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Subject: RE: [KINCAID] Thomas Kincaid & Mary Mackey
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2004 03:01:23 -0400
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Just skimmed across the list of the children of Thomas Kincaid b. 1755
and Mary Mackey from your web site. According the this list, they were
dropping children all over the place, including Chambersburg (Margaret,
1785), Alleghaney PA, and eventually Maysville KY across from Adams
County Ohio. Richmond, Franklin PA is located just west of
Chambersburg, PA.
Chronologically, Washington CO and then Allegheny CO are, of course,
moving further west around Pittsburgh. Mary is born in Allegheny Co, PA
in 1793, then the next year they're down the ol' Ohio river giving birth
to Peninia in 1794 in Maysville, KY. This certainly places him
geographically near the ancestors of other DNA Group C members.

There's a section of the written record left by my uncle, Cecil Kincaid
b. 1900, as told to him by his grandfather, Thomas Wilson Kincaid, b.
1833, that makes no sense to me and is driving me crazy. Yet, I still
have some confidence in his memory of the "big" elements: "Our family,
according to the family Bible records of Grandfather Thomas Wilson, came
from the city of Edinborough to America prior to the Revolutionary War.
The immigrants settled originally in Virginia and varioius members of
the family foughtin the War. . . One Kincaid distinguished himself in
the War of 1812 . . . Later, part of the family moved south into the
Carolinas . . . our branch of the family moved to Ohio, settling near
Youngstown." I'm not sure what "our branch" means exactly. This makes
no sense to me. He knew that his grandfather Thomas Wilson was born in
Adams Co., Ohio. Your (Alice) records show that he bought land there in
Youngsville (Adams Co, OH). So, I just assumed that he mixed up
Youngstown with Youngsville. But now its seems like I have DNA matches
to Youngstown, OH [Is that correct, Group C members?] The problem is
that I just don't think people migrated north from Virginia to northern
Ohio. The direction was south and west. On the other hand,
Martinsburg, West Virginia, is a hop, skip, and jump from Chambersburg,
PA, which we are focusing on, and it's not a stretch to see some
Kincaids moving towards Pittsburgh and then on to Youngstown, OH. But
not my Adams Co. Kincaids. The birth records you show for the children
of Thomas b. 1755 clearly head south towards Adams Co., Ohio, by 1794.
Maybe he just meant that one branch went south to the Carolinas and
another went north to Youngstown "while ours went down the river to
Maysville and Adams County, OH. Now, that would make some sense. I
don't know anyone who descended from this Thomas Kincaid b. 1755 who
could have "settled near Youngstown." Suppose that some/one brother of
Thomas b. 1755 went north to Youngstown, another went south, and he went
to Adams Co. I wouldn't bother worrying about this, but doesn't the DNA
C group have descendents from the Pittsburgh area and from Youngstown,
OH? If this were not the case, I would forget about it. Don
From Alice's records:
Marriage: 27 Oct 1778 in , Washington, Maryland, USA
John Kincaid b. 22 Jun 1779 in near Richmond, Franklin, Pennsylvania,
Thomas Kincaid b. 19 Mar 1781 in of Hamilton, Franklin, Pennsylvania,
Jane Kincaid b. 11 Apr 1783 in of Hamilton, Franklin, Pennsylvania, USA
Margaret Kincaid b. 28 Feb 1785 in near Chambersburg,
Franklin,Pennsylvania, Samuel Kincaid b. About 1787 in of Dickinson
Twp., Washington, Pennsylvania,
William Kincaid b. About 1789 in of St. Clair Twp., Allegheny,
Pennsylvania, Mary Kincaid b. 10 Jun 1793 in of St. Clair Twp.,
Allegheny, Pennsylvania, Penina Kincaid b. 1794 in Maysville, Mason,
Kentucky, USA
Elizabeth Kincaid b. Cal 1796 in of Maysville, Mason, Kentucky, USA

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From: Alice Gedge [mailto:]
Sent: Friday, April 02, 2004 11:21 AM
Subject: [KINCAID] Thomas Kincaid & Mary Mackey

Some of you have asked me questions that have gotten me to thinking.
One of
you asked about Samuel Kincaid of Brown Co. One of you mentioned the
Kincaids in Group C of Peter's DNA results. I think that those
questions sat in the back of my mind.

