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Subject: [JENNINGS] 1600/1700's VA, connecting families Eng to VA & New England
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Dear Listers,

Re: 1600's-1700's/VA England and in counties of Rappahannock,
Northumberland, Westmoreland, Richmond and connecting families in New England


Hello. This is going to be a little lengthy...but, please, bear with me as
there are so many different family connections here that it may help some of
you along the way as well as possibly helping me resolve my MOORE connection
with my 5th great grandmother, Sarah MOORE, born: abt./aft. 1720 probably in
Richmond Co., VA, who married Edward Salley JENNINGS, Sr., born: 1720 in
Richmond Co., VA, son of Ann KELLY, born: abt. 1696, died: 1734/35 in
Richmond Co., VA, and William JENNINGS, Jr., born: bet. 1695-1700, died:
1733 in Richmond Co., VA.

I am trying to find out whom the parents were of Sarah MOORE, born:
abt./aft. 1720, probably in Richmond Co., VA, and I believe that they connect
to the MOORE family that is related to the RANSDELL family of Edward RANSDELL
who was the 2nd husband of Sarah MOORE's husband Edward Salley JENNINGS's
grandmother, Mrs. Amy DONIPHAN (KELLY) (RANSDELL.)

Regarding the information below from Rosemary MAHAN, Bob MOORE and Dick FOX
and others regarding the RANSDELL and MOORE family I am, also, investigating
additional connections with the wife, (I believe she was Edward RANSDELL's
2nd wife,) not sure, but he was her 2nd husband, and I'm speaking of my 7th
great grandmother who was Mrs. Amy DONIPHAN (KELLY,) born: abt. 1662 in VA,
(widow of (Captain) John KELLY, son of Penelope ? and Matthew KELLY, born:
abt. 1640 in ?,) and Amy was the daughter of (Captain) Alexander DONIPHAN,
born: abt. 1640 in Plymouth, Devonshire, England, and his wife whom
Amy/Amee/Aimee PARTRIDGE?/RIVETT?, (who had several sisters, one was a sister
that married COLCLOUGH and another married WILSON/WILLSON, (the KELLY line
also married into the WILLSON lineage as well) and (Captain) Alexander
DONIPHAN's 2nd was Margaret MOTT and his 3rd wife was Susannah ?

(Captain) John KELLY and Mrs. Amy DONIPHAN (KELLY) (RANSDELL.) were the
parents of my 6th great grandmother, Ann KELLY, born: abt. 1696 in VA,
possibly Richmond Co., VA, died: 1734/35 in Richmond Co., VA, who married
William JENNINGS, Jr., born: bet. 1696-1700 in either Rappahannock Co., VA or
Richmond Co., VA, (son of Mary WILLOUGHBY, (prob. descends from Thomas
WILLOUGHBY but still checking.

I think it is probable that she is somehow related to the Elizabeth
WILLOUGHBY, (father: Thomas WILLOUGHBY,) who married Isaac ALLERTON, Jr. as
his 1st wife, I believe, and he was the son of Feare BREWSTER and Isaac
ALLERTON, Sr., who came over on the Mayflower.

And it appears that Isaac ALLERTON, Jr, (probably with his 2nd wife, or was
she the 1st?, Elizabeth ?, (was she a THOROUGHGOOD?,) was the father of a
woman who was named Matilda ALLERTON who was the 2nd wife of her 1st husband,
Samuel EARLE, I, born: abt. 1640 in England, (son of Mary SYMONDS/SYMONS,
(1st wife,) born: 1617 in England, married: 1637, died: 1659, and (Sir)
John EARLE, born: 1612, died: 1660, son of (Sir) Richard EARLE, son of
(Sir) Robert EARLE.) And Mary WILLOUGHBY's husband and father of William
JENNINGS, Jr., (whose brother, Augustine JENNINGS, born: abt. 1708, (who
married Hannah WILLIAMS,)) was William JENNINGS, Sr., born: abt. 1668 in
Sittenburne Parish, Rappahannock Co., VA, died: early 1700's in Richmond
Co., VA, who was the son of my 8th great grandfather, John JENNINGS, born:
abt. 1633/recent info shows prob. 22 May 1640 in St. Martin's Parish,
Birmingham, Worcester Co., England, and his wife, Margaret PAYNE, (2nd
husband, Christopher EDRINGTON, Sr.,) daughter of John PAYNE and his wife
whom is thought to be Margrett/Margaret Jennings? ROBINSON, daughter of
Richard ROBINSON, (thought to be the son of Frances LAYTON and George
ROBINSON, born: 1582, Cleasby, Darlington, Yorkshire, England.)

