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Subject: Re: Who is coming is on web
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 12:13:53 EST

Hi, I am Anita Killian Della-Pietra. I live in Florida but it has been a
long and circuitous route from Andreas Killian (born about 1695 in Rhenish,
Palatinate, Rheinpfatz, Bavaraia) to me. The lineage down to me is: his son,
John (1726, also Bavaria); grandson, Philip (about 1766 in Rowan County,
N.C.); great- grandson, John (1798 in Lincoln, N.C.); great-great grandson,
Jacob (1829 in Far West, Missouri); great-great-great grandson, Jacob Jole
(1869 in Salem, Utah); great-great-great-great grandson, (my Daddy),Ralph
Waldo Killian (1911 in LaPoint, Utah); and finally me; Reva Anita Killian
(1943 in Miami, Florida). John Killian, the great-grandson of Andreas was
baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormon
Church) in the very beginnings of the Church. He was amongst the first
generation of members in this Church. He was a Captain in the Mormon
Militia trying to protect the Saints. As you can see, his son Jacob was born
in Missouri and the Saints were on their trek west until they found their
place in Utah. They were true Mormon Pioneers. They settled the small town
of Salem, Utah(just south of Provo, where BYU is). My Dad ended up in Miami
Beach, Florida in the army in World War II. This is where he met my Mom.
And where I met my N.Y Italian husband (three when he came to Miami). He
still talks like a New Yorker and acts Italian but loves everything about the
south (paradise as his Dad called it). We have five sons and one daughter
ranging in age from 39 to 14.

Interesting the journey families take through eternity to get us where we
are, don't you think? I won't even begin to tell you of my Georgia
"Salzburgers" who gave the
South "chicken and dumplin's" , "pork and sauerkraut" and "yodeling". All
gifts of the Austrian culture from whence they came.

I do hope that we can come also to the reunion in September of 2000. I am
not sure how many but probably at least 4. I will have to pin down any
details at a later date.

We came to Newton and the church with the monument to the Killians. I also
have a copy of a book written way back (I think in the 40's and there were
10,000 Killians descendents of Andreas even at that time. Wow! I know there
are Killians everywhere - Hawthorne, Fl., Louisiana, Georgia. In Miami we
had a Killian Dr., Killian Parkway, Killian High School, In Atlanta, there is
a Killian St and also one here in West Palm Beach. And I know there were
some in Seattle where I graduated.

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