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Dear Susan,

Hi. I am your distant cousin, Bellinda Myrick Barnett.
My 6th great grandparents were William Jennings, Jr., born: abt. 1695-1700,
died: 1733 and his wife, Ann ?, born: abt. 1695-1700, died: 1734.) (I do
not yet know Ann's last name.) He was a brother to your Augustine Jennings
and they were sons of my 7th great grandparents who were William Jennings,
Sr. and his wife, Mary Willoughby.

And the parents of William Jennings, Sr. were my 8th great grandparents, John
Jennings, born: abt. 1633 in England and emigrated to Old Rappahannock,
Virginia, and his wife,
Margaret Payne who thought by most to have been a daughter of Margaret
(Jennings?) Robinson, daughter of Richard Robinson, and John Payne.

My information shows that Augustine Jennings raised, at least, my 5th great
grandfather, Edward Salley Jennings, from the age of 15 years of age and
Edward Salley Jennings' sister and youngest child of Ann ? and Wiliam
Jennings, Jr., who was 5 years old at the time she was, also, bound out to
her uncle, Augustine Jennings. I thought I had the name of the 5 year old
and youngest daughter of Ann ? and William Jennings, Jr. but I am not finding
it and would like very much to have it.

I have seen information on a Sallee family that was related to this Jennings
line. I don't know if it is the same as the Salley in my Edward Salley
Jennings name or not. I have wondered if his mother's name might have been
Ann Sallee/Salley....but nothing to indicate it so far.

Edward Salley Jennings married Sarah More/Moore, born: ?? (and I am still
trying to find her family.) Their son, John Jennings, (fought in the
Revolutionary War,) married a Rachel ? (whose family I am looking for, as
well, and wondering if, perhaps, they might be named Bailey as my great,
great, great, grandfather, son of Rachel ? and John Jennings, was named
Bailey Jennings, born: abt. 1789 in Virginia. Bailey Jennings married Kitty
Earle in December, 1811 in Christian County, Kentucky.
Kitty Earle appears to be the daughter of Samuel Earle who descends from
several men named Samuel Noah Earle/Earles and Sir Richard Kane Earle.
Bailey Jennings second wife was named Sally (Sarah? with Sally nickname?)
Lee (what line does she descend from?)

The daughter of Bailey and Kitty Earle Jennings was my
great, great grandmother, Sarah 'Sallie/Sally' Jennings who married
Jerry/(poss. Jeremiah) Parker, born: 1795 in Maryland. I am still searching
for his family as well but it appears that they are probably descended from
the Elizabeth Barham and Drury Parker family.....there is also a Spencer and
Parker marriage back in that time that may or may not be part of this Barham
and Parker line that looks as if it may be Jerry's line....just not sure yet.
The son of Jerry Parker and Sarah 'Sallie' Jennings that was my
great grandfather was Spencer B. Parker. He married my
great grandmother, Rachael Moranda Lewis who was also known as Moranda
Coleman which, I think, was due to a stepfather named Coleman. Her
biological father was John Lewis, born: abt. 1820 in Jones Co., Mississippi,
son of Howell Lewis, born: abt. 1788 in Granville Co., North Carolina who was
descended from Charles Lewis and wife, Mary Howell, daughter of John Howell,
and, also, from the John Lewis referred to as John Lewis, the Emigrant, who
was the progenitor of the Warner Hall Lewis line.

My John Lewis, born: abt. 1820 in Jones Co., Mississippi, father of Rachael
Moranda Lewis, is shown in most information to have been married to Harriett
Ellzey in 1860 census and indicates that Moranda was abt. 9 or 10 years old
at the time which would indicate that she was older than Spencer Parker who
was her 2nd husband. At the time she married Spencer Parker she married him
under the name of Moranda Coleman as she did when she married her first
husband, Wesley Bright. In my direct family information I show that the
mother of Rachael Moranda Lewis was named
Carrie/Karrie Knight. But I have not been able to find yet whether
Carrie/Karrie Knight was the biological or step mother of Rachael Moranda
Lewis Coleman Bright Parker.

