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From: "Steven Prince" <>
Subject: Re: [KEEL] Martha Jane Keel of TN.
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 12:35:57 MDT

Hi Pat and fellow listers,
My Keel line is John Keele; Richard John Keel; Thomas Henry Keel, Sr.; Susan
Elizabeth Keel (who was my gg-grandmother). Several years ago, while just
getting started in family history research, I discovered that my wife is my
fifth cousin, her mother's maiden name is Keele. Since then, it has given a
new meaning to my Keel research.
My research has centered around the Arthur Keele that my mother-in-law lists
as Richard John Keel's (our common ancestor) grandfather . I've gotten a
copy of the biography of Rev. William Keele where the author lists Arthur
Keele as William's grandfather. In trying to work out a solution to the
mystery of our tie to Arthur Keele, I have located an individual who fits
many of the requirements of being the person I seek, with a few essential
problems. One of the problems is that he never left England.
The information in William Keele's biography claims that his grandfather,
Arthur (a cabinetmaker) came to America from London in 1747 with two of his
three sons, James and John. The eldest son, Jacob was left in London to
finish his apprenticeship. A fourth son, Richard was born during the voyage
to America. By this account, the family disembarked in Delaware and settled
in Wyeth Co., VA. Other accounts place the family in Henry Co., VA (neither
county existed at that time).
The Arthur I have been researching lived and died in Oxfordshire, England.
He had two children, Mary and John. Mary died young. Arthur was married
twice, first to Mary Parker(John's mother), then to Mary Pardo. John
followed in his father's footsteps, becoming a cabinetmaker, then moved to
London. John had at least two sons, William and James. William was
apprenticed to his grandfather and later became a master cabinetmaker. Both
of these sons were christened in their grandfather's parish. I suspect that
this John may have emigrated to America, but have found no proof.
Since the William Keele biography was written more than a century after the
family supposedly came to America, I suspect that many of the details were a
bit fuzzy by then. If there is a connection between my Keels and the Arthur
Keele I've been researching, it would have to be through his son John or one
of his grandsons, probably James. It just so happens that this James was
born in 1740 (close to the date in the William Keele biography for the birth
of James who was purportedly the son of Arthur).
I'm pretty certain that the John Keel who settled in Henry Co., VA in 1769
is the same one who was the father of Richard John Keel, since the two birth
places listed for Richard (in his own records) were Bedford Co., TN and
Henry Co., VA. John is last listed in Henry Co. in 1785 and I presume he
migrated to Tennessee. There is a John listed on the tax rolls of
Washington Co., TN in 1790. Then in the early 1800s, John Keele is involved
in land transactions and listed on censuses in Bedford Co., TN.
The Keels were apparently affiliated with the Baptist Church in both
Virginia and Tennessee. In William's biography, it says that though his two
brothers James and John were also Baptist ministers, they were not such
great preachers as he was. In Greene Co., TN, James and John are listed as
the ministers who performed the marriages of Jesse and William Keele in the
There are still a lot of mysteries surrounding the origins of the Keels in
Virginia. If anyone has information to shed additional light on the their
origins, please let me (and the rest of the list) know. Thanks.
Steven L. Prince
Price, Utah, USA
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From: "patmc" <>
I'm your new ListHost and I thought since several of us are new on the list,
maybe everyone could introduce themselves and tell the rest of us who
they're researching? My Keel line is Samuel Keel, Nathan Keel, Thomas P.
Keel, Martha Jane Keel Roberts, Sarah Jane Roberts Chester, Mary Alma
Chester Glenn and Hallie Alfred Glenn, my dad. Please feel free to post
anytime and if I can help any of you, just let me know. Thanks.
Pat McAlpine

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