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Subject: Kimble DNA Project
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 15:22:52 EST

Dear Branson,
My Charles W. Kimbrel, b. 1795, Burke Co., Ga., represented on the Kimble
DNA site shares the same DNA as Richard Kemball, b. 1595, Rattlesdon, England,
the same one who arrived in Watertown, MA in 1634 with his family.

Charles is a descendant of Joseph Kimball, b. abt 1665 (grandson of Richard
b. 1595) and d. 1711, Surry Co., Va. Joseph's five sons, Charles, William,
Joseph, Benjamin and Peter wound their way into North Carolina around 1745.

Your Levi is most likely from one of these sons. Hopefully, you have
requested the 37 marker test which will define a closer proximity in years of your
relationship to these men.

I join you in urging others to participate in the Kimble DNA Project
regardless of the spelling of their name, i.e. Kimball, Kimble, Kimbell, Kimbrel,
Kimbrell, Kimbriel, etc. It is a very thrilling moment to learn exactly who
your forebears were. I felt like I had given birth.

The Kimball Family in America is a book written in the 1800's by Morrison &
Sharples that traces the many generations of first Kimball immigrant in
1634. Unfortunately, our Joseph Kimball's descendants are not traced in this
book because not much was known of him until recently. I would put money on
the fact that the North Carolina Kimballs all come from Joseph Kimball.

So far the DNA Project has representatives of three of the sons of Richard
Kimball the immigrant. Benjamin Kimball, Thomas Kimball and Richard Kimball
were all brothers and incidentally, it was Richard and Benjamin who cared for
the widow and children of Thomas when he was murdered by Indians in 1676.
Thomas was the father of our Joseph.

There is a very rich heritage already discovered and documented. A simply
swab of the mouth will determine if anyone is a member of this fine family.

Grier Kimbrel McFarland

In a message dated 12/27/2005 1:15:22 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,

For 145 years, my KIMBALL clan in the Piedmont of North Carolina has
wondered where we fit in with those who share the Kimball/Kimble names.
Now, in the relatively short span of eight weeks, we may finally know.

Thanks to Brian Hamman, a KIMBLE researcher, his project through Family
Tree DNA is helping my family narrow its search. I'd like to encourage
anyone who's "sitting on the fence" to jump in as well. The more
participants Brian's project has, the clearer the picture will be.

I've taken the liberty of including a link to Brian's results below. In
addition to the scientific results, Brian has included a patrilineage
for most participants. Mine is listed as Levi W. Kimball. I'd love to
know if you see anything that rings a bell in regards to my Levi, and
urge everyone who's interested to join in and take part in Brian's

Happy Holidays everyone,
Branson Kimball

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