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Subject: Re: Re: [KINNEY] William KINNEY 1733
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 18:19:10 -0500
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Hi Fred,

If I am not mistaken, the Benjamin Franklin Kinney to whom you refer, born
1781, is actually the son of William Kinney born on or before 1755 per DAR
records. Christian Kinney's marriage records indicate that he married 1792
to Katherine Smith, daughter of Leonard Smith. This is the first time that
Chrisitian is seen in official records of Rowan County, NC.

It is assumed that B. F. Kinney married Elizabeth Merrill and that she was
the daughter of Penelope Merrill and Benjamin Merrill who were first
cousins. Penelope was the daughter of Capt. Benjamin Merrill who was
executed at the Battle of Alamance in 1771 in Rowan County, NC. Penelope's
mother was Jemima Smith Merrill. Merrill researchers have no identified
husband for Elizabeth. They consider her the best possibility for the wife
of B.F. Kinney. She is not mentioned in her father's will, but then, not all
of his children are mentioned.

Yes, please come to the website. You will find many records there of
interest to you!

I have listed as the children of William Kinney and Sarah/Sallie Parks as:
Jesse born 1778, married Sarah Cox. Migrated to Habersham County, GA
Thomas, born 1779, married Rebecca Woodle. Migrated to South Carolina
Benjamin Franklin, born 1781, married Elizabeth Merrill. Moved to Buncombe
County, NC
William II, born 1783, married Susannah Ward. Migrated to Carroll County, GA
by way of Habersham County, GA
Jemima, born 1785, married James Badgett. Buried in Davidson County
Anne, married a Smith either Fred or George. Nothing known of her.
Isaac, born 1789, married Susannah Workman. Remained in Rowan/Davidson
County, NC.
Unknown daughter, possibly Allice. No dates or marriage info available.
Unknown daughter, possibly Polly Jane, born 1795, migrated to KY with
Harrison Newsome.

Anyone on this list with info of any of the above people, please share your
info! Corrections and additions are welcome.

Cathy M. Casper
Sanford, NC

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> Hi List,
> Sam, Thanks for your input, I am sending a separate e-mail to
> you at to request an invitation to join the
> " web site for the descendents of William Kinney I"
> Ron, - in an attempt to clarify my question:
> I am unable to identify a son of 2a-Christian to connect him to
> 4-Benjamin Franklin from the e-mail containing Ancestors of
> Thomas KINNEY 1812 Tipton Co TN.
> *Excerpt from my Christian KINNEY desnendant chart
> 2a-Christian KINNEY _ Scotland-d.
> m.Katharine SMITH
> 3-?
> m-?
> 4-Benjamin Franklin2 KINNEY 1781 Rowan NC-bet1822/30 Rowan Co
> NC.
> m.1807 Elizabeth MERRELL 1790-bet 1850/60*.
> Am I missing 1740s generation-3 KINNEY?
> Fred
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> There is a web site for the descendents of William Kinney I
> who is believed to have been born 1833 Scotland and his descendents. A
> number of members trace their lines through his sons William Kinney II
> who
> settled in Habersham County, GA later Carroll County, GA & Christian
> Kinney who's line largely stayed in North Carolina. In addition members
> of the site are of several Kinney lines found in Georgia by 1820. One
> line, Jonathan Kinney's of Clarke County, GA later Jackson County, GA is
> said to be a NC Kinney and thought to be a descendent of William I, he
> owned land in Habersham County, GA during the time William II lived
> there.
> Except this line says the Kinney branch is of Irish descent. Other early
> Georgia Kinney's from VA & PA.
> Group discussions have arisen, sometimes heated, concerning the birth
> data
> for William Kinney I. His tombstone does have the birth date of 1733
> inscribed however it is of a different format than the rest of the stone.
> His grave was relocated during the construction of I85 and the stone
> placed is not an original. It in fact turned up missing for a period of
> time later to be found dumped in a ditch of a nearby home. The 1733 date
> is recessed as if the original information was removed and a new date was
> transcribed. DAR only takes a date range for William since the only
> record known to exist that gives us an idea of his birth is the age range
> he is placed in on the 1790 through 1820 census listings. As far as I
> know no one to date has been able to support the 1733 date or Scotland as
> the location with any hard evidence.
> Anyone with serious interest in this group who is researching south
> eastern Kinney lines can e-mail me and I will send you an invitation to
> join.
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