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From: Sandra Kidd <>
Subject: [KIDD-L] Captain William Kidd: recent biography
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2003 12:57:38 -0500
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For those who are interested in the life of Captain William Kidd, the
Scottish-born sea captain turned privateer who made his home in New York
City, there is a well-written, well-researched and interesting new
biography published in 2002 by Hyperion Press: "The Pirate Hunter: The
True Story of Captain Kidd," by Richard Zacks. The book is a
fascinating read, with a great deal of previously unknown original
records used as source material, and recommended to history buffs or
those interested in this man whose surname we share. It is available in
any large bookstore (Borders, Barnes and Noble, etc.)

For those who simply want the bare facts of William's Kidd life,
however: William Kidd was born 22 January 1654 in Dundee, Scotland.
His father, a sea captain, died when he was 5, and his mother was
pensioned as a widow by the Local Seafarer's Society. Kidd eventually
settled in New York City, on lower Wall Street, where he married Sarah
Bradley Cox Oort, the British-born daughter of Col. Samuel Bradley, Jr.
Sarah was b ca 1670, and had buried two husbands--William Cox and John
Oort, both merchants--prior to marrying William Kidd. Their marriage
liscense was granted in New York City 16 May 1691.

William and Sarah had one daughter, Sarah. After Kidd was hanged in
London 23 May 1701, Sarah remarried once again: this time in 1703 to
merchant Christopher Rousby. This couple had four children; the
youngest was named William. Sarah outlived husband number four and died
in 1744. Part of her estate went to her grandchildren by daughter Sarah.

William and Sarah's daughter Sarah married Joseph Latham, a shipbuilder.
She died prior to 1732, when her mother wrote her will at age 62.
Therefore, any known DNA descendants of William Kidd would have to be
identified through the family of Sarah Kidd Latham, only through an
unbroken matrilineal line.

Thomas Kidd, the immigrant ancestor of a number of Virginia Kidd lines,
is commonly accepted to have migrated from Soham Parish, Cambridgeshire,
England, to York/Lancaster Co, VA, in the 1640s. Any family connection
between the Cambridgeshire Kidds and the Kidds of Dundee likely would be
distant and far removed from the 17th-century generations of the families.

Sandra Kidd

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