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From: "Arnold or Carol Joyal" <>
Subject: [JOYAL-L] My Version of Joyal Tree
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 17:17:33 -0800

Thank you Tom Ledoux, Bonnie Dannenberg, Jackie Hostage, and Katherine Vaillancourt for the prompt response to my initial foray into the Joyal genealogy website. Several years ago I spent a fair amount of time putting together the trees of my family and my wife's family. I went back about seven generations on both sides, but quickly discovered that this could be a never ending task/full time hobby. Now that I am retired I want to fill in and verify what I can.

Thanks to Tom for his abridged Joyal tree. It is obvious that my tree fits with his, but there are some interesting discrepancies. Is there an "official" and "complete" Joyal tree somewhere, or does everyone espouse his or her own version?

I will put all of the Joyal information that I have at the end of this message. I previously resolved as many as I could of the discrepancies between various sources. Like every other researcher, I wish that I had started earlier to pay attention to my parents, grandparents, and other members of earlier generations. I listened carefully to their stories, but did not write down the essential information, lists of family members, etc. What teenager does? A lot of valuable information is lost that way.

It will take some time for me to carefully compare my tree with Tom's. I have spent lots of hours scratching my head over the various John Baptistes and Josephs. Notice that I have a Deborah Boright Washer and Tom has a Deborah Bishop Washer. Also, I have the wife of Joseph Joyal (1816 - 1896) as Fanny Amanda Soles (1822 - 1897)and he has a Fanny A. Sales (1815.) (Note Philia Soles Joyal 1850, below.) How do we resolve such discrepancies? It is so easy to make a typographical mistake when transcribing. Then that typo becomes the next person's truth.

Jackie - you asked about John Baptiste Joyal's dates of 1735-1848. I have a copy of a story about our "super centenarian" ancestor that indicated that he married (again) at the age of 100 and lived to 113.

Katherine - I live in Los Gatos, CA, and recently retired. We are thinking about a trip to the east next summer, so attending the reunion is not out of the question. Keep me informed when details are known.

Tom - I have heard about an "Old John's Bridge" but didn't know exactly where it was. My father was born in Mississquoi County, Quebec, at Fordyce Corner near Cowansville.

Now I am going to have to look at my Family Tree for Windows program and get out all my randomly-organized original data files and see how all of this new information fits with what I have.

Here is all of the Joyal information (other than anecdotal stuff) in my FTW data base. I hope all my tabs translate correctly from Word to Outlook Express. If it prints out as a mess, ask me to e-mail you a copy with this as a Word attachment.

1. John Baptiste Joyal b: about 1735 in St. Francis, L.C. Quebec, Canada. d: December 23 1848 in Swanton Falls, Vermont.

2. Joseph Benjamin Joyal b: March 6, 1792 in Swanton Falls, Vermont.

m: Lydia Kelley

3. Charles Joyal

4. John Joyal

4. Palmer Joyal

4. Lydia Joyal

3. Lewis Joyal

4. Bede Joyal

4. Lois Joyal

4. Henry Joyal

4. George Joyal

3. Henry Joyal

3. Polly Joyal m: Joseph Rockwell

4. Ellen Rockwell

4. Augusta Rockwell

4. Adelaide Rockwell

Second spouse of Benjamin Joyal: Deborah Boright Washer m: May 1, 1814

3. Joseph Joyal b: March 24, 1816 in Swanton, Vermont. d: January 3, 1896 in Brome Corner, Quebec

m: Fanny Amanda Soles. b: March 12, 1822 in Sutton, C.E. Quebec, Canada. m: February 28, 1841 in Berkshire, Vermont. d: May 17, 1897 in Knowlton, Quebec, Canada

4. Adeline Eliza Joyal b: April 4, 1843 in Barre, Mass

4. Amelia Eunice Pratt Joyal b: November 3, 1846 in Llyn, Mass

4. Philia Soles Joyal b: January 8, 1850 in Brom (Brome?) Canada East, Quebec

4. Joseph Edward Joyal b: May 29, 1853 in Turkey Hill, Brome County, Canada d: 1943

m: Beulah Copeland b: August 1861 in Sutton, Quebec, Canada d: 1940

5. Franklin Edward Joyal b: March 14, 1879 in Brome, Quebec, Canada d: March 12, 1955 in Santa Cruz, California

m: Nellie Maude Sager b: July 11, 1878 in Cowansville, Quebec, Canada m: November 6, 1901 in Cowansville, Quebec, Canada d: February 5, 1971 in Danville, California

