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From: Shane and Jayne McHugh <>
Subject: Leicester, UK Jeacock's
Date: Sat, 03 Apr 1999 16:01:15 -0500

Ok, as co-listowner I think it's about time I sent in my JEACOCK

This line is actually my mother-in-law's line but because they are my
children's ancestors I guess I got the job of researching this line to
help out,too. *-)

It appears that all the JEACOCKs in the Leicester area are ours with
the possibility of them coming from Warwick.

What I have so far is as follows starting with my mother-in-law:

1.Alma Joyce BERRY Bn ???? in Nottingham
Father: Eric James BERRY
Mother: Violetta JEACOCK (bn. 28 August 1913 in Nottingham died: 24
March 1992 in Nottingham)

2.Violetta JEACOCK
Father: Ernest Albert JEACOCK bn. 02 December 1878 Leics. died abt.
1945 in Nottingham
Mother: Violetta KEETON bn. 18 February 1883 Lenton, Notts. died 25
August 1960 in Nottingham (after a house fire)

3.Ernest Albert JEACOCK
Father: William Parkes JEACOCK bn 02 September 1858 in Leics.,
Mother: Thurza ???? bn. abt 1855 in LEC
Sibling: Adelaide Ann bn 1880 in Leicester

4.William Parkes JEACOCK
Father: William JEACOCK bn abt. 1832 in Leicester
Mother: Ann WEATHERMAN bn abt. 1834 in Leicester

I haven't been able to substantiate the following yet but it seems
likely they are our line.

5.William JEACOCK
Father: William JEACOCK bn abt 1801 Hinckley, Leics
Mother: Mary ??? bn abt 1809 in Lawford, Warwickshire

6.William JEACOCK
Father: Thomas JEACOCK
Mother: Ann???
a. Joseph Nutt JEACOCK - Ch. 20 June 1798 in Hinckley, Leics.
b. Richard JACOCK - Ch. 23 December, 1804 in Hinckley
c. William JACOCK - Ch. 23 December, 1801 in Hinckley *
d. Ann Maria JEACOCK - Ch. 21 October, 1811 in Hinckley
e. Frances Lee JEACOCK - Ch. 21 October, 1811 in Hinckley
f. Mary Ann JEACOCK - Ch. 21 October, 1811 in Hinckley
h. Eliza JAYCOCK - Ch. 27 September, 1818 in Hinckley

Joseph NUTT married Martha and had 10 children.

This next batch of JEACOCK's I am not 100% sure about but could be

7.All born in Harbury, Warwick

Parents: Joseph and Elizabeth JEACOCK
a. John JEACOCK - Ch. 12 December, 1761/2
b. Anne JEACOCK - Ch. 23/29 February, 1766
c. Richard JEACOCK - Ch. 16 July, 1769
d. Elizabeth JEACOCK - Ch. 6 April, 1773
e. Thomas JEACOCK - Ch. 6 April, 1773 *

The majority of my JEACOCK's were living in the St. Margaret's/St.
Mary's area of Leicester in 1881.

Here is what I gleaned from the 1881 census:

2, Curzon Street

JEACOCK-William P.-Head-22-Needlemaker-bn. LEC
JEACOCK-Thurza-Wife-25-Shoe Fitter-bn. LEC
JEACOCK-Ernest Albert-Son-3-bn. LEC
JEACOCK-Adelaide Ann-Daughter-5 months-bn. LEC

97 Willow Street

JEACOCK-Thomas W.-Head-30-Needle Manufacturer-bn. Leicester, LEC
JEACOCK-Maria A.-Wife-25-bn. Leicester
JEACOCK-Harriet B.-Daughter-1-bn. Leicester
JEACOCK-Thomas-Son-6 days-Leicester

2, Sydney Street

JEACOCK-William-Head-49-Framework Nee+-bn. LEC
JEACOCK-Ann-Wife-47-bn. LEC
JEACOCK-Lucy-Daughter-17-Warehouse Worker-bn. Hinckley, LEC
JEACOCK-Ellen-Daughter-16-Warehouse Worker-bn. Hinckley
JEACOCK-Thomas-Son-14-Needle Maker-bn. Hinckley
JEACOCK-Clara-Daughter-12-Domestic Servant-bn. LEC
JEACOCK-Charles W.-Son-9-Scholar-bn. LEC
JEACOCK-Amelia K.-Daughter-7-Scholar-bn. LEC
JEACOCK-Albert E.-Son-4-bn. LEC

Other census data from 1881

JEACOCK-William-Head-80-Frameworker Needlemaker-bn. Hinckley, LEC
JEACOCK-Mary-Wife-72-bn. Lawford, Warwick

JEACOCK-Richard-87-Inmate at Trinity Hospital-bn. Hinckley, LEC

Well, I think that's it for now. *-) Hope someone sees a connection

Take care


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