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From: Charles Nethaway <>
Subject: Keithleys in Missouri and Kentucky
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 16:57:37 -0500

Some Keithley Information, Missouri and Kentucky

Bourbon County, Kentucky, and Howard, Boone, Jackson, and Cass Counties,

I have done considerable research on the Keithley family. However, I have
several puzzles as yet not clarified.

My Great-grandfather, Baptist Rev. Homer Rowland of the Flatonia, Texas
area, was the son of Judge Robert A. Rowland and Olive Ann (Keithley)
Rowland of Howard County, Missouri. (Married 7 April 1846, probably in Boone
County, Missouri). Judge Rowland was the son of Thomas Rowland and
Elizabeth Alexander of Kentucky, having moved to Boone County, Missouri
around 1821. Elizabeth Alexander was the daughter of a Private Isaac
Alexander of the Revolutionary War.

Judge and Mrs. Rowland and Thomas and Elizabeth Rowland are all buried at
the Bethlehem Church Cemetery in Boone County, Missouri, near the county
line with Howard County Missouri. They tombstones are in excellent shape.

Olive Ann Keithley (d. 24 April 1892, age 66yr 6mo 21da) had at least one
sister, Sarah J. Keithley, aka Mrs. Azariah H. Grigsby of Fayette, Howard,
Missouri, b. ca 1840. A.H. and Sarah married in about 1867. Sarah was born
in Missouri, but her parents were both born in Kentucky (1900 census
records). They had a daughter, Olive R. Grigsby, b. 1872.

Also a brother was T.J. Keithley. Olive died in 1892, and Mrs. A.H. Grigsby
and T.J. Keithley were alive in 1893. Sarah J. died 25 March 1904, age
63y 9m 14d, buried in Howard County, Missouri.

At the funeral of one of Olive and Judge Rowland's children, Isaac Newton
Rowland, the following words were in an obituary and story, 27 January 1893.
"[Olive Ann Keithley Rowland] died last May [1892] ... Mrs. A. H. Grigsby of
[Fayette, Howard, Missouri] is a sister of the late Mrs. Rowland who was a
Keithley. T. J. Keithley, of near Sebree [Missouri], is a brother. Several
uncles of the deceased, Rowlands, live in the vicinity of Bethlehem church
[Boone County]. Among the relatives and friends who came to Fayette to meet
the remains were Charles and Abner Burnett, Willis True, Green Cornelius,
Lee Keithley, Thomas Ricketts, Alex Young, Tom Rowland, Will Keithley of
Sturgeon [Missouri] and T.J. Keithley."

In a letter to Olive Keithley from T. J. Keithley, dated 15 April 1876, T.
J. (The brother) writes from Walnut Grove [?Missouri?] and asks that
subsequent letters be sent to Pleasant Hill, Cass County, Missouri. He
states, in this letter, he mentions "Uncle Abe and family are well" Later he
mentions Jackson County. He also mentions Aunt Juley,[ and she is probably
wife of Uncle Abe, but not certain.]. He also refers to Cousin Parker,
possibly Cousin Collins Parker. [Or there could be two separate cousins.]

Olive Ann Keithley was the daughter of John B. Keithley and Sally Matheny,
married 6 Feb 1820 in Bourgon County, Kentucky. Sally Matheny comes from
a family that is traceable to Kentucky, Virginia, England, Belgium, and
France, as far back as the 11th century.

I have conjectured that John B. Keithley is the son of Joseph Keithley, b.
ca 1775 because of the following. In 1810 Joseph Keithley is the only
Keithley in Bourbon County, Kentucky. He is between 26-45 years old, wife
of the same age. He has one male child between 10-16 years old (thus born
1794-1800). In the 1820 census Joseph Keithly in Bourbon County, over 45,
wife 26- 45, and a son between 16-26 and a daughter between 10-16. In 1830
there is no Joseph Keithley shown in Bourbon County, but there is a Jno
Keithley between 20-30 wife of the same age, and an older woman, age 40-50,
[possibly widow of Joseph]. There is no Keithley in Bourbon County in 1840,
indicating that they perhaps moved to Missouri after 1830.

In the Keithley family records in the Daughters of American Revolution
library in Washington, Jacob Keithley has a [fifth child] son, Joseph, born
in 1782 who "runs away to Missouri." Perhaps he did not run away to
Missouri after all, or until he had a son.

...On the other hand, there is also mentioned in "A History of the Keithley
Family" other references to Bourbon County, Kentucky. Specifically,
children of Jacob Keithley are mentioned as Abraham, b. about 1776; John, b.
about 1777; and Polly, b. 26 Sept 1779, all born in Bourbon County,
Kentucky. In this case, there is a statement that this John "after visiting
all yhis brethren [in Missouri] returned to Kentucky where he had a fine
farm fenced with cedar posts and palings. The names of his children are not
known, nor the time of his death." Could this John be the John B. Keithley,
husband of Sally Matheney and father of Olive Keithley?

We have found no burial site or the death record for John B. Keithley or
Sally Matheny Keithley. Since Olive Ann married Robert A. Rowland in
Missouri, we assume that John B. and Sally moved to Missouri between 1830
and 1840, because of the following: Olive is born in 1820's, John disappears
from Kentucky in 1840, and Olive marries in the 1840's in Missouri.

Other Keithleys in the Boone County, Missouri cemeteries are as follows:
John C. Keithley, b. 22 Dec 1835, d. 18 Feb 1911, Pisgah Cem.
Lucy C. Keithley, b. 25 Sep 1841, d. 18 Apr 1898, same cem.
Fannie M. Keithley, b. 19 Dec 1865, d. 7 Dec 1940, same cem.
Emmet Lee Keithley, b. 6 Mar 1901, d. 20 Dec 1918, Bethlehem cem.
Harry H. Keithley, b. 25 Aug 1876, d. 18 Dec 1918, same cem.
Mary Alice Keithley, b. 25 Aug 1876, d. 26 Jan 1968, same cem.
Thelma L. Keithley, b. 28 Mar 1912, d. [no date given], same cem.

Hope this helps, and hope to get help from the rest of you!
Thanks for the list-serve!

Charles Nethaway
Reston, Virginia


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