I have been thinking this morning about this whole Kincaid family. I
come up with some different ideas that I wanted to share with you. I
appreciate it if you would tear into them and not spare my feelings. If
something doesn't fit from something that you know, please say.

I put this on the temporary site
d%20Kincaid.htm) with links to the material that I do have.

If it so turns out that I discuss someone that you think that you are
related to, please get with me. We can put our heads together and try
look more closely at the records that are available. I respect the
of all in the group. I have been reading your messages and you all do a
good job with what you have. If anyone wants to take this project on,
finding the common ancestry of Thomas and his brothers(?), you can go to If you
a record that you want me to look at, I will be happy to. It will be
having your arm extend to Salt Lake City.

These were my thoughts:
1.. What if Thomas Kincaid and Robert and John m. Martha Hill are
brothers? I would have to show that there is no basis for Thomas being
in Chester Co.
1. Thomas Kincaid. According to what we have thus far (from Chris's

Birth: (3) Samuel or Thomas KINCAID, age 78 at death (b.1742), PA.
(6,7,9a,18a,25,29) 13 Dec 1755. (6,9,18) Londonderry, Chester Co., PA.
(NOTE: This location may have been assumed by descendants, who stated
John KINCAID was his father. Can find no John KINCAID in Londonderry
Twp. in
1755, although John KINCAID of Upper Oxford Twp., Chester Co., PA, whose
military record is cited by these descendants as belonging to Thomas's
father, did have a brother David KINCAID of Londonderry Twp.. This same
KINCAID was not living in Upper Oxford Twp., however, until 1768; he was
probably living in Sadsbury Twp. in 1755.) (6,9,17,18) s/o John KINCAID.
The descendants of Samuel KINCAID, who was killed at Fort Meigs, OH 5
1813 in the War of 1812, and who (the descendants) afterward located in
Brown Co., OH (near Sardinia), claimed very close relationship with the
descendants of Thomas KINCAID of Adams Co., OH, and visited each other
frequently. Family tradition says that this Samuel came from Allegheny
PA in 1797 or 1798, to Manchester, Adams Co., OH, with wife Sarah and 2
or 3
children. He was son of Robert KINCAID, who married Margaret DAUGHERTY
Ireland, whence they came to America, locating at or near where the City
Pittsburg, PA now is. (NOTE: Robert and Margaret have been located in
Franklin Co., PA and Allegheny Co., PA. It seems unlikely they m. in
Ireland.) (7,8) Near Richmond, VA. (8,10) 1755. (10) 13 Dec 1744. (25)
John KINCAID/Mary LOCKHART. (NOTE: If Capt. John KINCAID of Upper Oxford
Twp., Chester Co., PA is really his father, his wife was Elizabeth.)
s/o John KINCAID/Jane of Belfast, Ireland; gs/o James KINCAID.

(6) "Kincaid Genealogy," by G. L. Kincaid (Sardinia News Press, 1922)
p.10-12. Cites: (a) W. Scott Kincaid of West Union, OH. (b) Col. Frank
Hayward Kincaid of Davenport, IA.

(9) Donald M. O'Brien, Cincinnati, OH. Cites: (a) Letter 22 May 1900
Hayward Kincaid, Davenport, IA to W. Scott Kincaid, West Union, OH.
cites Thomas Kincaid II's Bible in his possession, printed in England in
1816 in 3 vols., all entries in Thomas Kincaid II's handwriting except
own death.

