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Subject: Re: [KINCAID] Thomas/Mary's son James
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2013 13:21:37 -0400
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Here is a possible family, as shown by, for the Reuben Wyatt
who married Magdaline Kincaid, daughter of John Kincaid/Elizabeth Gillespie.

Thomas Wyatt (1765 - 1823)
Born in Virginia, USA on 1765 to Thomas Wyatt and Margaret Hanks. Thomas
married Rachel Burnside and had 8 children. He passed away on 12 Mar 1823 in
Franklin, Missouri, USA

Thomas Wyatt

Margaret Hanks

Rachel Burnside

James Wyatt
Reuben Wyatt
Sarah Wyatt
Edward Wyatt
John Wyatt
Margaret Wyatt
Thomas Wyatt
Isaac Wyatt

Reuben Wyatt (1801 - 1830)

Born in West Virginia, USA on 1801 to Thomas Wyatt and Rachel Burnside.
Reuben married Magdaline Kincaid and had 6 children. He passed away on 1830
in Ohio, USA.

William H Wyatt
Arnold Wyatt
Polly Wyatt
Rachel Wyatt
Francis M Wyatt
John J Wyatt


Hi Everyone,

While in West Virginia back in June I was lucky enough to find the micro
film for the Kanawha County Court Records in which the case against John
Kincaid and Matthew Kincaid for burning down the bridge across the Gauley
River in July 1826 is recorded.

I copied 18 pages and just finished transcribing them this week. The
following is Part 1 of 2 of the transcription.

Trial for Arson:
John Kincaid----wife is Elizabeth Gillespie
Matthew Kincaid---son of John and Elizabeth

Some of the Witnesses Called for the Defendants and for the Commonwealth:

William Kincaid---could be John's brother or his son-ion-law
Francis Kincaid---Brother of John
James Ingram---son-in-law of John
Hannah Walker---daughter of John and Elizabeth
James Kincaid--- son of John and Elizabeth
Mary (Tritt) Kincaid---wife of James Kincaid
John Tritt---Kin of Mary Tritt Kincaid (wife of James Kincaid)
Magdalene Wyatt---daughter of John and Elizabeth
Reuben Wyatt---Husband of Magdalene
Thomas Terry---son-in-law of John
Lewis Terry---grandson of John and Elizabeth
James Linegar--Kin of daughter Elizabeth "Betsey" Kincaid who married Samuel


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From: Sue Liedtke
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 12:31 PM
Subject: [KINCAID] Thomas/Mary's son James

Peter, Is it possible that Thomas/Mary's will division of the 88a could have
been changed because of the fractional problems within it? How much power
would the execs have had? From the subsequent deeds, it really looks like
1/2 this land was divided equally among the girls.

In the dim recesses of my mind, I seem to remember a discussion about
someone associated with KY having lived briefly in Kanawha Co. where one of
his children was born. The name Edward comes to mind. I may be wrong on this
but do remember we were looking for a deed for the sale of the Kanawha land
that James inherited in Thomas's will.

Two of Margaret Wyatt's brothers lived in Kanawha Co. at one time and there
may have been other Wyatt relatives in Kanawha

Barb sent a list of Edward & Anna Robinson Wyatt's children to the list on
Nov 12, 2004. The list included:
Thomas Wyatt b 1783 Grbr Co. d bef 1874 Scioto, Ohio m Sarah "Sallie" Clark
abt 1813, probably Kanawha Co.
Edward D. Wyatt b May 1787 Grbr Co. d Oct 10, 1862 Henry Co. IN m Mary
Tackett Nov 15, 1813 Kanawha Co.

>From Leslie
Bath Co. Minister returns
John Wiley and Sally Wyatt. Surety Reuban Wyatt. Ann Wyatt consents for
daughter Sally. Witness: Reuben Wyatt and James Robinson
(Sally is on the list of Wyatt children but who is Reuben?)

There are other Wyatts who are undoubtedly connected to this family though
they are not listed as .
Linda Johnston sent me some Alderson Marriage Records. Alderson performed
marriages along the Jackson River and in Greenbrier Co.
Nathan Wiatt to Sarah Smith 1776
Thomas Wyate to Rachel Burnside 1784
(Rachel was dau of James Burnside. James had a large holding near Union.
Thomas/Rachel owned land on Wolf Creek, which is where James/Elizabeth
Kincaid Miller and John/Hannah Young's father held land)
Mary Wiatt to Henry Peters Sept 15, 1788 Grbr Co. (not an Alderson listing)

Major Wiatt and wife Elizabeth sold land in Grbr in 1811. (who is he?)

A Reuben Wyatt married Magdelina Kincade 25 Jun 1823.Nicholas Co. In 1830
John of Gauley sold to Wm Morris of Kanawha Co. land patented to John
Kincaid in 1820. Land in Nicholas Co. East side of Gauley River corner
between the land contracted to be sold by John Kincaid to his son James
Kincaid and Reuben Wyatt. Reuben and wife Magdelina were summoned as
witnesses in the 1826 Kanawha Co. trial of John Kincaid for burning Gauley
Bridge. Who was this Reuben?

Sue Liedtke

Thomas, wife Mary, lived on Turkey Creek which emptied into Indian Creek
near Union. He died in 1795 leaving a will naming sons Andrew & James and
daughters Mary & Susannah. The execs were wife Mary, James & Matthew
Alexander (most likely Mary's brother and his son), and James Gray. The will
was witnessed by John Garvin and John Cantley. In 1826 Mary and the other
legatees of Thomas were granted land on Turkey Creek. The other legatees
were: James Gray, John Tennis, Arch Handley and Andrew Kincaid. We know from
marriage bonds that Jane Kincaid m John Cantley in 1787, Katherine (Kitty)
Kincaid m James Gray in 1793, Mary Kincaid m John Tennis in 1799, and
Susannah m Arch Handley in 1802. James & Katherine Gray of Christian Co. KY
sold to Arch Handley in 1815 1/8 interest in 88a devised in Thomas's will,
John & Jane Cantley's son John of MO sold 1/16th interest in the same land
to Arch Handley in 1815, Widow Mary sold 1/2 interest in the same land to
Arch Handley in 1815. This land was originally devised: 1/2 to wife Mary,
1/3 to son James, 1/3 of a half part to daughter Susannah and 1/4 to son
The fractions do not add up. The Grays and Cantleys did not inherit in the
will so son James may have died intestate without children which means his
siblings would have inherited, which still doesn't make the fractions add
up. However, it could be that since the fractions didn't add up the land was
divided such that the 2 girls who didn't inherit in the will received a
share. Perhaps in this manner: 1/2 to widow Mary, 1/4 of 1/2 to James, 1/4
of 1/2 to Susannah, 1/4 of 1/2 to Jane, 1/4 of 1/2 to Katherine (Andrew
received 1/2 of the the home place). It is possible James/Margaret Wyatt
could be this James. If so there should be a deed selling his interest in
this land, or since he was willed land on the Kenawa, his 1/4 of 1/2 went to
his sister Mary. I wonder if anyone has requested the entire probate file
for Thomas or for Mary who died at the age of 100 in 1838. Thomas/Mary's
home place on Turkey Creek was adjacent William Robinson and near to that of
Edward Wyatt d 1787 Grbr Co, (father of Martha and Margaret).

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