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From: "Robert A. Casper" <>
Subject: Kinneys/McKinneys on Index to Passenger Lists and Immigration, 1600-1700s only
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000 17:49:01 -0500

Recently, I looked through a book called "Index to Passenger Lists and
Immigration" at our Archives in North Carolina. This is a set of books. It
is a four volume set with a four volume supplement about every four years.
The 1996-2000 supplement has just been added to our stacks. However, I
failed to get the author(s) or publisher, which is a real no-no. At the risk
of copyright, I am going to list all the Kinneys and McKinneys I could find
under various spellings that I could think of for the 1600s-1700s. That was
the time period I was researching. In this book, there is a numerical code
after each entry. You then look up the code in the front of the book and it
gives you the publication from which the authors obtained the name. This is
just an Index. It gives no information as to port of origin or name of ship.
However, you might be able to find that out by looking up the code. I did
not list the codes. If anyone sees someone they think might be theirs,
please email me and I will look it up the next day I go to the Archives,
which I hope will be next week.
There is some repetition in this Index. There are some of the same people
listed under different spellings.
As an aside, anyone researching Kinney should not ignore McKinney. It turns
out my ancestor was originally a McKinney but changed his name to Kinney,
supposedly because he didn't like being called "Mack". That is the legend
and can probably never be proved.
Alexander Kenney , Charleston, SC 1768
Alexander Kenney, Maryland, 1797
Bryan Kenney 1735-1743
Dennis Kenney, Boston 1736
Edmund & Edward Kenney, Virginia 1655
Elisha Kenney, New England 1747
Henry Kenney, Massachusetts 1675-1676
James W. Kenney, America 1756
John Kenney, Maryland, 1716
John Kenney, Virginia 1716
John Kenney, Virginia 1772-1775
John Kenney, America 1736
Luke Kenney, Maryland, 1758
Mary Kenney, Virginia 1770
Mary Kenney, 1772-1775
Michael Kenney, America 1735-1743
Nathan Kenney, Nova Scotia, 1783
Patrick Kenney, America 1737
Patrick Kenney, Maryland, 1742
Patrick Kenney, Virginia, 1771
Thomas Kenney, 19 Maryland, 1723
William Kenney, Charleston, SC 1768
William Kenney, Charles Town, SC 1767
William Kenney, no age, America 1771

Mr. Kinney, Boston, 1768
David Kinney Pennsylvania, 1775-1781
John Kinney, Boston 1767
John Kinney Charles Town, SC 1767
Nathan Kinney, Nova Scotia, 1760-1765
Nathan Kinney, Nova Scotia, 1764
Richard Kinney, Virginia, 1637
Richard Kinney, age 16, Philadelphia, PA 1774
William Kinney, America, 1737
William Kinney, America 1771
William Kinney, Virginia 1734-1735
William Kinney, Virginia, 1771

Alexander McKenney, Massachusetts, 1675-1676
Catherine McKenney, Pennsylvania 1773 (also under McKinney)
Charles McKenney, age 20, Delaware, 1758.
Cornu McKenney, Virginia 1716 (Cornelius?)
Daniel McKenney, New Hampshire 1731 (also found in McKinney)
Thomas McKenney, America, 1773

Alexander McKinney, no age, PA, 1693
Daniel McKinney, no age, Boston, MA, 1763
Daniel McKinney, Pennsylvania, 1773
Edward McKinney, Virginia 1635
Dennis McKinney, no age, Charleston, SC 1765
Eleanor McKinney, no age, America, 1753
James McKinney, no age, Augusta County, VA 1762
James McKinney, Virginia, 1642
John McKinney, Augusta County, Virginia 1762
John McKinney, Charles Town, SC 1767
John McKinney, Pennsylvania, 1772
John McKinney, North Carolina 1799
John McKinney, Virginia 1716
John McKinney, Virginia 1772
Lawrence McKinney, Pennsylvania 1773
Mary McKinney, Pennsylvania, 1772
Mary McKinney, no age, Charleston, SC 1768
Mary McKinney, 70, Charleston, SC 1767
Mordecai McKinney, NJ, 1680-1713
Richard McKinney, Virginia 1637
Richard McKinney, Pennsylvania 1774
Roger McKinney, Virginia 1638
Thomas McKinney, America 1773

Alexander MacKenney, 20, Maryland, 1725
Andrew MacKennie, East New Jersey, 1684
James MacKenny, 19, Pennsylvania 1733
Corn MacKenney, Virginia 1673
Fra MacKenney, Virginia 1694
William MacKenney, no age, Maryland 1736
John & Susanna MacKenney, Barbados 1679 son: Cornelius
John MacKenney 1694, no port
Francis MacKenney 1694, no port
Andrew MacKenney, Maryland or Virginia 1738
Alexander MacKenney, Virginia 1688
James MacKeney, Virginia 1656

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