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From: Joseph M Kendall <>
Subject: [KENDALL-L] George Kendall of Jamestown pt. 1
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 18:13:55 EST

George Kendall of Jamestown was descended of a younger son of Kendall of
Lichfield Staffordshire; namely Sir Robert Kendall of Sulton. Sir Robert
was born no later than 1340 and possibly as early as 1320. Heraldic
evidence links him to the Kendalls of Hertfordshire and Southampton. The
Kendalls of Hertfordshire descend from Sir Jordan de Kendale. Sir Jordan
may have been a Hospilitier. Sir Jordan was probably born c. 1240. Sir
Jordan was a member of a family that had been serving the Crown from, at
least 1237.

Direct evidence can only give us the following pedigree; that is father
to son without gaps

1) Hugh Kendall married Alicia de Markenton

2) John Kendall de Markington married Emmote Roos
b. no later than 1447

3) Christopher Kendall m.
b. no earlier than 1482

4) Marmaduke Kendall married Elizabeth Stanley
b. March 1542

5a) Hersey Kendall ( killed in Netherlands,
Clementees Inn, Middle Temple)
born c. 1570

5b) George Kendall ( Westminster)
Born c. 1575 . possible Tilne,Notts

5c) Edward Kendall ( went to Ireland by 1617-
Kings Inn)
Born c. 1577

(5c)6) Marmaduke Kendall
Chr. 6 Aug. 1607,
Wandsworth London

5d) Marmaduke Kendall

(5d)6a) Elizabeth chr. 26 Oct. 1600; Kildwick York

(5d)6b) Grace chr. 25 Jan. 1607; Kildwick York

(5d)6c) William chr. 28 May 1610; Kildwick York

(5d)6d) Hugh chr. 28 May 1610; Kildwick York

(5d)6e) Elizabeth (2) chr. 18 Oct. 1613; Kildwick York

(5d)6f) John chr. 7 May 1620; Kildwick York

Five other Children

4b) Christopher Kendall married Mary Baldwin ( 15 Dec.
1570; she was probably nee Sandys as Miles Sandys of the
Middle temple calls thier children his nephews and a
pedigree says that one of his daughters
marred a Kendall) 2nd Margaret Rhobotham. Christopher of Brill
Bucks and an Attorney of the Qeens Bench
b. c. 1545 /d. >1610. ( Clementees Inn, Middle Temple,
Queens Coroner)

(4b)5a) Edwin Kendall
Chr. 31 Mar. 1574 , Sarret Hertfordshire
Ships Captain involved in Ambigris
Smuggling from Burmuda

(4b)5b) Capt. Miles Kendall
Chr. 19 mar. 1575, Sarret
Twice Govenor of Burmuda


1) Calender of Patent Rolls 1401-5; Pardon to Hugh de Kendale, Warrener
of Rippon. ibid; Grant for life to John de Norton of Ripon..... unjustly
expelled and given to Hugh de Kendale who likewise made to forfit.

2) Will proved June 17, 1488, Emmotes will proved Apr. 25, 1504. Surtees
Society Publications Vol. 54 pages 228, 266, 292.

3) Inquistion Post Mortum 3 Eliz. Notts 136/166. Had brothers William,
who had issue; John , who dsp in 1560; Leonard; and Johanna, who was
extrx of her mothers will

4) Acts of Privy Council 1586-87, HMSO,PRO. London, 1922. p. 112-114.

4b) See Victoria History of the Counties of England Buckingham ( Vc
Bucks) Vol. 2 p 440; State Papers Domestic James I 5-13-1610; Ibid July
17, 1596, he and Miles Sandys surrender the Clerkship of the Queens
bench; and a year later on July 18, 1597 when they surrender the office
of Coroner and attorney of the Queens bench

5c) Edward was a retainer of lady Warwick; and appears not to have been
the brother mentioned as a Lt. in Ireland in George Kendalls letter to
Lord Cecil.

4b)5b) Capt. Miles Kendall claimed friendship to Robert Rich; cousin of
Earl Warwick ( Letter from Burmuda 1615-1646, Vernon A. Ives, Toronto;
1984 p. 119. See also Ibid pages 147and 211. Evidently Miles was caught
up in the feud between the Sandy faction ( his second cousin) and the
Rich faction ( where he had a personal relationship). He was part of a
smear campaign by Dutton; who went to great lengths to discredit Miles. A
smear that last till this day. ; See also "The Records of the Va. Company
of London Adventures, Kingsbury vol. 5, pp 119-122 , a letter from Miles
to Sir Edwin Sandies signed "your poore kinsman"

The basic arms of the familiy of John Kendall of Markington , York are
Argent a bend dancetty Sable.

Also see the "Virginia Magazine of History and Biograph Vol. 70 pp. 299
et seq.

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