The above mentioned Harriett Ellzey.....that's a z as in x y z in case you
are not familiar with this font.....makes it a little hard to read....
but Harriett Ellzey appears to be the daughter of Evan Ellzey whose wife may
have been name Mary Lewis or Mary ?

The above mentioned Howell Lewis, father of John Lewis, married Nancy
Copeland, mother of John Lewis, and she was the daughter of Rachael Tucker
and Ripley Copeland, son of Dorothy Ripley and Nicholas Copeland, Jr., son of
Nicholas Copeland, Sr. and Nancy Lott, son of Joseph Copeland. I believe I
have that in correct order.....I have dates.....but just getting this off

Rachael Moranda Coleman Bright Parker and Wesley Bright had children Henry
Bright, Daisy Bright, Almeda 'Mead' Bright, Maggie Bright (Mangum.) Then
when Rachael Moranda married Spencer Parker they had children:
George Washington Parker, Ellis Neely Parker and twins,
Callie and Allie Artimissa Parker, my grandmother, born: August 11, 1892 near
Braxton, Simpson Co., Mississippi, who married James Martin Myrick, born:
1892 in Simpson Co., Mississippi, son of Harriet 'Hattie' Katherine
Herrington and Calvin Pierce Myrick, born: 1858 in Mississippi who were
actually 3rd cousins, once removed. Harriet Herrington was the daughter of
Rebecca Jane Dickson, born: abt. 1828 and Isom Daniel Herrington, born: 1828
in Covington Co., Mississippi, son of Harriet Stuckey, prob. daughter of
John Stuckey, and Harriet's husband, Enoch Herrington, born: abt. 1800 in
North Carolina, son of William Herrington, Sr., born: abt. 1755 in North
Carolina, son of Charles Herrington.

The abvoe mentioned Calvin Pierce Myrick, born: 1858 in Mississippi, was the
son of William H. Myrick, born: 1823-1827 in Mississippi, and wife, Phoebe
Catherine Herrington, born: abt. 1834-1836, and her parents were Cynthia
Grantham, born: 1800 in South Caorlina, (parents ??,) and William Herrington,
Jr., born: abt. 1794 in North Carolina, son of William Herrington, Sr., born:
abt. 1755 in North Carolina, son of Charles Herrington.

The above mentioned William H. Myrick, was the son of Elizabeth Pierce, born:
abt. 1790 in South Carolina, and
William Myrick, born: mid-late 1700's, (still looking to prove his parents.)
He, apparently, descends from the line from Owen Myrick and his descendants
two Francis Myrick men, father and son, who married two Carroll women,
Rebecca and Susannah.

My grandparents, Allie Parker and James Martin Myrick had 10 children
including my father, Billy Earle Myrick, born in Mississippi and moved to
Louisiana abt. 1930 and married my mother, Ethel LaVerne Slaughter who was
born in Louisiana and was the daughter of Louis Hector Slaughter, born: abt.
1870, in Louisiana and Ethel Rosalee Hatten (whose first husband was Joseph
Marion Womack.) Louis Hector Slaughter was married twice before this marriage
but I do not know their names. He was in his 60's when my mother was born.
He was the son of Clarissa 'Clara' Williams, born: abt. 1840, (daughter of
William Williams, born: abt. 1795 in Maryland, and Elizabeth Williams, born
in Ohio,) and Clarissa's husband, my great grandfather, Hudson/Hutson
H./(Harris?) Slaughter, born: 1844, son of Susan Crouch, born: abt. 1815,
died after childbirth in 1844, (dau of Sarah and Samuel Crouch, born: abt.
1785 in North Carolina,) and Susan's husband, John M. Slaughter, born: abt.
1795 in North Carolina, son of Mary McDonald and her husband,
Owen Slaughter, Jr., son of Elizabeth (Bolton?) and husband,
Owen Slaughter, Sr., son of William Slaughter, son of Edward Slaughter, son
of William Slaughter, son of John Slaughter.

