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From: "Grace Coffman" <>
Subject: [KENYON] Kenyons on the Titanic
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 13:41:35 -0600

KENYON's on RMS "Titanic"
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The first place to look for details on the RMS "Titanic" is the "Titanica


We undertook a search for the name "Kenyon" and found 12 items

Titanic Encyclopedia Titanica
Frederick R. Kenyon
Mr Frederick R. Kenyon, 41, from Southington and Noank, CT., boarded the
Titanic at Southampton with his wife. Travelling as first class passengers
they occupied cabin D...

Titanic Encyclopedia Titanica
Mrs Frederick R. Kenyon (Marion Stauffer)
Mrs Frederick R Kenyon (Marion Stauffer) from Southington and Noank CT
boarded the Titanic at Southampton with her husband Travelling as first
class passengers...

Chicago Daily Tribune Illinois 21 April 1912 p 5 Oak Park Titanic Survivor
Photo Mrs F R Kenyon A letter written on board the Carpathia was received
yesterday by Mrs George P Baldwin...

Chicago Daily Tribune Illinois 18 April 1912 p 3 Mrs F R Kenyon of New York
whose name appears on the survivors list is a sister of Mrs George P Baldwin
of Oak Park Mrs Kenyon was...

Chicago Daily Tribune Illinois 18 April 1912 p 3 ANXIETY FOR MISSING ONES
Miss A E Isham Formerly of Chicago Probably Lost GUGGENHEIM GIVES UP HOPE
Senator Convinced His Brother Pe...

From: "Deb Silva"

Yes I can help some. My grandmother was a first cousin to Frederick,
unfortunately she is no longer living. I have gone to Southington where he
lived in CT. I have photos of the family gravesites. I haven't found his
birth cert. but have a copy of his fathers, brothers and wife's death cert.

Also have copies of articles about his death and an interview with his wife
Marion. I have been in contact with the owner of the summer house he and
Marion rented in Noank. If you let me know what kind of information your
looking for I'd be happy to sort through what I have. I have been trying to
find out more about their life in PA and if any of Marion's family are still
living. Myself and a few close relatives as far as I know are the last of
any of his descendants.

From: "M. Howie"

Frederick R. Kenyon (b. March 17, 1871), son of Jeremiah Kenyon, lived in
Pittsburgh before his death on board the Titanic. Mrs. Marion Kenyon, his
wife, was saved on lifeboat 8, which was launched at 1:10 a.m., and went to
live with her mother in Southington, Connecticut.

I hope someone else can add more to this; I'm trying to find out how
Frederick is related to George and Ethal Mae Kenyon (possibly cousins or
siblings), and their son Harold (b. 2/20/10).

From: "Richard R. Kenyon"

I can't give you an unequivocal answer about Frederick R. Kenyon who
perished on the Titanic (not Titantic, I believe). I have a number of clues
and will tell you what I've found. Perhaps you have other pieces to the
puzzle and together we can both get a clearer picture. First off, I just
found out about a Web site that is called "Encyclopedia Titanica." Its URL

I checked it out this evening and found it must just contain about
everything that's known: passenger lists (by class), refs. to newspaper
articles, survivors, etc. Among the first class passengers are Mr. Frederick
R. Kenyon and Mrs Frederick R. Kenyon (Marion Stauffer). I suppose this is
her maiden name--I have nothing on the marriage--or whether they had any

Searching on "Kenyon" at the website, states: Mr. Frederick R. Kenyon, from
Southington and Noank, CT boarded the Titanic at Southampton with his wife
Marion Kenyon. Travelling as first class passengers they occupied cabin
D-21. Mr. Kenyon perished in the disaster, his body, if recovered, was never
identified. Reference is made to the "Chicago Tribune" newspaper, 21 April

The entry for Mrs. Frederick R. Kenyon states: Mrs. Frederick R. Kenyon
(Marion Stauffer) from Southington and Noank, CT boarded the Titanic at
Southampton with her husband Frederick R. Kenyon. Travelling as first class
passengers they occupied cabin D-21. Mrs. Kenyon was rescued in Lifeboat 8.
References: "Chicago Tribune", 18 and 21 Apr 1912.

I checked a film at the local branch of the National Archives said to have
Titanic survivors. I didn't record the NARA film number, but it was titled:
"Passenger and Crew Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, 1897-1957."
Apparently, most of such records never got saved, explaining why a single
roll of microfilm covers 60 years of NY arrivals. Anyway, there is a list
for the S.S. Carpathia/Titanic, dated June 17, 1912. On page 134, Line 2 is
the following terse entry: Kenyon, Marion, 36 yrs, female, married, USA
citizen. I was told by an Archives staff member that is list is incomplete,
listing only about half the survivors believed to have been picked up by the

Frederick R. Kenyon, b. 3/17/1871, s/o Jerimiah Austin Kenyon, Jr., b.
I don't know where I obtained this info. If it is true, then I think I can
give several generations earlier. (If you know the ID system used in Howard
N. Kenyon's "Am. Kenyons and English Connections", publ. in 1935, Jerimiah
has an ID = 132222, and his father was Jerimiah Austin, Sr. b. 5 or 25 May
1796 in RI). If you look at the 1880 CT census, in Southington, Hartford
Co., p. 14, starting on line 5, you will see the following:

Kenyon, J. A., Head, 52, b. RI.
Kenyon, Emma, wife, 40, b. England.
Kenyon, Jerry A., son, 23, b. CT.
Kenyon, Freddie, son, 9, b. CT.

I have not located Frederick in the 1900 or 1910 censuses. The wife in 1880
is Emma Erwin, Jerimiah's second wife. I have that she died 23 Mar 1923 in
Southington, Hartford County, CT. The first wife was Julia A. Holloway, last
spotted in the 1850 census in Groton CT (and I have no dates for her). There
were at least two children by the first marriage: Earle Beckwith, b. 23 Apr
1846 in Groton CT, and Adamisam(?) Kenyon, a male listed in the 1850 census.


The info of Encyclopedia Titanica states that Marion did not remarry, but
according to this message received today, it looks as though she did, and
her mother died with her in California.

From: "Ron"

Our Society does not have the plot cards for the Quinnipiac Cemetery. But we
do have the Hallahan-Gould Funeral Home cards. This is what is contained

Jeremiah A Kenyon:
Born - Westerly RI.
Died - Oct 1886, Southington CT.
Spouse - Emme Iering.
Buried - Quinnipiac Cemetery Section 5 Lot 32-33

Jeremiah Austin Kenyon:
Born - 28 Aug 1867 New Haven CT.
Died - 23 Nov 1914 Southington CT: Age 47-2-25 Occ- Reporter-Retired.
Father - Jeremiah Austin Kenyon - B-Westerly RI.
Mother - Emma Iering - B-London, Eng.
Buried - Quinnipiac Cemetery Section 5 Lot 32-33.

Emma Kenyon:
Born 11 Jun 1836 London Eng.
Died - 29 Mar 1923, 2027 Arizona Ave, Santa Monica CA: Age 86-9-18.
Father - John Ierring - B-Eng.
Mother - Mary Thomas - B-Eng.
Buried - Quinnipiac Cemetery Section 5 Lot 32-33
Informant - Mrs Marion K Williams, 2027 Arizona Ave, Santa Monica CA.

There is a scholarship at the Southington High School named after Frederick
R. Kenyon.

From: "LDS 1881 Census CD."

There is only one Iering in the 1881 British Census, it looks like an Irish

Rel:Daur. Occ:Weaver,Cotton.
Susan IERING, Unmarried, Age:34, Sex:Female, Born:Ireland.

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