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From: Gloria Talbot <>
Subject: William Keating b. 1760 Lismore Ireland
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 19:02:17 -0500

Hello to Keating Cousins! Below you will find the descendants of
William Keating b. 7/2/1760 in Lismore, County Waterford, Ireland. The
notes interdispersed throughout this geneaology report come from one
"article" published god-knows-when and god-knows-where. It has been
passed around our family for decades. The author is unknown.

I would love to share information with anyone who may see a connection
here. I would REALLY love to find the origen of this information.

Descendants of William Keating

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM2 KEATING (1) was born July 02, 1760 in Ireland, County
Waterford, Town of Lismore, and died June 28, 1830 in Gardiner, Maine.


In America

First Generation - William

According to the family records William Keating the first of our line to
come to the New World was born in Lismore, County Waterford, Ireland,
July 2, 1760. As a boy he was kidnapped by the British and taken to
Labrador on a fishing trip. This was the
as the way it happened. The English had a military post in Waterford
and he came to the attention of the officers in charge. Watching the
boys at play in military games, they noticed he was always their leader
and commander, and with an eye toward kee
ng the rebelious Irish without leaders he was shipped out as many others
have been before and since.

It is said he and others started for this country to avoid being
impressed into the British Navy and that the small group made their way
from either Newfoundland or Nova Scotia toward the Colonies.

The American Revolution had just started and somewhere in the North
Atlantic their fisherman was taken by an American privateer. Shortly
afterward the Americans were captured by a British privateer, in turn.

The American Captain waited his chance to turn the tables. He asked
young Keating if he would join in an attempt to take the ship. Give me
something t fight with, was the answer.

On St. John’s day, June 24, 1775, the British drank very heavily. The
American captain suddenly grabbed a capstan bar and smashed open a chest
of arms shouting, To arms, boys! The ship was soon in their hands.
They sailed into Beverly, Mass., and tur
d the ship over to the Continental Congress.

It happened that Keating knew someone who lived at Waldoboro, ME., so he
started off afoot for that place. The following year finds him in the
American armed services.

According to the Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution,
Vol. ix, page 9, it appears that William Keating is recognized as having
the following record: Private Capt. Tobias Fernald’s company, Col.
Edmund Phinney’s regiment, muster roll fr
Fort George, Dec. 8, 1776. Enlisted Feb. 22, 1776, reported aboard the

He fell in with a certain MacLean who was recruiting a crew to go to
MacLean’s Mill at Hope, now Appleton, ME. In time he married Elizabeth
MacLean, the boss’s daughter, in New Hampshire, it is believed. Fr.
Cheverus (later Cardinal) of France frequen
y said mass at their home in Appleton.

William died on June 28, 1830. Elizabeth also passed away within a
week. They lie buried at St. Dennis’, North Whitefield, ME.

William and Elizabeth had twelve children, as follows: James (married)
born September 14, 1789; Sarah (married) born May 27, 1791; William
(married) born November 5, 1792; John (married), born December 5, 1794;
Elizabeth (married), born October 15, 1
6; Thomas A. , born September 8, 1798; Catherine (married) , born March
8, 1800; Lewis (married), born September 6, 1801; George, born April 22,
1803; Francis, born October 2, 1804; Martha (married) born January 22,
1809; Mary (married)

Children of William Keating and Elizabeth MacLean are:
2.i.JAMES3 KEATING, b. September 14, 1789.
ii.SARAH KEATING, b. May 27, 1791.
iii.WILLIAM KEATING, b. November 05, 1792.
iv.JOHN KEATING, b. December 05, 1794.
v.ELIZABETH KEATING, b. October 15, 1796.
vi.THOMAS KEATING, b. September 08, 1798.
vii.CATHERINE KEATING, b. March 08, 1800.
3.viii.LEWIS KEATING, b. September 06, 1801; d. California.
ix.GEORGE KEATING, b. April 22, 1803.
x.FRANCIS KEATING, b. October 02, 1804.
xi.MARTHA KEATING, b. January 22, 1809.
xii.MARY KEATING, b. July 31, 1813.

Generation No. 2

2. JAMES3 KEATING (WILLIAM2, 1) was born September 14, 1789. He


James Keating, the eldest son, married Margaret Finn who was born April
30 , 1793. He saw service in the War of 1812, being on garrison duty at
the fort at Edgecomb Maine. James and Margaret had ten children. They
resided in Whitefield Maine.

Their children in date of births were: Cecilia (Cecily) February 20,
1818; Joseph, March 19, 1819; Elizabeth September 27, 1820; Delphina
(baptized by Fr. Cheverus June 26, 1822; George, April 17, 1824;
Thomas, December 17, 1825; James September
14, 1827; Mary, June 27, 1830; John E., July 4, 1832; Sarah M,
February 22, 1837.


Margaret Finn’s father, Edward Finn was the leader of the settlers of
Whitefield Maine. The travels of he and companions from Ireland to the
western world make an exciting story.

