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Look this over:

1. Thomas Kirby - 1694 first appearance in Isle of Wight County, later
Southampton, Va. James Curles and wife, Elizabeth assigned a land patent to
Thomas Kirby on February 2, 1694. Thomas and his wife, Ruth, assigned same
to John Underwood on January 1, 1703.

Ref.: Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight ounty, VA, by John Bennett Boddie.
DB. 1, Isle of Wight Records, p. 652.

Thomas Kirby lived in Chowan County, NC. He died there, making his will on
May 7, 1718, pro. July 16, 1719. He mentions as legatees his sons: Thomas,
Charles and Edward Kirby. His daughters, Mabel and Easter, wife Easter was

It is highly probable that the Kirby Family that appears in Isle of Wight as
early as 1694 is the same as Chowan County, NC. Noted: The name "Easter"
appears in the will of Thomas Kirby, Sr., of NC and reappears on the will of
Thomas Macy who also mentions Richard Kirby. Easter and Esther could be the
Source: Mrs. Charles E. Davis, Genealogist Southampton County, VA.

Thomas Kirby, Sr. and wife Easter had: thomas, Charles, Edward, Mabel, and
Easter, possibly others.

Thomas Kirby, Jr. and wife had a son, Richard, which lived in Nansemond
County, VA.

Richard Kirby, Jr. lived in Southampton Co. Va. His will was pro. May 14,
1761. His wife was Judith. Their children: William, John, Richard, Ann
Porter, Mercy West, and Judith Biddle.

William and Mary Kirby of Southampton co. VA. had: William, John, Turner,
Edith Kennebrew, Milly Drew, Mary Nicholson, and Elizabeth Howell.
William's will was dated September 26, 1772, pro. November 12, 1772.
Mary's will was dated March 24, 1774, pro. October 13, 1774.

Note: York County, Isle of Wight Co. southampton, and Nansemond County of
VA, and Chowan County are close together.

Turner and wife Ann, Inventory of estate in 1783 left 270 A to his wife Ann.
This 270 A was left to his son, William Kirby, Land Tax book, Virginia State

William and wife Elizabeth Turner Kirby sold the above land and other lands
to Thomas Porter on February 24, 1803. Elizabeth died February 23, 1868. An
old deed recorded above date. (Sampson County Courthouse, NC.) It states
that this William was born in Southampton Co. VA. He died September 22,
their children were: William Turner, b. 1803/4, Elizabeth and Mary Ann.

William Turner and wife, Elizabeth Cromartie, m. October 15, 1828, and died
1862. she died October 31, 1858. Their children: william, Ruhamah Jane,
John C., George Leonidas, James, died infancy, Anna, Elizabeth, Harriet
Atwood and Henry.

William, b. December 19, 1829, d. August 18, 1856, married Matilda Pigford
December 23, 1862. She was b. December 30, 1842, d. January 3, 1916. their
children: Lillian, William, Albert sidney, Henry, robert Lee, Bradley, George
Ransom, Lizzie Mae, and Katie Belle.

George Ransom Kirby and wife Elizabeth Alice Wardlaw were m. June 14, 1906.
George b. January 28, 1877, d. Labor Day 1934. Elizabeth b. May 24, 1885, d.
November 12, 1916.
their children were: Elizabeth Wardlaw Kirby, b. 6-22-1907
George Lamar Kirby, b. 10-05-1909
James Wardlaw Kirby, b. 3-13-1912

James Wardlaw Kirby and wife Mary Eleanor Kelly were married August 18, 1951.
their children: Michael Kelley Kirby, b. July 1954, and James Malcolm b.
12-20 1955.

this is not my family but found this in Vertical Files, State Archives,
Raleigh, NC.

Helen, descendant of Jesse Kirby, Johnston County, NC.


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