Samuel EARLE, I was married to 1st wife, Bridget HALE, (daughter of Thomas
HALE/HAYLES/HAILES,) and after her death he married as his 2nd wife, Matilda
ALLERTON, and after his death, she married her 2nd husband, William RUST,
(they are also related to my COX, LAMKIN/LAMPKIN and PAYNE families,) and
after his death, Mrs. Matilda ALLERTON (EARLE) (RUST) married her 3rd
husband, John BENNETT, (another of my paternal 7th great grandfathers,)
father of Phillis BENNETT and Samuel EARLE, II, born: 1670, died: 1746,
(stepson of Mrs. Matilda ALLERTON (EARLE) (RUST) (BENNETT) and son of the
aforementioned Samuel EARLE, I and 1st wife, Bridget HALE.

Now, at this time, I am not sure whether or not Matilda ALLERTON was the
mother or the stepmother of the Phillis BENNETT, (daughter of John BENNETT,)
mentioned above. It would appear that Phillis is Matilda's stepdaughter.
Also, I am trying to find out if the John BENNETT mentioned is the John
BENNETT, born: abt. 1624 who was the son of Mrs. Alice ? (PIERCE,) (widow of
Thomas PIERCE who was murdered in the 1622 Good Friday massacre near
Jamestowne, VA,) and her 2nd husband, Thomas BENNETT, and this John BENNETT
was the brother of my 12th great grandfather, Richard BENNETT, Sr., (son of
the aforementioned Mrs. Alice ? (PIERCE) and Thomas BENNETT. Or was my John
BENNETT a cousin from another branch of BENNETT?

The aforementioned Richard BENNETT, Sr. was the father of Richard BENNETT,
Jr. who was the father of Ann BENNETT who married John BELL, Sr. and they
were the parents of John BELL, Sr. who married Hannah STOKES and they were
the parents of (Captain) Benjamin BELL who married Martha TUCKER, daughter of
Joseph Tudor TUCKER, (son of Joseph TUCKER, (son of Elizabeth COLEMAN and
Robert TUCKER,) and his wife, Martha "Patsey" COLSON, (daughter of Winnifred
? and Isaac COLSON,) and Joseph Tudor TUCKER's wife, Lucretia WYNNE,
(daughter of Martha JEFFERSON, (daughter of Thomas (1) JEFFERSON and Mary
Martha BRANCH, (daughter of Christopher BRANCH, II,) and (Colonel) Robert
WYNNE, son of Thomas WYNNE and Agnes STITH, (daughter of Mrs. Jane
MOSEBY/MOSBY (GREGORY) (PARSONS) and (Major) John STITH who were my maternal
11th great grandparents.

And (Major) John STITH was the landgrant partner of my paternal 7th great
grandfather, the aforementioned Samuel EARLE, I, who also owned land
adjoining that of Augustine WASHINGTON, (descendant of the Augustine WARNER,
I and II and (Sir) Thomas WARNER and father of (Gen./Pres.) George
WASHINGTON.) And I think that there are additional missing connections with
the JENNINGS - WILLIAMS family with the WILLIAMS - BALL - WASHINGTON family.

