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Subject: Re: [Jester] Vestal, Hutchins, Jester
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 06:43:57 -0400

Mary Jolly,

I see that you have access to Rita Townsend's Books, Descendants of Strangeman
Hutchens. Hutchens is almost always spelled with an E vs I.

Grandmother Elizabeth Davis who married Grandfather Thomas Vestal Sr. was the
dtr of our Grandparents, Charles Davis and Hanah Manson as below:
My line: Elizabeth Davis and Thomas Vestal Sr., Thomas Vestal Jr. and Amy
Thompson, Elizabeth Vestal and John Hutchens, Sarah Hutchens and Jonathan
Millsap. Sarah Hutchens b. 1802 was Vestal and Zachary Hutchens' Sister.

1. CHARLES1 DAVIES was born Abt. 1706 in Britain, and died WFT Est. 1753-1798
in NC. He married HANNAH MATSON December 09, 1732 in Philadelphia, PA, daughter
of JOHN MATSON and HANNAH ?. She was born Abt. 1712 in ?PA, and died 1771 in
Orange Co., NC.

iv. ELIZABETH DAVIES, b. December 12, 1737, Chester Co., PA; d. July 24,
1835, Chatham Co., NC; m. THOMAS VESTAL, July 06, 1754, Cane Creek MM,
Orange Co., NC; b. WFT Est. 1709-1737; d. WFT Est. 1759-1824.

Hannah b. 10/20/1755 Orange Co. m. 1774 John Piggott
Mary b. 9/22/1757 " m. 1778 William Marshill
William b. 1/29/1759 " m. 1791 Mary Wheeler
Jemima b. 5/8/1762 " m. 1780 Joseph Doan
Thomas b. 3/20/1764 " m1. 1784 Amy Thompson
m2. 1823 Margaret (Todd)
Rachel b. 6/10/1766 " m1. 1785 Stephen Hobson
m2. 1810 John Bond
John b. 8/2/1770 " ?m1. Hannah Dixon
m2. 1795 Elizabeth Carter
Jesse b. 10/5/1772 Chatham Co. m. 1794 Sophia McDonald
David b. 11/23/1774 " m1. 1798 Elizabeth York
m2. Rebecca Evans
Silas b. 2/23/1776 " m. 1799 Rachel Culberson

"Mary Jolley"
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Subject: [Jester] Vestal, Hutchins, Jester
04/14/2003 11:58
Please respond to

Dear Pat and all of you WONDERFUL JESTERS,
It was good to talk to you, Pat, when you were here with your research group
last month. You are a great lady..
I have been an almost silent Jester for some time, reading e-mails and making
notes. You can't imagine how much I have
learned to love and appreciate so many of you and thank you for your dedicated
research and willingness to share.
If I were begin to tell you all of the reasons I have been a "Silent Jester", it
would require a violin playing softly in the
background while I related my sad stories.
Really, I am so fortunate to be able to work on my old records and books to try
and get things in order.
This e-mail may be quite lengthy, but I do need to set some background regarding
who I am and where I came from.
Rather than fill in all dates and places on everything, I will cut some things
short. If you need further information I would be happy to comply.
Here goes!
Thomas Vestal, s of Thomas Vestal and Elizabeth Davis
md. Amy Thompson, dau of Samuel and Phebe (Allen) Thompson.
Upon the death of Amy, Thomas Vestal md. (2) Margaret Zachary 13 Mar. 1823.
Thomas and Margaret Zachary were the parents of a dau, Olivia.
Olivia md. Nathan B. Dozier. (This brings in interesting family names later on
Among the children of Thomas Vestal and Amy Thompson (they had several)
Elizabeth Vestal b. 15 Apr 1785 at Yadkin Co., N.C d. 30 Sept 1840., Yadkin Co.,
md. 1 Jul 1802 to John Hutchins, s of Nicholas and Sarah (Ladd) Hutchins.
Children of Elizabeth (Vestal) and John Hutchins:
Rachael Hutchins b. 18 May 1803; m. Elijah Stanley
Sarah Hutchins b.4 Oct 1804 m. John Adams
Nicholas Hutchins b.1 Feb 1806 m. Elizabeth Rhodes
**Vestal Hutchinsb. 2 Feb 1808 m. Elizabeth (Betty) Jester
Judith Hutchins b. 9 Dec 1808 m. George Potts
Thompson Hutchins b. 3 Sept 1811 m. Sarah Caroline Phillips
Charles Hutchins b 10 Nov 1813 m. Lydia Vestal (2) Ruth Davis
**Zachary Hutchins b. 18 Sep 1815 m. Margaret Jester
Amy Hutchins b.23 Nov 1817 m. William Mikels
Elizabeth Hutachins b.11 Feb 1821 m.Thomas Caudle
Rhoda Hutchins b. 8 Mar 1824 m. Nathan J. Bond
John Benjamin Hutchins b. 18 Dec 1825 m. Elizabeth Tolbert
Isaac Hutchinsb. 21 Sept 1828 m. Susan Norman

