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From: "Sheila van Weel" <>
Subject: RE: [KIMMEL-L] Kimmel Konnections List
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 22:22:31 -0800


The Kimmel Konnection that you have for me isn't quite right. When I
submitted my Kimmel Konnection I had only included up to Solomon because
niether I nor Tim Kimmel could confirm the connection between Solomon and
the rest of the family. So, everything is correct up to Solomon, then it is
believed, but not confirmed that this is the rest of the connection:

Solomon Kimmel, b. abt. 1787 in PA, probably Westmoreland County, d. abt.
1828 probably in Crawford County, OH. Son of:

Joseph Kimmel, b. 3/19/1769 in York County, PA, d. 1/19/1823 in Westmoreland
County, PA. Son of:

Michael Kimmel, b. 3/14/1736 in Darmstadt, Germany, d. May, 1818 in
Westmoreland County, PA. Son of:

Johann Philip Kimmel, b. Nov. 1695 in Gimbsheim, Germany, d. 1777 in York
County, PA. Son of:

Johann Michael Kimmel


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<< I would love to see the "Kimmel Konnections". >>

Hello Kimmel Cousins ~
It's been about 4 months since we posted our "Kimmel Konnections". Since
list has grown considerably, it's about time to post them again. For those
you who have already done it, you don't have to do it again (sorry Joe).
kept all of them (hopefully) and have pasted them onto one page below. You
might want to take a look to make sure yours is correct. If you haven't
shared your "Kimmel Konnection" with the list yet, please do so. It's
nice to find new cousins. Thanks!

~ Pamela (Kimmel) Westfall


Sheila ()

Sheila Margaret (Kimmel) van Weel, d/o
Duane Melford Kimmel, s/o
Clinton Alonzo Kimmel - b. July 30, 1899, MI; d. Oct 4, 1978, MI s/o
Alonzo Kimmel - b. Jan 20, 1859 or 1860, MI; d. 1941, MI, s/o
Christopher Kimmel - b. Jan 12, 1806, PA; d. Jan 20, 1872, MI, s/o
Solomon Kimmel - b. 1770 PA d.1825 PA, s/o
Johann Phillip Kimmel - b. 1724 GER, etc . . .

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