There may also be additional connections with my WILLIAMS family as it enters
with my 4th great grandmother, Tabitha WILLIAMS, born: 1766 in North Farnham
Parish, Richmond Co., VA, (daughter of Catherine "Caty" ?, (is she a
EWING/EWEN?,) and George WILLIAMS, (2nd son named George,) son of Ann
WILLIAMS, (of BILLINGTON and WILLIAMS family,) and Roger WILLIAMS, (descends
from Alice PEMBERTON and James WILLIAMS through their son, Sydrach WILLIAMS,
brother of (Rev.) Roger WILLIAMS, (Baptist minister and founder of Rhode
Island and later Governor.)

The aforementioned Sarah MOORE and Edward Salley JENNINGS, born: abt. 1720 in
Richmond Co., VA, (at the age of 15 years was orphaned and under guardianship
of his uncle, Augustine JENNINGS, (wife was Hannah WILLIAMS,) along with his
brother, Calathan JENNINGS. Their sister, Martha JENNINGS, was under the
guardianship of uncle, Alexander Doniphan KELLY, and their brothers, John
JENNINGS, and William JENNINGS, III were under the guardianship of uncle,
Matthew KELLY.

Sarah MOORE and Edward Salley JENNINGS were in South Carolina during the
Revolutionary War in which their son, John JENNINGS, Sr. fought.

John JENNINGS, Sr. was born in abt. 1748 in Richmond Co., VA indicating it
most likely that Sarah MOORE and Edward Salley JENNINGS married in Richmond
Co., VA probably between the years of 1738 - 1745. John JENNINGS, Sr.
married Rachel JORDAN, born: abt./aft. 1750 in ?

There is a William JORDAN who is mentioned in the will of Edward Salley
JENNINGS and this William JORDAN is quite likely a relative in some way of
this Rachel JORDAN and, most likely, related in some way to the JORDAN family
of JORDAN'S JOURNEY near Jamestowne, VA in the 1600's but I do not yet know
how precisely.

Also, I think it is highly likely that my Rachel JORDAN may be a
BAILEY/BAILLIE/BAYLEY/BALEY descendant as well due to the name of her son,
Bailey JENNINGS, but that is still just speculation. The BAILEY family
married into the JORDAN family many times.

After the Revolutionary War, this family moved to Christian County, Kentucky
where Rachel JORDAN and John JENNINGS, Sr.'s son, Bailey JENNINGS, my 3rd
great grandfather, married on 22 Dec 1811 in Christian Co., KY, (later
Caldwell Co.,) to my 3rd great grandmother and his 1st wife, Kitty EARLE,
born: bet. 1795-1808 in VA, who was the daughter of the aforementioned
Tabitha WILLIAMS, born: 1766 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA, and
Samuel EARLE, IV, (Sgt./Rev. War,) born: 1760 in Town Run, Fauquier Co., VA,
(who was the 2nd son of his father to be named Samuel EARLE, IV, with the 1st
son named Samuel EARLE, IV born in 1727 and died in 1752 and married to a
Miss ? PERKINS, and he was the son of their father's 1st wife, Anna SORRELL,
and there is, also, a grandson of their father who was named Samuel EARLE and
also was born in 1760 along with many other descendants in this lineage that
were also named Samuel EARLE aka Samuel Noah EARLE.)

My 4th great grandfather, Samuel EARLE, IV, (Sgt./Rev. War,) born: 1760 in
Town Run, Fauquier Co., VA, died: 1845 in Mobile, Alabama, was the son of
the 2nd wife of his father, Elizabeth HOLBROOK/HOLDBROOKE, born: abt. 1733 in
VA, (much younger than her husband by abt. 41 years,) (daughter of Randolph
"Randall" HOLBROOK/HOLDBROOKE and 2nd wife, Jannet/Jeannette PATTISON, (widow
of 1st husband, Henry CONYERS,) and her husband who was (Major) Samuel EARLE,
III, born: 1692 in Westmoreland Co., VA, (like many of the men mentioned
above was a Member of the House of Burgesses as the 1st representative from
Frederick Co., VA holding the seat that would later be held by (General)

(Major) Samuel EARLE, III was the son of the aforementioned Phillis BENNETT
and Samuel EARLE, II.