If you are still with me, I need to call attention to the Hutchins above that I
have noted **
Vestal who m Elizabeth (Betty) Jester
Zachary who m. Margaret Jester.

Vestal Hutchins, s of John and Elzabeth (Vestal) Hutchins m.6 Feb 1838, Surry,
Elizabeth (Betty) Jester, dau of James and Mary (Hickman) Jester b. 1818/20,
Forbush Creek, Surry, NC d. 20 July 1870, Yadkin, NC
Their children:
William Saunders Hutchins. b. 10 Feb 1839 d. 30 Nov. 1891, Surry, NC md. 16 Apr
1857 to Eliza F. Simpson
James Louis Hutchins b. 10 Oct 1840, Surry, NC d. 1 Jun 1916, md 21 Oct 1864 to
Elizabeth Armstrong
Mary Elizabeth Hutchins b. 19 Jul 1842, Surry NC d 7 Nov 1908 m. abt 1863 to
William Lacy "Dock" Simpson
Thomas Jefferson Hutchins b.28 Dec 1844, Surry, NC d. Ore., md 22 Dec 1867,
Surry to Martha Scott
Nathan Tolbert Hutchins b. 28 Dec 1846, Surry, NC d. 18 Apr 1929 md (1) Susan
Armstrong (2) Martha Venable
Sophrona Navella Hutchins b. 6 Jun 1848, Surry, NC d. 13 Mar 1917 md 29 Oct 1867
to Garland C. Marshall
Annie Delphenia Hutchins b. 20Apr 1850, Surry, NC d. 18 Feb 1920, Mt. Airy,
Surry, NC md abt 1871 to George Calvin Welch
Rhoda Hutchins b. abt 1854, Surry, NC died young
John Gurney Hutchins b. 26 May 1855, Surry, NC, d. 1914, Beagle, Miami Co., KS
md. abt 1884 to Clara "Fanny" Hickman
Mahlon Vestal Hutchins b. 13 Aug 1858, Surry, NC d 2 Apr 1907, Beagle, Miami
Co., Ks md. abt 1880 to Sarah Jane "Jennie" Dunman
Selena Frances Hutchins b. 10 Feb 1863, Surry, NC md. 1 Apr 1880 to James
Milton Venable

Vestal Hutchins (above) md. 1875, Lucinda "Sinda" Holtfield or Holifield
Their children:
Rosa Ann Hutchins b. 8 Dec 1876, Surry, NC md. abt 1897 to Snyder Mills or
Lila Bell Hutchins b. 28 Oct 1878, Surry, NC d. 15 May 1931, md. abt 1898 to
Samuel Miller

If you are still awake, I will continue. (This has been done in about three
sessions at my computer)

