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Subject: [KENDRICK-L] William KENDRICK family - Louisville, KY
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 11:31:16 EDT

Hi, Everyone.

I found these tidbits in the Filson Club Guide [on-line] to their Special
Collections. The number refers to the collection itself, and these are
groups of photographs. These descriptions give detailed family histories.

Can anyone connect this William KENDRICK to any of the other KY KENDRICKS?

If anyone needs more info about the Filson Club, let me know, or go to:



820. Kendrick-Garvin Family. Collection, ca. 1860s-1920s. 992PC42. 61 items.
This collection contains photographs of members of the William Kendrick and
Samuel Henry Garvin families of Louisville, Ky. William Kendrick (1810-1880)
was the founder of a jewelry and silverware firm. One of his daughters, Mary
E. (Mamie) Kendrick married Dr. Samuel Henry Garvin in 1869. The collection
includes photographs of William Kendrick, Maria Schwing Kendrick, Dr. and
Mrs. Samuel H. Garvin, and other family members. There are photographs of
Kendrick family groups and a Kendrick family picnic in the 1880s. Dr. Garvin
and a Mr. Sanders are pictured in a tintype made on top of Lookout Mountain,
Tenn. Louisville photographers represented include J.C. Elrod, Brown & Stowe,
Webster & Bro., and Frank Wybrant. Related collections are the
Kendrick-Trawick Family Collection (990PC25) and the Amelia M. Downing Album

821. Kendrick-Trawick Family. Collection, ca. 1860s-1940s. 990PC25. 160 items.
This collection contains photographs and candid snapshots of Kendrick,
Trawick, Rivers, and Keller family members. William Kendrick (1810-1880) was
the founder of a jewelry and silverware business in Louisville in 1831. The
firm, later known as William Kendrick & Son Jewelers, was in business until
1966 when it merged with Gray & Merkeley Jewelers. William Kendrick married
Maria Schwing in 1832. One of their sons, William Carnes Kendrick (1852-1938)
married Lizzie Rivers in 1877. A daughter of William and Lizzie Kendrick,
Emma Penton Kendrick, married Dr. John David Trawick. Their children were
Elizabeth Kendrick Trawick (Mrs. William K. Keller), Arch K. Trawick, and Dr.
John D. Trawick, Jr. Included in the collection are four albums - one from
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Kendrick, an album from the family of Rev. R. H.
Rivers, and two albums containing mostly Trawick family photographs. There
are also tintypes, an ambrotype of Mattie Rivers Buford, and two unidentified
daguerreotypes. Photographers represented include Edward Klauber, Webster &
Bro., Frank Wybrant, and Stuber, all of Louisville. Related collections are
the Kendrick-Garvin Family Collection (992PC42) and the Amelia M. Downing
Album (992PC12).

799. Downing, Amelia M. Album, 1876-ca. 1890s. 992PC12. 60 items.
Album of cartes de visite and cabinet photographs assembled by Amelia M.
Downing of Louisville, Ky. Most photographs are of young women; many are
identified and dated 1876; and most were taken by Frank Wybrant, Louisville
photographer. The subjects were probably classmates of Amelia Downing at
Louisville Girls High School. Downing later married George Penton Kendrick
(1856-1937), son of William Kendrick and brother of William Carnes Kendrick
of the Kendrick jewelry and silverware firm. Family photographs include
George Penton Kendrick, William Kendrick, George Hurst Kendrick, Amelia M.
Downing Kendrick, William Penton Kendrick, Harriett Downing, and John Fonda
Downing. Related collections are the Kendrick-Trawick Family Collection
(990PC25) and the Kendrick-Garvin Family Collection (992PC42).

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