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Subject: Re: [KENDALL-L] 16 Ways + One More
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 10:08:17 -0600
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Skip, you are so right. The spelling is all according to how a clerk heard
it or thought it was to be spelled. My mother always said her family was
spelled Kindle, but I find them spelled Kendall earlier, so who knows the
right spelling. One says they are English and another says they are
German. I do know my ancestor from Perry Co., is buried in the Methodist
cemetery, so I believe he must be of the English Clan. Nettie

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Subject: [KENDALL-L] 16 Ways + One More

> Do those 16 ways to spell Kendall include Kinnel? Or does this make 17?
> Here is my list.
> I am positive that it is not complete.
> I compiled this list from researching my
> own direct line; For amusement purposes.
> It struck me funny when Kendle's swore
> they were not related to Kendall's; And
> Kindle's were not related Kennel's. When
> I had the documented evidence to prove
> the relationships.
> One other issue that greatly amuses me is the
> strong opinions held on the origin of the Kendall
> surname. With much ferocity, people have expressed
> their belief that the country of origin for Kendall is: France,
> Germany, Italy, Poland, Norway, Russia to name a few. I
> feel almost sure, that if I live long enough, some one will
> submit that the true original source for Kendall is Atlantis,
> Tibet, or Antarctica.
> Anyway, here is my list:
> Kendal
> Kendale
> Kendle
> Kendell
> Kendel
> Kendol
> Kennel
> Kindal
> Kindall
> Kindell
> Kindle
> Kindil
> Kindill
> Kindol
> Kendul
> Kendull
> Plus: Candal, Candle, Candale, Fendall, Gendall
> Hindall and Pendall

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