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Subject: Re: [KINCAID] Vetting Post #1255 to Joseph Kincaid
Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2010 15:54:50 -0700
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IS this a typo?: Should the name "William J". Kincaid really be "William G". Kincaid son of Sherod Kincaid and Eliza?????
[that is marked with red below in your posting]

>" Sarah C McMillan's daughter Eliza A McMillan m.17 Sept 1872 Dover, Pope Co, Arkansas to Alvin Dean Raulston.
> Alvin's daughter Mary E Raulston m. 8 March 1871 Yell Co, Arkansas to
>William J Kincaid son of Sherod Kincaid and Eliza.."
This all sent me off to research what is available on Hobson Kincaid and the Kincaids in AL/TN 1840's.
Where my Stubblefield family married a Kincaid.
Looking for the family of William Jackson Kincaid b: July 4, 1831 TN?

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Subject: [KINCAID] Vetting Post #1255 to Joseph Kincaid

> Vetting Amon L Kincaid to Joseph Kincaid and Elizabeth (unknown)
> Amon L Kincaid
> DNA #1255 A-1b
> Researcher: Debra Griggs (sister)
> Amon Luther Kincaid JR. b. 5 July 1948 Bakersfield, Kern Co, California
> m. 28 June 1971 to Brenda Kay Adams Reno,Washoe Co, Nevada.
> Son of Amon Luther Kincaid SR. and Dorothy Mae Joslin.
> Proven by;
> Ca. Birth Certificate for Amon Luther Kincaid JR., date of birth, 5 July 1948, county of Kern, Ca.
> Naming his parents as Amon Luther Kincaid SR. age 37 birthplace Arkansas and Dorothy Mae Joslin age 25 birthplace Arkansas.
> Personal Knowledge; I have known Amon L Jr. all my life as son of my father Amon L Sr.
> _____________________________________
> Amon Luther Kincaid SR. b. 14 Oct 1910 Blackwell, Conway Co, Arkansas d. 22 Oct 1988 Hanford, Kings Co, California m. 20 February 1943 Little Rock, Pulaski Co, Arkansas to Dorothy Mae Joslin.
> Son of George William Kincaid and Margaret Florence Roper.
> Proven by;
> Ca. Death Certificate of Amon Luther Kincaid SR .d. 22 Oct 1988 Hanford, Kings Co, California.
> Wife's name listed as Dorothy Joslin. His parents are listed as George W Kincaid and Margaret F Roper.
> 1920 Census Lee, Pope Co, Arkansas
> Kincaid George W head 38yrs Arkansas
> Florence wife 42yrs Arkansas
> Lawson son 14yrs Arkansas
> Opal daughter 12yrs Arkansas
> Luther son 9yrs Arkansas
> Kelly son 7yrs Arkansas
> Nancy daughter 5yrs Arkansas
> Mollie daughter 3yrs Arkansas
> Dollie daughter 1 10/12yrs Arkansas
> Cobb Emmett stepson 20yrs Arkansas
> Personal Knowledge; I knew my aunts Nancy, Mollie and Dollie and my uncles Kelly and Emmett as my fathers sisters and brothers and children of George W Kincaid.
> _______________________________________-
> George William Kincaid b. 11 February 1882 Perry Co, Arkansas d. 24 April 1960 Los Angeles Co, California. m 12 Sept 1902 Pontoon, Yell Co, Arkansas to Margaret F. Roper.
> Son of James Brookins Kincaid and Frankie Jane Coats
> Proven by;
> Ca. Death Certificate of George William Kincaid d. 24 April 1960 Los Angeles Co, California. His parents are listed as James B Kincaid and Frankie Jane Coats.
> WWII Draft Card lists George William Kincaid b. 11 Feb 1882 Perry Co, Arkansas
> 1900 Census Wilson, Yell Co, Arkansas
> Kincaid John B (sic James B) head 45 yrs farmer Arkansas
> Frankie J wife 42yrs Arkansas
> George W son 18yrs Arkansas
> Maudie daughter 15yrs Arkansas
> Eliza daughter 13yrs Arkansas
> Charles O son 11yrs Arkansas
> Ora E daughter 8yrs Arkansas
> Mary E daughter 4yrs Arkansas
> James A son 1yrs Arkansas
> James Andrew Kincaid b. 11 November 1898 was the youngest son of James B Kincaid and Frankie J Coats, his WWI Draft Card lists his father as born in Newton Co, Arkansas. James Andrew Kincaid d. 24 Dec 1929 Kerr Co, Texas, his death certificate lists his parents as James B Kincaid and Frankie J Colts (sic, Coats).
> _____________________
> James Brookins Kincaid b. Oct 1858 Newton Co, Arkansas d. 8 Sept 1918 Atkins, Pope Co, Arkansas m.1880 Yell Co, Arkansas to Frankie Jane Coats.
