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From: Joe Moylan <>
Subject: MOYLAN
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 15:03:04 -0500

This is my first serious venture into Ireland to search for my ancestors.
I've always hesitated because I lacked the necessary information or details
especially in regards to the county, parish and townland. To a large extent
these are still lacking, however,I've hit the end of the road on the Moylan
Family, I've no Idea how they got to their eventual abode in Canada, how
they arrived in Canada or where they came from in Ireland. I do have a
fairly complete history of my MOYLAN Family in Canada and I would like to
share with you the circumstantial evidence that I have in the hope that
someone will provide me with positive feedback or may have stumbled on these
MOYLANS while carrying out their own research.

I am looking for information on the family of Anne and William MOYLAN b.
abt. 1785-95 in Ire. and presumably d. in Ire. The following member of
their family emigrated to Canada in the mid 1840's to early 50's. The had at
least two boys, Patrick MOYLAN, b. 1818 Ire. m. Mary Byrnes (Burns) b. 1825
Ire. William MOYLAN b. 1824 Ire. m. Anne Kennedy b. 1837 Ire. Possibly
another son Michael MOYLAN b. 1819 Ire m. Ellen Hogan b. 1835 Ire. Anne and
Mary MOYLAN may also have had 3 daughters who emigrated to Canada, Johanna
(Nora) MOYLAN b. 1810 Ire. m. William Donnelly b. Can, Julia MOYLAN b.
1821 Ire., m. Timothy Maddigan b. Ire. Mary MOYLAN, b. 1824 Ire. , m.
Anthony Heenan b. Ire.
Family lore has identified five areas from where our ancestors might be
from: County Tipperary, County Limerick County Galway near Adrahan and
Kilkenny and County Cork.
.If someone out there can be of any assistance to me in this regard, no
matter how remote the association might be, please send me your comments
I realize the difficulties of such a request, however if one is to wait
until one has all the answer before asking, death will have past him by.

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