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From: <>
Subject: [KIMMEL-L] Kiser/Kimmel - Joseph H. Kimmel?
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 20:35:05 EST

In a message dated 2/28/99 9:32:54 AM Pacific Standard Time,

<< I don't think I have replied to you telling you I found my Sarah Kimmel.
was on Tim's list as AC-BBFBE, >>

Hi Pat ~
No, you hadn't told me, but I already knew. That's the beauty of a mailing
list. When Debby responded to your post to give you the "Sarah coordinates"
at Tim's website, she sent it to the entire mailing list. All 75+ of us got
the message when you did. I'm glad you found her.

After Debby posted her info, I checked my files to see if I had your Sarah. I
didn't have her, but I had her parents and two of her siblings, Samuel and
Christopher. I have several generations of Samuel's descendants, which
include his gr. grandson, Joseph Kimmel, born in 1953. I'm thinking this
Joseph Kimmel is on our mailing list. I know we have a Joseph F. Kimmel, but
this is a Joseph H. Kimmel and he would be your 4th cousin. Joseph H., are
you out there??

I think it's time to post our "Kimmel Konnections" again :-)

~ Pamela

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