> Son of Sherod Kincaid and Jane Hughes
> Proven by;
> 1860 Census Union, Newton Co, Arkansas
> Kingcade Sherod 39yrs Tenn
> Jane 26yrs Alabama
> Williams Wiley 22yrs Farmhand Tenn
> Joseph P 14yrs Arkansas
> William J 13yrs Arkansas
> George A 12yrs Arkansas
> Cynthia A 6yrs Arkansas
> John H 3yrs Arkansas
> James B 2yrs Arkansas
> 1850 Census Boston, Franklin Co, Arkansas HH 40
> Kincade Sherod 29 Tenn
> Eliza 25 Alabama
> Joseph P 4 Arkansas
> William J 3 Arkansas
> George A 3/12 Arkansas
> Jane Hughs 17 Alabama
> Land Record; No.8531 Land Office at Fayetteville, Dec 30 1856. John Hughes of Newton Co, State of Arkansas, on this day purchased of the register of this office, the lot or South West Quarter of the North East Quarter of Section No.Twenty Four in Township No.Thirteen North of Range No.Twenty Two West containing forty acres at the rate of $1.00 per acre.
> 1860 Census Pilot Rock, Johnson Co, Arkansas
> Hughes John 32yrs Alabama
> Cynthia 26yrs Missouri
> John 10yrs Arkansas
> Margaret 6yrs Arkansas
> Houston 4yrs Arkansas
> Thomas 2yrs Arkansas
> Property Tax;
> Sherod A Kincaid paid property tax from 1857-1861 in Newton Co, Arkansas on this property,
> Section=24 SW 1/4 of the NE 1/4
> Township=13N Located near the town of Fallsville in the southwest corner
> Range=22W of the county of Newton in the state of Arkansas.
> Arkansas Marriage Record; Sherod Kincaid and Jane Hughs m. 16 Jan 1853 Franklin Co, Arkansas, marriage solomized by; George Horner minister of the gospel of the Baptist Faith.
> Family Lore;
> It was told to me and my brothers and sister by our father Amon L Kincaid Sr. that his grandfather's parents were murdered/bushwacked when his grandfather was just a young child. He told us that his grandfather was hiding in the bushes and watched while his parents were being murdered and it was believed to have happened after the Civil War had ended. I was also told that the older son or sons had went off to war. It was written in a family bible of my dads cousin (Samuel James Hamm) that James B Kincaid was then taken to Indian Territory by uncles Hughes (brother of Tom Hughes) and McGhee.
> The following supports this lore.
> 1870 Census Newton, Taney Co, Missouri
> Hughes Houston 42yrs Alabama
> Sarah R 37 yrs Tenn
> Margaret J 16yrs Arkansas
> Harriet J 4yrs Missouri
> Mary F 3yrs Missouri
> Kincade John H 13yrs Arkansas
> 1850 Census Perry Co, Arkansas
> Hughes John 23yrs Tenn (sic, other census years lists Alabama)
> Cynthia E 15yrs Missouri
> Houston 21yrs Tenn (sic, other census years lists Alabama)
> Cynthia Ann Kincaid b. 2 May 1855 Arkansas d. 14 May 1916 Yell Co, Arkansas m 1878 Yell Co, Arkansas to James McGhee. Her son James Franklin McGhee b.27 Dec 1882 Perry Co, Arkansas d.7 Feb 1961 Yell Co, Arkansas. His death certificate lists his parents as James Franklin McGhee and Cynthia Ann Kinkaid. My Aunt Nancy (Amon L Kincaid Sr.'s Sister) had a large trunk of old photos that was left to her by her father George W Kincaid (son of James B), among the photos was a photo of a baby and there was writing on the back of the photo that stated "Cinthia Ann, Papa's Sister".
> ____________________________________________
> Sherod Kincaid b. abt 1821 Franklin Co, Tennessee d. bet 1862 - 1870 Newton Co, Arkansas -m 1st Eliza -m 2nd 16 Jan 1853 Franklin Co, Arkansas to Jane Hughes.
> Son of Joseph Kincaid and Elizabeth (unknown)
> Proven by;
> [note: Newton, Madison and Johnson Cos Arkansas are contingent. Franklin Co is contingent with Madison and Johnson Cos. Perry and Yell Cos are contingent south of Johnson Co. The following censuses establish the ages and birth places of Elizabeth's children for comparison to Joseph's censuses which follow]
> 1850 Census Boston, Franklin Co, Arkansas HH 39
> Kincade Elizabeth 54yrs NC
> Joseph L 20yrs Tennessee
> Nancy A 16yrs Alabama
> Elizabeth 15yrs Alabama
> William G W 11yrs Alabama
> [note: Sherod is in HH 40. see above]
> Taylor Co,Texas August 24 1904 issue of the Abilene Reporter, Death notice for William George Washington Kincaid, died at his home near Buffalo Gap, Texas on August 22 1904.It states that he was a native of Alabama and moved with his parents to Arkansas when he was three years old. He went to Texas in 1860 and from there he enlisted in the Confederate Army. After the war he married Miss Annie Elizabeth Clark in 1867. Mrs Kincaid, the widow, and ten children survive. Eulogy published in the May 1905 issue of "The Confederate Veteran Magazine". Letters from Margaret Street, granddaughter of William through his daughter Lula Clark Kincaid and Marshal Ray Street, say William was born in Larkinsville, Alabama. His tombstone has engraved on it (born) March 6 1839.
