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From: "Dick Rice" <>
Subject: [KENNEDY] Gilbert Kennedy of Montgomery County, OH
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2000 17:31:12 -0400

My name is Dick Rice and I am a member of a volunteer group that is in the process of restoring several abandoned cemeteries in Montgomery County, OH. Interred in one of these cemeteries (Kerr Cemetery) are several of Gilbert Kennedy's children. As part of our restoration process we are attempting to obtain as much information as possible on the families buried in the two cemeteries.

If anyone has any information on the families of Gilbert Kennedy please contact me.

"In 1746 Gilbert removed to South Carolina with his widowed mother and older brothers, Thoams, Alexander, and Robert. Gilbert then moved to Pennsylvania and then to Ohio."

One of Gilberts children with his second wife was Joseph Kennedy:
"Joseph came to Ohio in 1803, and located in Montgomery County where he erected a distillery, which he conducted in connection with his farm work. Joseph purchased forty acres of land when he came to Ohio but by industrious habits and close attention to his work he succeeded in accumulating 300 acres at the time of his death."

"In 1803 he came to Dayton on horseback, bought land on Stillwater, and in 1807 cut his way through from Ebenezer Church. On reaching his land, he chopped down a large oak tree, built a tent against it, and liver there while building his house. At that time there were only two cabins between his place and town. Mr. Kennedy kept bachelor's hall until 1812 when he married Nancy Kerr, who lived at the foot of the hill this side of the Kennedy homestead. They had six children,--fours sons and two daughters,--two of whome, John and Joseph, are still linving, Joseph on the home farm." (Pioneer Live In Dayton [Ohio] & Vicinity 1796-1840 by John F. Edgar)

Gilbert was married three times. His first wife was: Mary McKut. His second wife was: Martha Wilson and they had the following children: Joseph Kennedy married Nancy Kerr; Martha Kennedy married _______ Johnson; Margaret Kennedy married_____ McCannon; Mary Kennedy married _________McClure; and Anne Kennedy married ________Thompson.

Gilbert's third wife was Isabel Snoddy and they had one known child: William Kennedy who married Martha Sloan and their children were Joseph, Jane, James and Margaret.

Joseph Kennedy ran an underground railroad station at his house which was approximately 1 mile from the cemetery.

Any information would greatly be appreciated.

Dick Rice

The 1850 census shows where Joseph Kennedy was born in North Carolina.

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