The above mentioned Ethel Rosalee Hatten was the daughter of
Rodella 'Della' Jones, dau of Martha Ann Caroline McCarty, born: in
Mississippi, and her husband, William Tunley Jones, born: November 02, 1928,
son of Alford Jones.
Martha Ann Caroline McCarty, born: December 05, 1833, was the daughter of
Nancy Spoldy/Simot? and Hiram McCarty, who descends from Michael McCarty,
born: abt. 1728 in County Cork, Ireland and his son, Michael McCarty, who
fought in the Revolutionary War.

Ethel Rosalee Hatten's father and the husband of my great grandmother,
Rodella 'Della' Jones was Cicero Lamkin Hatten who was the son of Frances
Elizabeth Grisham, born: abt. 1840, daughter of Elizabeth Ann Ford, born:
1821, (daughter of Henry Ford and Mary Buckles,) and Elizabeth Ford's
husband, my great great grandfather, Jehu Madison Grisham, born: 1815 in
Mississippi, who descends from Jehu Grisham who was born in Ireland in the
mid-1700's and emigrated to America.

The above mentioned Cicero Lamkin Hatten's father and husband of Frances
Elizabeth Grisham was Lawrence M. Hatten, born: 1833 and died: 1865 as a
P.O.W. at Union Camp Chase in Ohio, he was a Confederate soldier in the Civil
War who, after fighting in the Battle of Franklin, was wounded in the Battle
of Nashville, where he was captured and taken prisoner of war never to return

Lawrence M. Hatten was the son of William Hatten, born:1800 in North
Carolina and Frances Lucretia 'Patsy' Lott,
born: 1800 in Alabama, daughter of Absalom Lott, born: in the mid-1700's, son
of Elizabeth Joyner, born: 1724 in Isle of Wight, Virginia, (dau of John
Joyner and Elizabeth Brown, dau of John Brown,) and John Lott, born: abt.
1720, son of John Lott, born: abt. 1690 in Isle of Wight, Virginia, son of
Bridgeman Joyner, born: 1655 in Isle of Wight, Virginia, and Ann Harris
Mayo. Bridgeman Joyner was the son of
Thomas Joyner, born: 1619 in Bere Regis, Dorset, England, and his wife,
Elizabeth Robins and Thomas Joyner was the son of
Thomas Joyner, Sr., born: abt. 1595 in Bere Regis, Dorset, England.

The above mentioned Frances Lucretia Lott was the daughter of Absalom Lott
and Martha Jane Dorsey Lightfoot, born: abt. 1763, possibly in Virginia or
Antigua. Her father is said to be a wealthy English descendant in Virginia,
and appears to be descended from the Jane Jones and Reverend Richard
Lightfoot line out of England in the late 1500's and in their church at Stoke
Bruerne, Northamptonshire, England. This line married into the Corbin,
Armistead, Lee, and other lines including Worthington, Arundel, and,
possibly, Dorsey and Howard.

The Hatten line descends from John Hatton an original and surviving settler
at Jamestown and married into Lamkin, Underwood, Lewis and other.

I am in the process of trying to finally finish compiling a lot of this
information to get off to several of the Jennings cousins that have been
waiting for a few months....for the copies of Jennings and Allied Families
(Jennings portion) book with additions that I have on this line. I received
my initial major amount of Jennings information from Sammy Jennings in Spring
or Springhill, Louisiana....and then Caren Tidwell sent me my copy of the
Jennings and Allied Families Jennings portion of the book that I am
forwarding to five other cousins who then have a list I am forwarding for
others who are awaiting their copies. Ill health and such delayed it all
from being mailed earlier but I am up and running on it all now and hope to
have it out very shortly now.

If you are in need of further information on this line please send me your
address and I will mail it to you as soon as possible. I do have Family Tree
Maker 5.0 and am installing 7.0 shortly.....but have had several problems
with my I am in the process of copying files and getting
them all installed in a new laptop to get me back on that is
why I can't send a whole file right now.....having problems with attaching
files and eveyrthing at the moment.....but will be past it shortly.

Well, this is about as far as I have time to go right now but wanted to shoot
this off to you.

Please get in touch with me at either or


Bellinda Myrick Barnett

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