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From: "Vickie Miller" <>
Subject: Re: [KILGORE] Kilgores of Georgia
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 08:07:57 -0500
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Dunlap is in Sequatchie Co TN. Excuse me, I think I'm displaying my ignorance here, but what Cherokee reservation are you referring to? All of the Cherokee were expelled by 1867. I wasn't aware of any Cherokee reservation left in Tennessee.

Your grandfather listed 1867 as birth date yet his age is consistent on Census records as about 1865. Your family info has him as the son of a Hiram who was possibly son of a Stephen.

1850 Census Grundy Co TN 120/733
Stephen Kilgore 48 VA
Jane 45 Unk
Hiram 18 TN
Sally 15 TN
Martha 6 TN

1860 Census Grundy Co TN Grundy 41
Hiram L. Kilgore 26 TN
Jane 25 TN
Mary McGeorge 8 TN
Malinda 4 TN
Betsy J. 1 TN
1870 Census Grundy Co TN p68
Hiram Kilgore 33 TN
Jane 33 TN
Mary 16 TN
Malinda 14 TN
Sarah E. 11 TN
Stephen T. 8 TN
John W. 5 TN
Allen E. 1 TN

Is it possible that you're overlooking the obvious? John W. age 5 could be your William A. Kilgore. John could have been a nickname; and/or he had 3 names John William Allison Kilgore but dropped the John later because he didn't like it or it was cumbersome. Or maybe the census taker simply put down the wrong name and either the mistake wasn't caught or he was unwilling to change it.

1880 Census doesn't show a Stephen, or Allen E. or a William age 15 in TN. It's possible that this family or the remnants of it (if both parents had died) were in transit in 1880 and were missed by census takers. It's also possible if they were living in another household and that they were listed under the name of the head of household and that's why you can't find them on 1880 census. Census takers could be lazy-everyone has run into that one who only listed initials for the families.
Your family info was that Hiram was the f/o your William and that Hiram's father was Stephen. There was only one Hiram in Tennessee as head of household in 1870. Your family didn't just pull these names out of a hat. Here is a Stephen with a son named Hiram. Here is a Hiram listed on 1860 & 1870 census and with a male child age 5 in 1870 which is consistent with the age of your William A. Kilgore on 1900 and 1910 census (regardless of the name John W.).

I saw Jenna's suggestion that Glen & W. A. could be the same. You know that it was quite common for families not to name infant children for awhile till they were sure they'd survive or until they were baptized. It may be that when the census taker came around, they hadn't named this son yet and threw out W. A. Jr. because they wanted to give it a name; but changed their minds later.

It's possible you are are looking for perfect matches and forgetting that you were dealing with imperfect people, memories and census takers.
Your father is clearly listed as being 8 years old (born c1802) in 1910 and 18 in 1920 consistent with being born in 1902. Perhaps for some reason, he need to add a couple of years to his age making his birth date 1900 and never changed it later-and the fiction became fact after awhile. William A. Kilgore listed birth date as November 1864 on 1900 census not 1867 and the year is very clearly written. Why the discrepancy? Who knows?

I don't mean to be out of line here with these suggestions. Please don't take offense; none was meant. Sometimes when you've looked at something for so long from your own perspective, a fresh viewpoint can be helpful. I would definitely pursue the Grundy Co Kilgores if I were you. (I believe though I'm not certain, that Sequatchie Co TN (location of Dunlap) was formed from Grundy Co).


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Hi Vickie,

Thanks so much for this information and yes this is the family that I am
trying to connect to a Hiram Kilgore that would have been around the
Cherokee reservation around Dunlap, TN about 1867. If you would have any
information on the Census for that county I would be interested in seeing
that information or if you could tell me how to locate that information.
Thanks, Connie Kilgore Spears
On Sun, 9 Sep 2007 12:43:22 -0500 "Vickie Miller" <<mailto:>>
> 1900 Census Coffee Co TN 13 District Tullahoma p344 D-548/548 15
> June
> William Kilgore 35 TN TN TN Nov 1864 M:13 years Painter rent
> Lucretia 31 IN PA KY Sep 1868 7/7
> Nellie R. 11 TN TN IN Jun? 1889 at school
> Ethel J. 9 TN TN IN Dec 1890
> Maude 7 TN TN IN Aug 1892
> William C. 6 TN TN IN Jan 1894 Should be William Elbert
> Clarence H. 4 TN TN IN Oct 1895
> Lenard J. 2 TN TN IN Nov 1897
> Mary 6/12 TN TN IN Nov 1899
> John Arnold 21 TN TN IN Mar 1879 Boarder
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> Sent: Sunday, September 09, 2007 12:30 PM
> Subject: Re: [KILGORE] Kilgores of Georgia
> My grandfather's name was William Allison Kilgore, born in 1867,
> died in
> 1954. His death certificate has the name of Hiram listed as his
> father
> and no mother is listed. His mother was Cherokee and her name was
> Mary
> as the story goes and if Hiram was ever married to her, we cannot
> find
> that information. William was raised around Dunlap, TN by a
> sister of
> Mary, who he called Aunt Mattie. William Allison married
> Lucretia
> Demaris Zellers, from Tipp City, IN, who he met in a barber shop
> in Mt
> Eagle. She had moved there with her parents due to ill health of
> her
> father. She was a school teacher in Mount Eagle and later
> married
> William Allison and they moved to Tullahoma, TN. They had 14
> children,
> my dad, Floyd which was their 9th child was born in 1900. I have
> never
> seen then appear on any Census in TN. My great grand father,
> Hiram, and
> I don't know if he married again , has been a rascal to try and
> locate.
> There are many listed and I have look for maybe 10 years now
> without
> success.
> Connie Kilgore Spears
> Connie D ; )
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Connie D ; )

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