> 1880 Census Coryell Co, Texas
> Kincaide W. G. W. 42yrs Alabama Ky NC
> A.E. 29yrs Tenn
> W.L.D. 12yrs Texas
> E.O. 10yrs Texas
> J.L. 8yrs Texas
> M.M. 6yrs Texas
> A.E. 3yrs Texas
> O.G. 1yrs Texas
> McMillan S.C. 56yrs sister Tenn Ky NC
> 1850 Census Spadra, Johnson Co, Arkansas
> McMillan Edward A 38yrs North Carolina
> Sarah C 24yrs Alabama (sic, other census list Tenn)
>Amanda J 8yrs Tenn
> Eliza A 2yrs Arkansas
> (Johnson next to Franklin & Newton Co.)
> Sarah C McMillan's daughter Eliza A McMillan m.17 Sept 1872 Dover, Pope Co, Arkansas to Alvin Dean Raulston.
> Alvin's daughter Mary E Raulston m.8 March 1871 Yell Co, Arkansas to William J Kincaid son of Sherod Kincaid and Eliza..
> Eliza A McMillan's Family Bible Record lists her mother Sarah C McMillan b.1824 Alabama.
> [Larkinsville is in Jackson Co, Alabama.In 1830 there is a James Kincaid,1m 20-30,1m under 5,1f 20-30,1f 5-10. He is the only other Kincaid appearing on the Jackson Co, Alabama census for that year]
> Tax Record; There is a tax record for Joseph Kincaid for 1842, Madison Co, Arkansas.
> 1840 Census Jackson Co, Alabama
> Joseph Kincade
> males:1 40-50, 1 15-20, 1 5-10, 1 under 5
> females:1 40-50, 1 15-20, 1 10-15, 1 5-10, 1 under 5
> [for comparison:
> Joseph (deceased 1850), Sherod b 1820-1 TN, Joseph b 1830 TN, William G W b 1839 ALA
> Elizabeth b 1796 NC, Sarah b 1824 TN or ALA, (missing daughter), Nancy b 1834 ALA, Elizabeth b 1835 ALA.]
> 1830 Census Jackson Co, Alabama
> Joseph Kincaid
> males: 1 30-40, 1 5-10, 1 under 5
> female: 1 30-40, 1 5-10, 1 under 5
> 1820 Census Franklin Co,Tenn
> Joseph Kingcade
> males: 1 16-26, 1 under 10
> females: 1 16-26
> [note: Franklin Co. TN is adj. Jackson Co. ALA. Sherod's estimated birth year/place from later censuses is 1821 TN. There may have been an older son who died prior 1830 or Sherod may have actually been born just before census day in 1820]
> _______________________________
> Joseph Kincaid b 1794-1800 KY 1843-1850 Arkansas m pr 1820 Elizabeth (unknown)
> Son of: unproven
> Likely parents: Hobson Kincaid and Sarah McClure
> What is known:
> 1820 Census Franklin Co, TN (only other Kincaid in County)
> Hopson Kingcade 1m 45+, 1m 26-45, 2m 16-26, 1m 10-16, 1f 45+, 1f 16-26, 1f 10-16
> Hopson is listed on the 1792 Clark Co. KY tax lists.
> Hobson Kincaid was the son of John Kincaid and Elizabeth Logan and grandson of David Kincaid and Winifred Hobson of Albemarle Co. VA. The Family Bible that was given to Elizabeth Logan Kincaid in 1756 by her father (sic, father-in-law) David Kincaid, lists Hobson's birth as Nov. 24 1763.
> There is strong circumstancial reason to believe that dna participant 28835 is a des.of John/Elizabeth Logan's son Robert. Amon's DNA matches #28835's DNA at all but 1 marker. The match includes 2 significant mutations. The 1st, a 12 at marker 26 (DYS 460) places them in A-1b along with a descendent of Joseph Kincaid of Albemarle Co. VA, possible brother to David. The 2nd, an 11 at marker 4 (DYS 391), is unique in A-1b. The unmatched results show a step up and a step down from the group A AVV at volitile marker 34 (CDYa).

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