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From: Kathie Harrison <>
Subject: [KINCHLOE] Neglected Simmons Saltillo Cemetery (Kincheloe family graves) in Lancaster Co., NE
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003 16:09:02 -0700 (PDT)

Recently I asked a volunteer to take photos of my
ancestor's and their family members tombstones in the
Simmons-Saltillo Cemetery in Lancaster Co., Nebraska.
As the Lancaster County, NEGenWeb Project Coordinator,
I have a great interest in family history, especially
in Lancaster County. My GGGG-grandmother, Mary Butler
Kincheloe came here from Wood County, WV with her son
(my GGG-grandparents) Lawrence Benjamin Kincheloe, his
wife Violette Stagg in 1880. They are buried in this

I was upset about the neglect of this cemetery ---
that I heard about from the volunteer. I was not only
upset but angry and ashamed that the Cemetery
Association had allowed it to become a victim of such
neglect. I contacted the County Assessor, and the
county commissioners about this situation and they
gave me the name of the person I needed to contact
about this. I will not name her here for privacy
reasons but I sent her a letter a week ago with no
reply from her or anyone who may be a part of that

I was told by an assistant commissioner that they do
not have this cemetery listed as an abandoned cemetery
and that it is the responsibility of the owner of the
cemetery to clean it! To top it off --- the fact that
this cemetery is accessible from a public road, has
grass and weeds more than 2 feet tall and that there
are NO TRESPASSING signs both on the gate and inside
the cemetery, literally screams ABANDONED to me, so
how can we get someone to take responsibility or
allow/ give permission for volunteers to come in and
mow the grass and weeds?

I am disabled and have several health problems that
prevent me from being able to do this or to even go to
the cemetery. I was contacted by a Field Executive of
the Girl Scouts Homestead Council and they are sure
that several older girls can do the cleanup but we
need permission to do this as far as I can see. Is
there someone who can get some type of action taken on
this and if so how do we go about it? Please let these
County officials know about your feelings about this
neglected Pioneer Cemetery that was established in

Since the cemetery is not abandoned according to the
County --- the county does not have responsibility for
maintenance. However, if you think the weeds are
overgrown you may contact the County Weed Department
at 441-7817. If they determine the condition to
warrant the County mowing the cost for that service is
the responsibility of the property owner. But we do
not know how to contact the property OWNER since they
are not listed at all on the website below.

If you are a resident of Lancaster County, please help
do something about this cemetery.

If you'd like to look at the property record, the
website is:

The Property ID is:

For photos and addresses of the County commissioners
see the web page that I have posted:

Thank you, Kathie Harrison
KINCHLOE List Admin.
Lancaster Co. Coordinator, NEGenWeb Project

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