Further in my descent, Kitty EARLE and Bailey JENNINGS, born: abt. 1789 in
VA, (his 2nd wife was of the maiden name of Sally LEA who was the widow of
William LEE, son of Needham LEE of Simpson Co., MS.)

Kitty EARLE and Bailey JENNINGS were the parents of my 2nd great grandmother,
Sarah "Sally" JENNINGS, born: 1821/22 in Covington Co., MS, who married as
the 3rd wife of Jerermiah "Jerry" PARKER, born: 1795 in Maryland, perhaps
was or is now Virginia, (parents: ??,) who is shown in the 1830 and 1840
Copiah Co., MS census with 1st set of children and either/or or both wives #
1 and # 2 and then in the 1850 census of Smith Co., MS, with the 2nd set of
children and wife # 3, my Sarah "Sally" JENNINGS, who was then by the 1870
Rankin Co., MS census, shown as the head of the household with the 3rd set of
children including their son, my great grandfather, Spencer B. PARKER, born:
1859 in either Smith or Rankin Co., MS.

Spencer B. PARKER married my great grandmother, Rachael Moranda "Randa/Randy"
LEWIS, aka Moranda/Maranda COLEMAN, it is said, at the time that she married
first known husband, Wesley BRIGHT, and then Spencer B. PARKER. It is
probable that she had an earlier husband named ? COLEMAN.

Rachael Moranda/Maranda "Randa/Randy" LEWIS (COLEMAN) (BRIGHT) (PARKER) was
born in abt. 1851 in Jones Co., MS, (daughter of Harriett ELLZEY, born: abt.
1824, (daughter of Mary COLLINS? and Evan ELLZEY, from South Carolina prior
to abt. 1820,) and John LEWIS, born: abt. 1820, (son of Nancy COPELAND,
(daughter of Rachael TUCKER, born: abt. 1765 in NC, (thought to most likely
be descended from the lineage of Elizabeth PARHAM and (Captain) Robert TUCKER
but haven't a clue as to how yet,) and husband, Ripley COPELAND, (RS,) born:
abt. 1761 in NC, lived in Sumter Co., NC,) and Nancy COPELAND's husband,
Howell LEWIS, born: bet. 1782 -1788 in Granville Co., NC.

It is not known yet whom the parents of Howell LEWIS were but due to his
birthplace and timeframe it is most likely that he is descended from Mary
HOWELL, (daughter of Mary LANE, (2nd husband, Henry FIELDING,) and her 1st
husband, James or (Sir) John HOWELL,) and husband, (Colonel) Charles Lilburne
(of the Byrd) LEWIS, Sr., (son of Elizabeth WARNER, (daughter of Mildred
READE, (daughter of Elizabeth MARTIAU and George READE,) and husband, John
"Councillor" LEWIS.) But still trying to find Howell LEWIS's correct parents
as there are many Howell LEWIS men in this lineage.

>From Spencer B. PARKER and Rachael Moranda LEWIS (COLEMAN) (BRIGHT) (PARKER)
I descend from their daughter, my grandmother, Allie Artimissa PARKER, born:
11 Aug 1892 near Braxton, Simpson Co., MS, who married my grandfather, James
Martin "Jim" MYRICK, born: 1892 near Magee, Simpson Co., MS, who was the son
of Harriet Katherine "Hattie" HERRINGTON/HARRINGTON, born: 1868 in MS,
(daughter of Rebecca Jane DICKSON/DICKERSON, born: abt. 1826 in ?, (parents:
??,) and her husband, Isom/Isham Daniel HERRINGTON/HARRINGTON, born: Dec
1828 in Covington or Lawrence Co., MS, son of Harriet(t) STUCKEY, born: abt.
1802, (daughter of John STUCKEY, born: 1771 in York Co., VA, (son of Nancy
HOWELL, (parents: ??,) and Edmund STUCKEY,) and Enoch HERRINGTON, born: bet.
1795-1800 in New Hanover Co., NC, son of William HERRINGTON, Sr., born: bef.
1755 in Craven Co., NC.

