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Subject: [KyLeg] Fw: Ky. legends/fibs and history
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Subject: Ky. legends/fibs and history

Hi , We are making history,too aaak!!!!! So much of our early
customs are lost to our kids. Does any one know the reason for the
Hatfield / Mc Coy fued? From what I have been told as fact is the
wild bores (pigs) in 1700's before and after were really vicious.
and or men folk neeeded long range weapons because the pigs attacked
fast and did not need a reason...... I have heard of those
snakes, but I am told the milk snake was a bit iffy.......but would try
to swallow the teet of a cow if she was near death and could not defend
self.But I believe the milk snake was the common black snake .....?
maybe some of you there cold know more. Also I heard of a snake that
would grow another and another tail if it lost its tail. From
griss mills and / or saw mills. Does any one what the
difference is , if any of a griss mill and a flour or corn
grinding mill? I find the list interesting.. Have a great evening

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