 28-5 mo-1765, d. AL
as a son of William and Mary Vestal Jay?

>I gave her a "name"...
>Descendants of David Jay from Mike Southerland ()
>1 David Jay1765 - 1839
>..+NoName {DJayMay1765} Unknown
>.....2 John Jay1784 - 1885
>.........+Rachel HarrisAbt 1786 -
Some other David Jay's in the JFI:

John Jay (4426) b. c 1715 Maryland "William Jay says 17 Mar 1895 - "My
first parents settled in Maryland in Lord Baltimore's time, a great many
years ago." NO? Wiliam #4458. b. VA. m.?
[N.B. Mr. Jay in his manuscript crossed out the above quote. In pencil
he had made notations that WilliamJay (4427) was b. c. 1740 and that John
Jay (4428) was also b. c 1740 and that they were probably brothers to
David (3555). also the names of King & Stephen Jay #4459 & #4452, are
written in pencil on the page. (B. Kohner-she edited the JFI). There
wasn't a father listed for this John.
1.William Jay (4427)
2. John Jay (4428)[Wm. or John F. had a son, Andrew of Arlington, IL.
Ch: (a large family)
2.1. David Jay
2.2. George Jay (3700)
2.3. William Jay
2.4. John F. Jay

[JFI, p. 134]
3. David Jay [#3555], b. abt. 1750 ? (this written in pencil)
Belonged to Friends Society. Came from Loudon Co., Va. Named as a
"ranger on the frontier" in Bedford Co., in 1778-1783. (PA Archives, 3rd
Series, Vol. XXIII, P. 265.) m. ___________ ?
Ch: ("at death of grandparents there 5 ch. left.")

3.1. Thomas Jay (3563) b. 1777, d. 19 Apr 1866, Bedford Co., PA
3.2. David Jay (3553) b. 1779 d. 27 Feb 1818, " "
"Belonged to Friends Society." Raised his younger brothers and
sisters - lived near Bloody Run, Bedford Co., Pa. "On my father's side of
the house they were Quakers started with Fox." m. Mary Bowers, of Dutch
3.2.1. David Jay b. 1818 Bedford Co., PA
"My father died 6 months before I was born, leaving me without
brother or sister."
3.3. John Jay (3628) b.? ("Went west and never heard from him.")
3.4. William Jay
3.5. Sarah Jay, b. ? m. James Murphy
3.6. Margaret Jay d. 20 July 1864 (unmarried)
3.7. Catherine Jay b. ? m. Isaac Smith
3.8. Mary Jay, b. ? m. Peter Smith

I think the information of the David Jay that married Elizabeth Earp,
came from you. Can you tell us, how you came about this information. I
have not been able to find this in the Jay Family Index, so far. Or am I
missing this?

My head is swimming with all these David's, I hope someone can straighten
this out! I'm giving up for now!

Jay List Owner

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