And James Martin "Jim" MYRICK's father and the husband of Harriet Katherine
"Hattie" HE(A)RRINGTON was her 3rd cousin, Calvin Pierce "Callie" MYRICK,
born: 1858/9 in Jasper Co., MS, (son of Phoebe Catherine HERRINGTON, born:
1824-1836, (daughter of Cynthia/Synthia/Sena? GRANTHAM, born: abt. 1800,
prob. on the NC/SC border, maybe in Robeson Co., NC, (possibly the daughter
of Richard GRANTHAM, Jr. and Elizabeth AMMONS,) and William HERRINGTON, Jr.,
born: abt. 1794 in New Hanover Co., NC, (son of William HERRINGTON, Sr.,
born: bef. 1755 in Craven Co., NC,) and Phoebe Catherine HERRINGTON's
husband, William H. "Billy/Bill" MYRICK, born: 1823-1827 in Jasper Co., MS,
(son of Elizabeth PIERCE, born: 1790 in South Carolina, (appears to be the
daughter or in some way related to Hugh PIERCE, born: abt. 1749/poss. 1751
in Frederick Co., VA, and his wife, Sofia/Sophia HUNTER, (Cherokee,)
(daughter of Bold HUNTER, (possibly "Toowahyello,") and Beaver TOATER/TOTER,
aka "Toyaleese/To-wah-yeh-leesa,) and Elizabeth PIERCE, (possibly nicknamed
Bettie/Betty/Betsy/Beth,) husband, William MYRICK, born: abt. 1788, who
appears to be the son of Mary BROOKER/BOOKER and (Colonel) James MYRICK,
born: abt. 1740, who appears to be son of John MYRICK.)

Just recently I found information suggesting that this John MYRICK is
descended from the lineage of Dorothy BISHOP and John MERRICK who came to
America from England into New England and descendants in Virginia. There are
connections between this MYRICK/MERRICK/MEYRICK/MEURIC/MEURIG family in New
England with the aforementioned ALLERTON family. The PAYNE and EARLE
families also had branches in New England as it appears that the JENNINGS
and, possibly, ROBINSON families did as well...and certianly so did the
WILLIAMS with their branch in Rhode Island.

Okay...that's long enough for now....but for those of you who have lasted
through all of the information, I hope that there is something here of mutual
value and, perhaps, some of us may have some of the valuable missing pieces
someone else is in need of.

Thanks very much. I look forward to hearing from anyone who might have a
clue especially regarding my 5th great grandmother, Sarah MOORE, and my 4th
great grandmother, Rachel JORDAN...oh, and, also, there are my 4th great
grandmother, Rachael TUCKER....and, then again, my 2nd great grandmother,

Okay...that's it. I'm outta here. Thanks, again.


Bellinda Myrick - Barnett

<< Subj: Re: [VAWESTMO-L] Edward Ransdell (I)
Date: 01-06-26 09:07:37 EDT
From: (Rosemary Mahan)


