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Subject: [JOHNSTON-DNA] Johnston of Jasper Co., MS
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 21:41:47 EST


I am a descendant of Albert Gallatin Johnston, b. Jasper Co, MS, ca 1867. He
had a brother named Tom Johnston. Both were sons of the widow, Effie
Blackwell and Unknown Johnston of Jasper Co., MS.

Albert married Lucinda Buckley, Shelby Co., TX and settled in Pelican,
DeSoto Parish, LA where he was elected and served as Constable for 40 years. Tom
married a Dykes and also relocated to Pelican, DeSoto Parish, LA.

Albert's son, Varner Houston Jonhnston, married Ida Francis Wilkinson, ca
1910. Their oldest child, George Houston Johnston, is my father.

I have tested the DNA (Y chromosome) of 4 different JOHNSTON men; a
descendent of George Washinton Johnston of Jasper Co., MS, a descendant of James
Patton Johnston of Jasper Co., MS, and of both son's of Effie Blackwell of Jasper

All 4 of us have a matching Y chromosome, all 4 trace our roots to Jasper
Co. and all 4 have the Johnston surname. The evidence is over whelming that we
have a common male ancestor ca 1860 or earlier.

Grant W. Johnston, Chico, CA

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