He was born in Wexford County, and settled in, Trepassy, Newfoundland.
There the family or clan had a fishing fleet in store.

One night some English officers were drinking and carousing on the
premises and it appears this was just a pretext to cause trouble. They
started to impose on some of the family and this turned into an attempt
to impress young men of the family into th
King’s Navy.

As a result of the groups opposition to such high handed proceedings
they had to escape in a hurry to the United State, then at war with
England. All their holdings were confiscated by the Crown with the
exception of one small fishing schooner, the Peg
, in which they escaped.

(among those present were two by the name of Malloy, and two Powers, a
Powers being sailing master and Edward Finn the captain.)

They sailed with no port of destination, but simply to escape British

While off southern Nova Scotia they were pursued by an English ship and
forced up into the Gulf of Fundy. Escaping pursuit they anchored at
Deer Island in Passamaquoddy Bay and went ashore to wash their clothes.

The next morning they hoisted sail and started south. While the rest
were eating breakfast, Captain Finn who was on deck, noticed the ship
was not making way. He let out a roar to all hands and they rushed on
deck. The terrific Fundy tide had them in
ts’ grasp and was driving them ashore. They dropped the anchor and it
held until the tide changed when they started south again.

Sometime later, they came upon a fishing ship and asked their way to
port. The Captain of the ship told them to follow them in and they
arrived at Wiscasset Maine, on July 3rd (?).

The next morning the customs officer came aboard and called on them to
show their colors. Captain Finn replied, I have no American Flag. The
officer said, It makes no difference to me what flag it is. So they ran
up the English Jack, the only flag th
had on the 4th of July. (Year?)

These families pioneered up the Sheepscot River Valley finally settling
at Balltown, now North Whitefield Maine.

The land on Church Hill where St. Dennis’ was built was donated by James
Keating. The convent, once the home of the Sisters now at St. Joseph’s
College Portland, was built with bricks from an old brickyard on the
present Keating place. The No. Whitefi
d District School was taught by the Sisters.

Children of James Keating and Margaret Finn are:
i.CELICIA4 KEATING, b. February 20, 1818.
4.ii.JOESPH T. KEATING, b. March 19, 1819, Whitefield , ME; d. May 22,
1905, Whitefield , ME.
iii.ELIZABETH KEATING, b. September 27, 1820.
iv.DELPHINA KEATING, b. June 26, 1822.
v.GEORGE KEATING, b. April 17, 1824.
vi.THOMAS KEATING, b. December 17, 1825.
vii.JAMES KEATING, b. September 14, 1827.
viii.MARY KEATING, b. June 27, 1830.
ix.JOHN KEATING, b. July 04, 1832.
x.SARAH KEATING, b. February 22, 1837.

3. LEWIS3 KEATING (WILLIAM2, 1) was born September 06, 1801, and died
in California.

Later, when Louis Keating went to California, Joseph moved his family
onto the present Keating place.


This war finds the Keating family as always well represented in the
armed forces of the nation. Outstanding is Lt. Col. James Keating from
Philadelphia, in the Marines. He served seven months on Guadalcanal in
command of artillery, being mentioned pro
nently in dispatches. At present he is stationed in Australia after
his long ordeal in that awful place. His father was Lewis Keating who
died in California.

Child of Lewis Keating is:

Generation No. 3

4. JOESPH T.4 KEATING (JAMES3, WILLIAM2, 1) was born March 19, 1819 in
Whitefield , ME, and died May 22, 1905 in Whitefield , ME. He married
MARY CAROLINE BROWN February 11, 1858 in Whitefield , ME.


The oldest son of James and Margaret married Mary C. Brown and they
resided in Whitefield. Their children and dates of birth were:
Theresa, February 27, 1859; Ellen, August 27, 1860; Jerome, May 17,
1862; Sarah E., July 12, 1863; Isabel M., Januar
30, 1865; Anastasia, May 31, 1866; Mary D., December 20, 1867
(infant); Mary D., May 4, 1869; Joseph, February 4, 1872; George, May
26, 1875; James E. , July 25, 1877.

Joseph Keating had a long and adventurous life dying at the age of 86.
The year before his death he showed his massive strength by lifting a
barrel of flour from the back of a wagon.

His sister, __________, was married to the wealthy ship owner, John
Otis of Rockland Maine, so as a young man he commanded ships for Mr.
Otis. He made frequent trips to the Gulf of Mexico, Mobile Alabama,
where he had many friends, often being a port

Incidentally, a cousin of his was married to Capt. Raphael Semmes of the
Confederate Commerce raider, Alabama, one of the English built warships
which sank so many American vessels during the Civil War. Such losses
ruined Mr. Otis financially.

In 1856, Capt. Keating was aboard his ship at Bath Maine, ready to sail,
when he heard wild rumors of a projected march being organized by the
Know Knothings against his home parish of St. Dennis, Whitefield. This
movement, a counter part of the late
KKK’s, spread the story that the church cellar was full of arms and
ammunition and the peaceful church members were preparing a revolt.

