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Subject: Kimball DNA Successful Results
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 15:38:32 EST

Dear William (b.1702),
It seems that our great, great, great, great, great granddaughters
have participated in a DNA project for the Kimball line and have proven their
connection to us and to our Papa Joseph Kimball and his family back in
Papa, it turns out, was telling us the truth when he told us that
story about coming from Massachusetts where he was kidnapped by Indians when he
was a boy, the same Indians who murdered our Grand Pa, Thomas Kimball in
1676 in Bradford, Massachusetts.
My g-g-g-g-g-granddaughter is Grier Kimbrel McFarland. Her male
cousin Wayne Kimbrel’s DNA is an exact match to your descendant Rex Kimbell,
sister of Ruth Kimbell Charles, as well as to descendants of Great Uncle
Benjamin, and Great Uncle Richard, grandpa Thomas’ brothers .
My grandson Charles, moved from N.C. on down to Burke Co. Ga. around
1783-85. His son, Charles W. Kimbrel, was born there in 1795 and eventually
moved on across Georgia to Early/Miller Co. around 1820.
Do you know where your boy Benjamin’s sons got off to?
Your brother,
Charles Kimball, b. 1695-1698, Surry Co., VA


Dear Charles, b. 1695-98,
At long last. I am happy to hear from you.
As you know, by the time we all settled in Warren and Bute Cos.,
N.C., there were so many of us what with all our sons being named the same as
us; Charles, William, Benjamin, Joseph, etc., that my son Benjamin began
spelling our name Kimbell to try and keep us all sorted out.
David, my eldest son, moved into Georgia with a bunch that were
headed that way. He had eight sons. All of them lived and died in Georgia.
Teresa Rozich is a descendant of David.
My grandson Benjamin, Jr. got to Hempstead, Washington Co. Arkansas
and died there in 1837. His boy Joseph went on to Texas and there they
stayed for three generations. Joseph’s great grandson, William Boyd Kimbell left
Texas for New Mexico in the 1930’s.
One of William Boyd’s daughters, Ruth Kimbell Charles, asked her
brother Rex Kimbell to do the DNA test for our family, and danged if it Rex didn
’t also match the DNA.
Guess that proves it, doesn’t it? All those folks in the year 2005
have been digging around libraries and courthouses trying to match their
people up with Richard Kemball, b. 1595, Rattlesdon, Sussex, England, while
Grier and Ruth went straight for the DNA testing.
Your brother,
William Kimball, b. 1702, Surry Co., VA


Dear William, b. 1702,
Yup. I’m pretty proud of those girls. Your male descendants and
mine are proven DNA matches to each other and to those young fellows who came
down from Benjamin Kimball, b. 1637, Ipswich, MA, died 1696, Bradford, MA. who
was married to Mercy/Marcy Hazeltine, and Richard Kimball b. 1623 and d.
1676 who was married to Mary Cooley and Mary Gott.
Anyone can look it up at _www.familytreedna.com_
( on the Kimble Project page. So, right now the DNA Project has
representatives of three of Richard and Ursula’s sons, Thomas, Benjamin and
Richard. As far as I know there were only three more, Caleb, Henry and John.
Would be good to have them represented as well.
This means that no matter how Pa found his way to Virginia in the
late 1600’s, we know where he came from and who his family was. Why, his Pa
Thomas Kimball was only one year old when great grandfather Richard set sail
from England and settled in Watertown, Massachusetts back in 1634. Eventually
Thomas and his brother Benjamin settled in Rowley, now part of Bradford,
Mass. After Grandpa Thomas was killed, Great Uncles Benjamin and Richard helped
Grandma Mary and looked after her children. Strange isn’t it that these are
the three sons who have been connected with DNA testing?
Grandma Mary Smith Kimball died in 1681. Papa Joseph was about
sixteen years old and he was apprenticed out just like you and I were when Papa
died in 1710..
Somehow, he managed to get to Virginia and settled in Prince George
Co., which became Surry Co., Virginia. You and I were born in one of those
So glad the girls have been able to match us all up through our DNA,
even though we began spelling our names differently.
Your brother,
Charles Kimball, ( b. 1695-98, Va.)

Dear Charles, (b.1695-98)
How right you are. What with Kimball, Kimbel, Kimbrel, Kimbrell,
and Kimbriel, who would know that they came from the same ancestor without DNA
Our brothers Joseph, Benjamin and Peter all took up different
spellings. Their descendants are, same as ours, spread throughout North Carolina,
South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and who knows where else?
All of those different spellings and they could be part of our family. By
putting their “paper research” together with DNA matches, they will know
better where to look for paper proof of their lineage once they know that their
DNA matches with ours.
By the way, just how did Ruth and Grier actually do a DNA test?
Your brother,
William, b. 1702

Dear William, b. 1702
Nothin’ hard about it. 21st century technology is far superior to
the 17th century where we come from.
Go to _www.familytreedna.com_ ( and
put Kimble in the search box. One will be taken to the Kimble project (which
encompasses all of us) and registration.
Click on
And you will be taken to the results page of the testings done so far.
Your brother,
Charles Kimball, b. 1695-98

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