Zachary Hutchins, s of John and Elizabeth (Vestal) Hutchins md. abt 1847 at
Yadkin, NC. d. 11 Nov 1883, Cassville, Barry, Mo. bur. at Quaker Cem. Cassville
Margaret Jester, dau of James and Mary (Hickman) Jester b. 5 May 1825, Deep
Creek, Yadkin, NC. d. 26 Sept 1858, Mt. Airy, Yadkin, NC
Their Children:
Isaac Alexander Hutchins b. 17 May 1848 Forbush, Yadkin, NC d. 8 Mar 1922,
Hagarville, Johnson Co., Ark m. 1869 at Forsyth, Taney, Mo. to
Mary Ann Morris, b. 5 Apr 1851, Tenn. d.19 Dec 1898, Hagarville, Ar; dau
of Robert and Tilda (Arnold) Morris
He md. (2) Tempey Jane Shelton, b. 8 Apr, in Ar, d 2 Oct 1917
Dozier Evander Hutchins b. 28 Nov 1850 Yadkin, NC d. 11 Nov 1904, Cassville,
Barry, Mo. md Nancy Jane Vaught b. 12 Apr 1852, Bluegrass Co., Ky
d.9 Jun 1928. Seneca, Newton, Mo. Dozier and Nancy Jane are both buried
at Cassville, Barry, Mo.
Marshall Evan "Marsh" Hutchins b. 19 May 1853, Forbush, Yadkin, NC. d. 19 Aug
1925, Cassville, Barry Mo. m.1874 to Martha Ellen Hayes b. 23 Nov 1859
at Carrolton, Ark, dau of Lloyd and Mary Jane-----Hayes. d. 30 May 1946,
Cassville, Barry Co., Mo (both bur. at Cassville Oak Hill Cem)
Mary Ann Armilda Hutchins b. 23 Nov 1856, Forbush, Yadkin, NC. d. 25 Nov 1936,
Cassville, Barry, Mo. m. 1876 at Barry Co.,to George Preston Cline
b. 18 Mar 1858, Il, d. 25 Sept 1903, Nixie, Christian, Mo. s. of Benjamin
and Elizabeth (McCartney) Cline. "Mollie" bur. at Crane, Stone Co., Mo
and George at Nixie, Christian, Mo.
Elizabeth Martisha Hutchins b. 2 Mar. 1858, Forbush, Surry, NC, d. 1 May 1932 at
Payson, Utah Co., Utah. m. 24 June 1877 at Mt. Airy, Surry, NC. to
Edmund Franklin Hiatt b. 21 Apr 1858, Mt. Airy, Surry, NC. d. 11 Oct 1940
at Provo, Utah Co, Utah. Both are buried at Payson, Utah Co., Utah
Edmund Franklin, s of William and Mary (Taylor) Hiatt.

When Margaret (Jester) Hutchins died in Sept 1858, her dau, Elizabeth Martisha
was only 6 mo. old. After the death of his wife, Zachary sold his farm and
moved his family to Missouri. Before he left, his wife's sister, Elizabeth,
(who was married to Zachary's brother, Vestal) begged him not to take tiny
"Betty", with the other children in his covered wagon. They asked Zachary to
leave Elizabeth Martisha "Betty" with them until he could come back for her.
As noted in the family above, "Betty " was born in Mar 1858 and Mahlon Vestal,
their son was b. Aug. 1858.
It was decided to leave little "Betty" with Elizabeth and Vestal. Zachary was
never able to return to bring her back to her family. She was raised with "Pap"
and Aunt "Betty"'s family until she married Franklin Hiatt when she was 18 yrs

My back is killing me, but I am determined to finish this much of my epistle
before my next birthday, which is tomorrow, Apr. 15.

Betty and Frank Hiatt had ten children. Four while they lived in Mt. Airy, N.C.
and another six when they joined the LDS church and moved to Utah.
My mother is Celia Clementine Hiatt Jex. Another time I will fill in the rest
of the family if anyone is interested.
To bring a conclusion to this epistle tonight, my grandmother, Elizabeth
Martisha Hutchins Hiatt "Betty", always longed to find and know about the family
she had not seen when she was a baby. My mother finally made contact with a
woman in Joplin, Mo., who found Grandma's sister, Mary Ann Armilda
"Mollie" Cline, as well as a half sister, Rhoda Hutchins. This was in 1932,
during the Depression. My father went to the bank and borrowed money to send my
mother and grandma back to Missouri on the train. The sisters, Mollie age 74,
Betty age 72 and Rhoda age 68. The rest of the family had all passed away.
While mother and daughter were there, they gathered family records, visited,
took a picture of the three sisters, etc. The last thing they did before they
left for home was to each take a "start" of a rosebush that was growing by
Zachary's grave at the Quaker Cemetery at Cassville. They were able to grow the
at their homes. When grandma died the May after they got home, they planted a
start of the rosebush by her grave. When my mother died, we also planted a bush
by her grave. We call it "The Missouri Rose". I have a bush from the "start"
growing in my back yard under my bedroom window.

Some other time I will tell you about Zachary's 2nd marriage to Margaret Quick
Mathas. They had three children, but none of them had any issue.

Please excuse my typo's, etc. If you have any questions, I will try to answer
as soon as I can.
Thank you each and everyone for helping me finally learn more about my Jester
families. You are really special people and I would like to meet each of you
personally and say thanks again.
With much gratitude,
Mary Jex Jolley

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