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From: "Ian Kennedy" <>
Subject: Kennedy-McDowall DNA and other connections?
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 10:11:05 +0000

I have now got a second perfect match 12/12 with a McDowall along with my
33/37 Dowell close match. Both are ancient famililes from Galloway and
intermarried when Alexander McDowall married Margaret, d. of Sir Thomas
Kennedy, Master of Cassillis in 1621. The McDowalls are said to be descended
from Uchtred and thus Fergus, Lord of Galloway, also the ancestor of Robert
the Bruce.

Uchtred's brother was Gilbert who sired the Earls of Carrick, one of whom
was Roland de Carrick who adopted the name Kennedy and is claimed by some to
be the progenitor of the Scottish Kennedy family. By this reckoning, Fergus
Lord of Galloway was the most recent common ancestor of the Kennedys and

Ian Kennedy

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