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From: "Rev. Martin J. Murphy III" <>
Subject: Re: given name "Anastasia" source?
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 16:35:32 -0400

Most likely because they are all wonderful Irish Saints.

Kidding aside, in my home town, Newport, RI., we have our Irish section
called the "Fifth Ward" or the "fighting Irish fifth warders".

Although Murphy is the most numerous Irish name in the world, in Newport,
the name Sullivan surpasses it. So many with the same first names that all
had to have a nickname to distinguish. i.e.: Mexican Mike, Timmy the
Woodhooker, etc.

Murphy's also had them. Dirty neck Murphy was one of the most famous.(he
was a cop-wasn't called it to his face-as was Big Eddy(Chief of Police)

This could have been the reason for the variety of same first names-to
distinguish from one to the other.

God had a sense of humor and a love of his creations when he invented the
wonderful Irish people. If Heaven is like Ireland-I will pray even harder
to make sure I make the trip.

Fr. Murphy+

Fr. Murphy +
At 10:15 AM 4/16/99 EDT, wrote:
>Do the contractions 'Anty' and Ansty' stem from Anastasia too? I actually
>more of these in my research than I do of Anastasia.
>These contractions, combined with often-contorted handwriting, designate one
>person in several ways. Just recently, for example, I came across a man
>married to Nelly Quinn, Elinor Quinn, and Ellen Quinn. All three very likely
>the same woman, but there's always that nagging doubt.
>'Mgt.' written for Margaret can look like May or Mary when the writer's hand
>isn't steady. I'm so lucky I was taught by Irish nuns, and know Peggy and
>Molly and Nell, and what names they stand for.
>And while I'm on the subject of names, can anyone tell me why so many of the
>names of emigrant Irish---Eileen, Colleen, Maureen, Kathleen, etc.--- are
>nowhere to be seen in old records or on gravestones in Ireland?
>Betty Swart, Massachusetts' North Shore

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