(18) S.A.R. Applications. (a) Charles Steenbergen Kincaid, Muscatine,
14 Mar 1908, #19454. Cites U.S. War Dept. records. (b) Frank Hayward
Kincaid, Davenport, IA, 1907, #1450. (c) George Edward Kincaid, Clinton,
1910. (d) William Millar Kincaid, Muscatine, IA. (e) Joseph Andrew
Muscatine, IA, 1911. (f) Joseph Trimble Davidson, 1895. (g) William
Roach, Muscatine, IA, 1895. (h) Charles Pollock McColm, Flushing, NY,
(i) Edwin Leroy McColm, Muscatine, IA, 1911. (j) George Edward Magoon,

[NOTE: all 3 of these sources cite W. Scott Kincaid and Frank Hayward

2. The letter from W. Scott Kincaid told about what was in
Bible. I wouldn't be at all surprised if there were just dates, and no
places mentioned.

3. We know that Mary Mackey came from Pennsylvania, Chester
York Cos. William Mackey received a patent recorded at Philadelphia in

Book AA, Vol. 2, Page 492 on 5 Feb 1752 for a tract of
situate in Westnantmel, Chester Co, containing 219 acres. William

Penninah his Wife on 25 May 1765 sold some of that land
acres, one quarter and fifteen perches) to James Graham. (copy of the
in my

possession. It was sent to me from the Chester County
Historical Society - Encl. 1081) From the letter from W. Scott Kincaid,
know that Mary

was born 26 Sep1759. Her parents would have been
living in
Westnantmel Twp., Chester Co., PA at the time. Perhaps, because they
heard that

Mary was from Chester Co., they assumed that Thomas was from there
also. Then they attached Thomas to the Kincaid family that was there at


4. Suppose all that W. Scott had heard was that Thomas
had come from Londonderry. There was a Londonderry Twp. in Chester Co.,

was also a Londonderry, Londonderry, Ireland. It is
next to County Donegal, Ireland. (where all of the pink Kincaids in the
Group C are from).

5. That is consistent with the information from Trumbull
Mahoning Counties, Ohio concerning John and Martha Hill Kincaid. "The
grandparents of

Rev. William Kincaid were John and Martha (Hill)
of Scotch descent, who emigrated from Ireland to this country, and

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, in the last century. From
their first location they emigrated to Washington County, Pennsylvania,
settled near

Williamsport. About the year 1800 they came to
and remained until the end of their days."

6. Going back to the 1790 Census of Allegheny Co., PA.
Kinkaid is next to [his brothers?] John and Thomas and the Daughertys.
Robert and

Margaret are supposed to have come from Ireland.
to Chris's information on Samuel, son of Robert and Margaret Kincaid:

(1) Mary Kemmerle, San Carlos, CA

(2) "Kincaid Genealogy," by G.L.
(1922) p.9-10. Cites: (a) Kincaid family Bible.

! Birth: (2) Family tradition says s/o Robert Kincaid/Margaret
His descendants claimed very close relationship with the descendants of
Thomas Kincaid of Adams Co., OH, and visited each other frequently.

Marriage to Sarah Reed: (1,2)

Death: (2) 5 May 1813, killed at the
of Fort Meigs.

(1) 1790: Living in Allegheny Co., PA, 1
male 16+, 0 males under 16, 1 female.

(1) 1793, 24 Apr: Bought land in St.
Twp., Allegheny Co., PA, from Paul Reed.

(1) 1795, 1 Apr: Samuel and Sarah
sell land bought 24 Apr 1793.

(2) 1797/8: Family tradition says that about the year 1797 or 1798 there
came from Allegheny Co., PA to Manchester, Adams Co., OH, Samuel
who had married Sarah Reed and at that time had 2 or 3 children.

(1) 1802, 14 Sep: Witnessed a deed in
Co., OH,

(1) 1807: Taxed in Adams Co., OH.

(2) Located in Brown Co., OH, near

(2) 1812: Enlisted in the War of 1812
Gen. William Henry Harrison

Alice Gedge

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