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Subject: Re: [KENDRICK-L] Vol. 20, William and Mary Quarterly
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 14:12:01 EDT

Hi Cathy and Emma, Well going to try this again. Had a nice long reply ready
to go last night and just as was going to send the power went out and I lost
the hole thing.

Cathy, I do not know enough about John Fox and Martha Dinkins. I do not know
where his children where born (are even who his children where). By the dates
(below) and if John and Martha lived in York, SC, then it is possible. Your
John would have had to be one of there last children born. John Fox would
have still been alive but do not know about Martha. You need to research
them. Maybe the DAR card file might have something that pertains to this
line. Then maybe, when I get the rest of this file it might have something in

Emma, thanks so much for the William and Mary Quarterly. I do not have
anything more on the Honorable Greene. Still waiting for the DAR report to
get here. Should be along soon I hope. Snail Mail is so slow, or getting to
use to e-mail speed ... :))

The children I have for John and Amy are: Elizabeth Sarah m. John Price,
Keziah m. John Stevens, John Fox m. Martha Dinkins, Molly m. Cunningham, Lucy
m James Dinkins, James m. Elizabeth Wright, Obedience b.09May1773 m. John
Osborne and William.

Will have to look into James who married 12Dec1797 in Mecklenburg, VA. and
William (I do not have anything on him) and see where they went. Dose anybody
have anything on these too? I might have something in the file that I have
not put into the system yet. Will have to look later.

Emma, I had John and Amy down as being from NC, but the DAR records states he
lived and died in VA. And I have Joseph as being born in Lincolin, NC. Did
John Fox and Martha go to Mecklenburg, NC? From the file below, Zebulon Vance
Kendrick was in Mecklenburg, NC. It seems like this would be the file to send
for (below). If Joseph belongs in this line he would have to be son of John
Fox and Martha Dinkins (by his birth date). Do you have the other children
of John and Martha, I do not have any others int he file.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 149
Mrs. Delia Kendrick Sikes. DAR ID Number: 148537 Born in Mecklenburg County,
N. C. Wife of Oscar J. Sikes. Descendant of Capt. John Kendrick, as
1. Zebulon Vance Kendrick (b. 1864) m. 1885 Edra Blankenship (b. 1866).
2. Richard Greene Kendrick (1823-1913) m. 1845 Esther Faires (1829-96).
3. John Fox Kendrick, Jr. (1788-1833), m. 1820 Elizabeth Daniel (1782-1865).
4. John Fox Kendrick (1764-1823) m. 1785 Martha Dinkins.
5. John Kendrick m. 1760 Amy Fox (b. 1740).
John Kendrick (1735-1810) commanded a company in the Mecklenburg County,
Virginia militia. He was born in King William County; died in Mecklenburg
County, Va. Also No. 146401.

These are through Lucy Kendrick and James Dinkins: DAR ID Number: 119728, DAR
ID Number: 103063, DAR ID Number: 106907, DAR ID Number: 110324, DAR ID
Number: 96774.

Since it looks like Lucy and John Fox married into the same family, it might
be worth looking into Lucy's and James family. When I am stuck it sometimes
help's to look through other children, you never know what you will find
written on them.

There are a lot of files on Joseph and Lavinia Suggs. Have you ever sent for
any of them. And since there are so many files on them there is bound to be
other martial in the DAR that support these files. There is a site on line
where you can look through there card file. If you do not have it I can go
and find the address for you.

Well, got to get ready to go to the Dentist ... yuk .. Talk to you later ...
Me :))

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