He immediately left his ship and hurried home to protect his family.
The march did not materialize, but Joesph Keating never went to sea
again. He conducted his farm in Whitefield and worked as a
millwright. During the hard days of the Civil War, he
as a man of 45 with a large family (stood the draft) with the others.
The man before him drew a black ball calling for enrollment, but he drew
a white ball which kept him at home.

An aged map in the doorway of the old fort at Pemaquid shows the
location of his home place in Whitefield. Later, when Louis Keating
went to California, Joseph moved his family onto the present Keating

Maine State Archive Marriage Certifcate of daughter Isabella lists
Joesph's occupation as Farmer, Residence as Whitefield, Maine.

Children of Joesph Keating and Mary Brown are:
5.i.THERESA AGNES5 KEATING, b. February 27, 1859, Whitefield , ME; d.
September 18, 1915, Gardiner, Maine.
ii.ELLEN KEATING, b. August 27, 1860, Whitefield , ME.
iii.JEROME KEATING, b. May 17, 1862, Whitefield , ME; d. July 04,
1943, Whitefield , ME.
iv.SARAH KEATING, b. July 12, 1863, Whitefield , ME; d. December 24,
1947, Gardiner , ME.
v.ISABELLA M. KEATING, b. January 30, 1866, Whitefield , ME; m. EDWARD
E. HANLEY, January 09, 1895, Whitefield , ME.
vi.ANASTASIA KEATING, b. May 31, 1866, Whitefield, ME; d. February 26,
1876, Whitefield , ME.
vii.MARY DELPHINA KEATING, b. December 20, 1867, Whitefield , ME; d.
December 11, 1868, Whitefield , ME.
viii.MARY DELPHINA KEATING, b. May 04, 1869, Whitefield , ME; d. 1891,
Whitefield , ME.
ix.JOESPH KEATING, b. February 04, 1872, Whitefield , ME.
x.GEORGE KEATING, b. May 22, 1875, Whitefield , ME; d. February 25,
xi.JAMES KEATING, b. July 25, 1877, Whitefield , ME; d. May 13, 1949,
Whitefield , ME.

Generation No. 4

February 27, 1859 in Whitefield , ME, and died September 18, 1915 in
Gardiner, Maine. She married SAMUEL WASHINGTON TALBOT November 09, 1887
in Gardiner Maine1, son of David Talbot a
Lucinda Henderson.

1880 Maine Census has Theresa listed as a servant for Wm. & Jane
Richards, Gardiner, ME

Children of Theresa Keating and Samuel Talbot are:
i.JOSEPH LAWRENCE6 TALBOT, b. November 29, 1889, Gardiner , ME2; d.
September 07, 1890, Gardiner Maine.
6.ii.EDWARD TALBOT, b. August 12, 1891, Gardiner, Maine; d. April 07,
7.iii.GEORGE KEATING TALBOT, b. July 02, 1893, Gardiner, Maine; d.
October 10, 1974, Gardiner, Maine.
8.iv.SAMUEL JEROME TALBOT, b. December 08, 1894.
v.PHILIP JOHN TALBOT, b. June 17, 1896, Gardiner Maine3; d. August 01,
1975, Gardiner Maine4.
vi.BABY TALBOT, b. June 06, 1898.
vii.MARY LUCY C. TALBOT, b. July 30, 1900, Gardiner, Maine5; d.
December 28, 1992, Gardiner , ME6.
viii.LOUIS JOESPH TALBOT, b. March 22, 1903, Gardiner Maine; d.
November 25, 1903, Gardiner Maine.

Generation No. 5

WILLIAM2, 1) was born August 12, 1891 in Gardiner, Maine7, and died
April 07, 1968. He married ANNE T. BURKE June 11, 1928, daughter of
Charles Burke and Rose Wy???.

Children of Edward Talbot and Anne Burke are:

WILLIAM2, 1) was born July 02, 1893 in Gardiner, Maine8, and died
October 10, 1974 in Gardiner, Maine. He married MARY MONSEES June 19,
1923 in Maine, daughter of Agustus Monsees a
Ellen Sullivan.


Children of George Talbot and Mary Monsees are:
i.JOAN7 TALBOT, b. August 03, 1924; m. (1) GEORGE SCHLOSSER; m. (2)
ii.GEORGE MONSEES TALBOT, b. September 22, 1925, New Britain General
Hospital, New Britain, CT9; d. June 06, 1984, Meridan/Wallingford
Hospital, Meridan, CT10; m. AILEEN ROSE MCGUINNESS, November 10, 1952.
iii.MARY ELLEN TALBOT, b. December 08, 1929; m. (1) CHARLES REILLY,
July 21, 1948, Hamden CT11; m. (2) ROBERT GHEN, 1964.

WILLIAM2, 1) was born December 08, 189412. He married MAUDE.

Child of Samuel Talbot and Maude is:

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