> Bob Moore has done a significant amount of research into the Ransdell
family. You can see much of it on the Ransdell Genforum at:
> In a message dated Wed, 4 Apr 2001 8:21:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
"Dick D Fox" <> writes:
> << Having recently established with reasonable confidence that my
> ancestor Hannah Ransdell Moore was the daughter of William
> Ransdell and Mary Chilton of Fauquier County, Virginia, I am
> trying to bring my records up to date on the elder Ransdells.
> Would appreciate hearing with anyone who has information on
> Edward Ransdell born c 1642 and the probable ancestors of the
> Ransdell family of Westmoreland County, Virginia.
> Rumor: The Ransdells traveled to the south of England and then
> immigrated to the American Colonies.
> Rumor: Edward Ransdell was born in England c1642 c1646 or
> c1630=92s.
> Rumor: Edward immigrated from England to Maryland in 1659.
> Is there any record to establish this date? Is there circumstantial
> evidence?
> Rumor: Edward is the progenitor of the majority of the
> Ransdells in America.
> Rumor: Edward=92s wife was married to Elizabeth Rannow. I
> assume this cannot be proven but what is the basis for this name?
> Fact: Edward is mentioned in the court records of St. Marys
> County in 1661 and 1666. (Archives of Maryland, Fol 53,
> p631, Vol 57, p283) What were these records?
> Probable Fact: Edward had a son Edward Jr. and Edward Jr.
> was deeded land in Westmoreland Co, VA on 22 Oct 1696. His
> wife Mary was mentioned. Where are these records?
> Dick D. Fox, 1512 Parkview Drive, Lockhart, Texas 78644
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I know that this question was submitted by someone quite some time ago, but
the local paper, theWestmoreland News, has been running a
series in its paper for the past 6 weeks concerning the history of the
properties in Montross. W. Buren Pitts is a native who lives
in the area, and he has been researching land deeds and wills for historical
purposes for several years now. He has been submitting
articles for years now that are very interesting and informative, based on
primary sources from the Courthouse.

The following is an excerpt from the final article that they published on
the area. This was a 6-part series. It is talking about
the Windsor Plantation (which happens to be right across the street from
me), which belonged to the Ransdells. In fact my house is
part of the Woodbury Tract of which they speak and is mentioned later in the
article. If you do not get the Westmoreland News, thought
you mind find this interesting. If you would be interested in seeing the
whole article (all 6 parts) posted to the list, let me
know. It discusses several families who lived in the Montross area during
the 18th and 19th century.

"Leaving the high school, and on the left is the residue of what was once
the largest plantation in the area. Appearing in these
pages in the past was an article entitled 'Elizabeth Ransdell Steptoe - A
Matriarch of Westmoreland County and Her Plantation -

I will give a short review of the land and its owners. First, during the
late 1700's, Windsor consisted of around 450 acres of land -
200 on the north side of Windsor Lane, and 250 on the south side. The tract
called Woodbury was non-existent until the 1840's. It
was all a part of Windsor.

In the middle 1750's, this tract was the land of Edward Ransdell. Ransdell,
in his will requested that his daughter Elizabeth inherit
the farm after the death of his wife.

Elizabeth first married James Davenport, clerk of the Westmoreland County.
Davenport owned land adjacent to the Ransdell property,
and after his death, Elizabeth inherited both Ransdell's land and
Davenport's land. After his death, Elizabeth married Dr. George
Steptoe. They made their home on the inherited land and named it Windsor.
Dr. Steptoe, son of James Steptoe of Yeocomico Neck, died
in 1784. Also, her two children.

Mrs. Steptoe spent most of her later years in starting the Baptist faith in
Westmoreland County. At the time of her death, the
plantation Windsor consisted of the lands of Ransdell, Sanford and
Marmaduke. Mrs. Steptoe actually gave most of Windsor to her
friend, Samuel Templeman.

Mrs. Steptoe had given away 100 of the 450 acres to friends and Templeman
received 350 acres. In Deed Book 21, Page 513 dated 1809,
Templeman deeded to Richard T. Brown the 350 acres left to him by Mrs.
Steptoe. In Deed Book 21, Page 510 dated 1809 and in Deed Book
22, Page 343 dated 181 (date is mistyped in paper), Brown bought back the
100 acres, making the plantation again 450 acres. Brown
built his home on the present house site soon after he became owner. The
house unfortunately burned in 1933, but was rebuilt not long

thereafter over the same foundation."

Rosemary Mahan

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