6. Arnold Edward Joyal b: October 13, 1902 in Cowansville, Quebec, Canada d: May 28 1999 in San Ramon, California

m: Evelyn Scott b: April 5, 1902 in Birmingham, Alabama

m: July 14, 1927 in Verbena, Alabama d: September 19, 2000 in Los Gatos, California

7. Dorothy Elaine Joyal b: December 20 1935 in Denver, Colorado

m: Roy Chris Hergenroeder b: December 27 1935

m: October 24, 1958 in Stuttgart, Germany

7. Arnold Edward Joyal Jr b: July 14, 1937 in Denver, Colorado m: Carol Ann English b: June 11, 1938 in Oakland, California m: November 15, 1969 in Carmel, California

8. Scott Edward Joyal b: July 14, 1976 in Castro Valley, California

6. Meredyth Franklin Joyal b: June 16 1904 in St. Albans, Vermont d: May 1, 1990 in Owasso, Oklahoma

m: Ellen Wood b: April 26 1909 in Spokane, Washington

7. James Edward Joyal b: October 14, 1930 in Berkeley, California

m: Grace Anderson in San Diego, California

8. Donald Edward Joyal b: June 1, 1953 in San Diego, California

m: Sarah (maiden) b: May 23 1957 in Decatur, Illinois

9. James Edward Joyal II b: January 9, 1982

8. Roger Edward Joyal b: August 14 1954 in San Diego, California

8. Beverly Frances Joyal b: July 1, 1956 in San Jose, California

m: Steven Holly b: in Santa Rose, California

9. Kayla Joyal-Holly b: about 1993

Second spouse of James Edward Joyal

m: Eleanor Brio b: February 10, 1928 in New York

Second spouse of Meredyth Franklin Joyal

m: Alberta Fredenberg b: August 1, 1913 in Nevada City, California m: July 15 1933 in Berkeley, California

7. Norman Franklin Joyal b: about 1936

m: Mindy (maiden) about 1956

8. Cheri Joyal

8. Robert Joyal

Second Spouse of Norman Franklin Joyal

m: Carolyn (maiden) about 1967

8. Norman Franklin Joyal Jr

Third spouse of Norman Franklin Joyal

m: Connie (maiden) about 1985

6. Eric Nelson Joyal b: August 31, 1905 in Cowansville, Quebec, Canada d: July 29, 1968 in Long Beach, California

m: Margaret Lucy Cameron b: July 4, 1918 in Minneapolis, Minnesota m: January 4, 1941 in Berkeley, California d: May 2, 1997

7. Lucy Margaret Joyal b: August 19, 1942 in Oakland, California

m: Chester Hartley Jr. b: May 27 1938 in San Bernadino, California m: June 30, 1962 in Long Beach, California

8. Charles Edward Hartley b: March 4, 1964 in Costa Mesa, California

8. David Michael Hartley b: March 10, 1966 in Costa Mesa, California

8. Suzanne Michelle Hartley b: November 12, 1968 in Costa Mesa, California

7. Karen Jean Joyal b: August 14, 1946 in Oakland, California

d: July 13, 1996 in New Hampshire

m: Michael Morrison b: March 1, 1939 in Michigan

8. Lovall Morrison b: February 3, 1969 in Berkeley, California

9. Zephyr Ian-Tracy Morrison b: June15, 1995

9. Taran Cameron Morrison b: March 15, 1998

5. Anita Irene Joyal b: July 29, 1903 in Brome, Quebec, Canada

d: December 29, 1978 in Montreal, Ontario, Canada

m: Harold Belcher

5. Fannie Joyal (died very young)

4. Frances Amanda Joyal b: January 27, 1856 in Brome, Canada East

3. Stephen W. Joyal m: Adelaide Barnes

4. Levi Joyal

4. Clara Joyal

3. Susannah Joyal m: Ralph Bowers

3. Benjamin Joyal m: Harriet Bowers

4. George Joyal

4. Lucretia Joyal

4. Amasa Joyal

4. Oscar Joyal

4. Hattie Joyal

4. Rosella Joyal

4. Willis Joyal

4. Velma Joyal

3. John J. Joyal m: Mary Jane Davis

4. Stephen Joyal

4. Mary Ella Joyal

3. Robert Joyal m: Lucy Humphreys

4. Minnie Joyal

4. Ammie Joyal

4. Ralph Joyal

4. Merritt Joyal

3. John B. Joyal

4. George Bishop Joyal

4. Eldridge Joyal

4. Hiram Joyal

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