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Subject: Re: [KILBURN-UK] Allan KILBURN 1901
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 12:13:01 -0000
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Dear Janet
Very many thanks for looking up this family, by great grand parents.

Subject: [KILBURN-UK] Allan KILBURN 1901

Extract from the 1901 Census RG13/4286

240 Kirkgate, Wakefield, West Yorks..

Allan Kilburn-Head-M-42-Power Loom Overlooker-Worker-Huddersfield
Martha Ann Kilburn - Wife - 42 - Mirfield
Harry Kilburn-Son-S-21-Pork Butcher-Own Account-Mirfield
Bertha Kilburn - Daur - S - 19 - Wakefield
Sarah Jane Kilburn - Daur - S - 17 - Dressmaker-Worker-Wakefield
Florrie Kilburn - Daur - S - 15 - Wakefield
Mary Alice Kilburn - Daur - S - 8 - Wakefield
Annie Kilburn - Daur - S - 5 - Wakefield
Fred Ellis-Adopted Son-S-14-Pork Butcher-Worker-Mirfield

May I ask if you have any special interest in them?
I only ask as the Bertha above had a granddaughter named Janet - born about 1937 - whom, as yet, I have been unable to trace, and
I wondered if you were she?

As to John Haigh's question, "Where was Elsie born about 1893" - Two possible answers offer themselves:
Allen's father John and his wife Mary Jane (nee Mallinson) were in Mirfield in 1881 but were not there in 1891. They had probably
moved en masse to Wakefield by then. They were certainly living in Wakefield in 1908. Elsie could have been with them on the day
of the census, or, was she with her other grandparents, the HOPKINSON's in Mirfield?

Allan worked for Stubley's Mill in Wakefield and moved there from Mirfield in 1880.

As to what happened to the rest of these named above: Briefly,

My grandfather, Harry (John Harry) married Sarah Jane (Sally) LUMB in 1903. Sally's two nephews Joseph Arthur and Benjamin Walker
LUMB established Lumb's Dairy & Ice Cream Manufacturers of Wakefield in the late 1920's. The firm ceased trading in the 1990's.
Benjamin's 3 kids and Joseph's adopted son still work in Wakefield.
John Harry established Kilburn's Pork butchers in 1901. (He had been apprenticed to George KENT - I have the document) The firm
had two
shops, one at Kirkgate corner and one in Queen St. After JH retired, they were run by son Frank. It ceased trading in 1949.
JH & Sally had two son's. Frank born 1903 and Geoffrey (my father) born 1907.
Frank married Audrey HEPWORTH, granddaughter of a SHEARD (sister of Frank - the singer who recently died in Wakefield) in 1945.
They had 1 son Clinton who died in 1965. Frank died in 1981. Both are buried in Alverthorpe. Audrey survives, living in Wakefield.
Geoffrey married Esme Idaleen WEBBER of Bristol in 1932 in Sandal. Esme's sister Sybil married William HORTON, Wakefield Trinity
and England International Rugby player. Geoffrey & Esme - my parents - had 5 children, two born in Wakefield and 3 born in
Scarborough. Two of them continue the KILBURN name (the only ones of this branch to do so) and there are a further 3 generations
of Kilburn son's.

Bertha married James Smalley CLAYBURN in 1903. James was a traveller for a brewery. They lived in Wrenthorpe. They had two
children, Harry born about 1904 and Florrie born about 1906.
Florrie married Harry LANGHORN. They had 2 children Margery born about 1931 (who married Michael JONES) and Jean born about 1933
who married a WOMACK and was at some time Registrar in Wakefield.
Harry on the other hand married Catherine ? in 1936 and they had twins (a Kilburn phenomenon) Janet & John about 1937. John was
said to be living in Alverthorpe, but I recently searched the WRY for this family. Although there are a few Clayburn families
still living in the WRY, none of them appear to be descendants of Bertha?

Sarah Jane married Joseph Harry Scott (born Walton 1889) a cousin of George Gilbert Scott. Joseph was a designer for Pilkington
Glass and designed the glass foyer of a London hotel in the Strand before the war. They had two children Phyllis and Reginald.
Phyllis married Ronald HARDING and they had 3 children: John, Terrance and Carol. Carol married Richard MATTHEWS. The descendants
live in Wimbledon, South London.

Florrie married William SHEARD at Grove Road Methodist Church Wakefield in 1908 and they went to live in Welbeck St. Upon the
retirement/death of Williams parents, William & Florrie took over and ran the Sheard fruiterers shop in Wakefield. They had no

Elsie - who was born before Mary Alice, so possibly 1892 not 1893, married George Sydney WOOD a farmer of Westfield, Wakefield.
They had a son Allen Frederick born about 1919 who subsequently married a Patricia ?. They had 2 children Susan & Michael. Michael
may be living in York?

Mary Alice lived until she was 99 and died in Scarborough. I knew her well. She married Bennett MAKIN (born Stanley cum Wrenthorpe
1888) They had 3 daughters, one of whom (Jean) survives living in Scarborough. Betty born 1920, died Sheffield 1970, married
William Henry FINNIE of Maltby in 1947. They had one son, Malcolm, born 1947 who survives.
Joyce, born 1925, died Wakefield 1977, married John McCORMICK 1946. They had a daughter Carol Anne, born 1949 who married Michael
Francis KING in 1982; Jean born 1930, married Alan Frederick ARMSTRONG 1954, they had daughter Jane, born 1959 who lives in

Annie died unmarried in 1933

Fred ELLIS was the adopted son. He was an orphaned child of one of the HOPKINSON's, a sibling of Martha Anne. His descendants
still live and work in Wakefield.

Before 1920, Allen and his father John built 6 houses in Woodcock Street, Sandal facing (then) a large orchard. This orchard later
became the annex to Belle Vue Cemetery where many of those above now rest.
These houses they built for the family, and many of those above - including my own parents - lived in them until they could afford
to buy their own.
Allen's brother John William (born Mirfield 1866) and his wife Emma lived at number 42. His son Percy was later to live at number
42 where Percy's son Jack were born, (Frank was born somewhere else?) whilst Percy's sister Evelyn lived at number 34 with her
husband Walter Adams and their daughter Joan.
During the war - apparently to drown out the noise of the anti-aircraft guns - Frank & Jack were well known in Sandal for playing
the drums in their Anderson shelter!. Jack married Mary ? and went to live round the corner in Welbeck St. Not sure what happened
to Jack but (recent research suggests) he may have had a son called Geoff who is still living, in Canada?
I went to Wakefield last September and photographed those houses. I don't think any of them are still owned by any descendants?

Of the other KILBURN's you are picking up on the 1901 census Janet, I am currently researching them. I'm trying to get hold of
someone who has a list of the Kilburn's living in Wakefield in 1851. I believe they are all descended from Joseph, born Kirkheaton
1790. There are some members of this list who are descended from them.

I have been waiting some time to confirm the year of birth and therefore the order of birth of Allen's daughters and so your mail
has finally put the finishing touches to these family details. Many thanks!


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