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Subject: [Jones] My Francis Jones Sr and Rachel Newton
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 15:01:29 EDT


I hope this answers your question as to which Francis Jones Sr and Rachel
Newton I'm inquiring about:

Francis Jones Sr has not been proven to be, but is considered to be the head
of this Jones family whose ancestery is on the following pages. He is found
in the records of Redstone Monthly Meetings near Haverford West, Pembrokeshire,
Wales, having come there from Ireland about 1708 with his four sons.
According to 'Jones and Related Families', by Caroll B. Jones, Francis Jones and
family was granted, on the 20th of the 5th month of 1711, a certificate which
read, "Wheras we understand that our friend Francis Jones and his family intends
to transport themselves to Penn in America desires a certificate from friends
on that account." On 17 June 1711, the family boarded a ship bound for
America. The family was of the Quaker belief which in those days no member was
allowed to go anywhere without the Church's approval. Records reflect a
certificate from Francis Jones Sr was presented, on 29 December 1711, to the
Philadelphia Monthly Meetings. This arrival is recorded in the book, Immigration List,
page 1507, volume F-K, listed in the 1982-85 supplement printing.

A book compiled by Albert cook Myers, entitled, Quaker Arrivals at
Pennsylvania 1683 thru 1750, Being a List of Certificates of Removal-Received at
Philadelphia Monthly Meeting of Friends, verifies Francis' arrival. There is no name
of the ship or a list of family members, only Francis Jones and family.

Francis request a certificate on 30 November 1714 to move from Pennsylvania
to Duck Creek, Kent County, Delaware. He is elieved to have presented his
certificate and settled there on 20 April 1715. He lived there until about 1717
when hs is thought to have died. No records have been located to confirm when
he died or where he is buried.

Francis' sons are: Samuel, Francis Jr, Henry and Jonas.

The following was taken from Latter-Day Saint (LDS) records which this
inofrmation was submitted by others, somethimes without sources confirming the
information. This information is provided solely for the purpose of further

LDS record RSTT-2S reports Rachel Newton as the wife of Francis Jones Sr.
She was born during 1665 at Corbally, Queens County, Ireland, married about
1687, and died after 1717. Her parents are, according to LDS record RSTT-DJ are,
Jonas Newton, born about 1640 in England, and Jane Winn, born about 1642 in
Corbally, Queens County, Ireland.

Kathy Hancock believes Franics Jones' wife died in Ireland before Francis
Jones and his sons departed for Wales or prior to the departure to America.

LDS record RSTT-DJ reflects the following children for Jonas and Jane Winn
1. Jane Newton, b. 25 Feb 1650, Bristol, England.
2. Anne Newton, b. 24 Jun 1654, Bristol, England.
3. Susanna Newton, b. 21 Feb 1657, Corbally, Ireland; d. 1668.
4. Thomas Newton, b. 24 Feb 1664, Corbally, Ireland.
5. Rachel Newton, b. 1665, Corbally, Ireland, d. after 1717, PA.
6. Mary Newton, b. 15 Mar 1667, Old Booley, Wexford County, Ireland; d. 1669.
7. Moses Newton, b. 22 Aug 1669, Old Booley, Ireland; d. 1669.
8. Rebecca Newton, b. 18 Jan 1672, Old Booley, Ireland.

I find it odd that all the listed children have exact dates of birth except
for Rachel. Someone may have incorporated her name in the list simply because
she "fits in". Hopefully, someday, confirmed sources will clear all this up.

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