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From: <>
Subject: [KIMMEL-L] An off-list inquiry re Nicholas Kimmel's line
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 13:12:07 EST

This note came to me snail-mail from CAROLYN WLADAVER whose e-mail address is
<>. She says:

"I have just recently started to work on my Kimmel genealogy. In the Mormon
Family History Library Catalog, I saw a reference to the Kimmel Family
Newsletter and your name was given. I found your address through the AOL
White Pages, and I hope I have found the right person.

"I am a descendant of SUSAN KIMMEL & JOHN WONDERS of York County,
Pennsylvania. At this time I am uncertain as to who Susan Kimmel's parents
were, but I believe they COULD have been DAVID KIMMEL & MAGDALENA WILEY.

"Johann Michael Kimmel (1662-1746) & Anna Margaretha Souther.
" Johann Philip Kimmel (1695-1777) & Anna ELizabeth Voltz.
" Johann Nicholas Kimmel & Susanna Weber
" "David Kimmel & Magdalena Wiley.
" Susan Kimmel (c1798?) & John Wonders
" Daniel Wonders (1833-1914 etc."

"I would like to learn about your newsletter and family organization. Do you
have any information that would be helpful to me? I would be happy to
provide you with information I learn about the descendants of Susan Kimmel and
John Wonders. Thank you very much. Sincerely /s/ Carolyn Wladaver."

Is anybody familiar with this particular line?

Jan T

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