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Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, Kniffin 2nd ed., 1885
Caldwell Co.

Z.J. CRIDER was born December 23, 1825. He received his education at
Fredonia and spent his early life on his father's farm. At the age of
twenty, he left home and commenced life for himself. His first venture
was merchandizing at Fredonia, and he followed this business for over
seven years. He next settled on a farm one and a half miles east of the
village, where he resided until 1868. He then came to Walnut Grove and
settled on his present farm, where he now owns about 700 acres, of which
there are about 600 acres in cultivation. He also pays some attention to
stock raising. In 1876 he purchased the Hoover Mill, which he is still
running. At present the milling property is valued at about $2,500. He
was married February 9, 1858, to Miss Jane Kirkpatrick, daughter of
James Kirkpatrick. Mr. and Mrs. Crider are members of the Cumberland
Presbyterian Church.

Crider Kirkpatrick
=Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 3rd ed.,
1886. Monroe County.

JOHN M. KIRKPATRICK was born October 12, 1846, in Monroe County, where
he grew up and now resides. His father, Moses Kirkpatrick, also of
Monroe County, was born December 1, 1808. He was a son of William and
Tabitha (Wallace) Kirkpatrick. William Kirkpatrick was a son of Moses
and Lucy (Smith) Kirkpatrick, of North Carolina. Moses Kirkpatrick was
born December 6, 1763. Moses Kirkpatrick, Jr., the father of John M.,
married, about 1833, Sarah J., daughter of James Gee. From this union
sprang eight children, of whom John M. is the seventh. On the 26th of
November, 1869, he married Mary E., daughter of Lewis E. and Eliza
(Hunter) Philpott, of Cumberland County. To them have been born James
D., Robert, Price, Avie L., Moses, William and Ned. Mr. Kirkpatrick is
the owner of 350 acres of land; is a member of the Baptist Church, and
in politics is a Democrat. His great-grandfather, Moses Kirkpatrick, is
said to have been one of the first settlers south of Green River.

Gee Hunter Kirkpatrick Philpott Smith Wallace
Cumberland-KY NC
Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 5th ed.,
1887, Franklin Co.

ROBERT H. NICOL was born in Dumfries County, Scotland, December 3, 1825;
is a son of David and Agnes (Hay) Nicol; came to the United States in
1852, and landed at Philadelphia, where he remained a short time and
then came to Frankfort, Ky., in the same year, 1852. He was
superintendent of the Frankfort Cemetery twenty-three years and is now
a dealer in ice, extensively, supplying the city; also has his farm of
300 acres cultivated and has a green-house in which he spends most of
his time. He married Henrietta Wright, of Scotland, October 21, 1853.
She is a daughter of William and Agnes (Kirkpatrick) Wright, and the
mother of four children: James W., Robert C., (who married Cassie
Roberts of Franklin County, and has had two children: Henrietta W. and
Robert H.), Agnes (who married Frank Haff, of New York) and Eleanora.
Mr. and Mrs. Nicol are members of the Presbyterian CHurch. Mr. Nicol
is industrious, active, energetic and painstaking in whatever he
engages, and is very popular with all who know him.

Nicol Hay Wright Kirkpatrick Roberts Haff
NY PA Dumfries-Scotland
Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 3rd ed.,
1886. Monroe County.

WILLIAM H. RICHARDSON was born May 3, 1813, in Fentress County, Tenn.,
where he grew up. At the age of twenty-five years he removed to Monroe
County, Ky., where he has since resided. His father, John H.
Richardson, was born about 1787, in Virginia. He was a son of Williamson
Richardson, who was born of English parents. John H. Richardson married
Abigail, daughter of Geoffry Hildreth, of Virginia. From this union
sprang twelve children, of whom William H. is the seventh. He married,
September 3, 1841, Julia A., daughter of William and Tabitha (Wallace)
Kirkpatrick, of Monroe County. To them have been born Carrol H., Tabitha
(Shives), Ellen T. (Coe), William K., Geoffry H. (deceased), Lucy
(Smith), Robert, Belle (Smith), and Thomas. Williamson H. Richardson
commenced life entirely on his own resources, with no capital but his
own hands and brain, first as a farmer and trader and finally as a
merchant, in connection with and subservient to his farming industry.
He is the owner of a well stocked store on the banks of the Cumberland
River, besides over 1,000 acres of well improved and productive land in
fine state of cultivation. He lost sixteen slaves by the war. He is a
member of the Christian Church, and in politics is a Democrat.

Coe Hildreth Kirkpatrick Richardson Shives Smith Wallace
Fentress-TN VA
Kentucky: A History of the State, Perrin, Battle & Kniffin, 2nd ed., 1885,
Webster Co.

CHARLES A. BEYMER was born July 6, 1855, in Huron County, Ohio, where he
grew to manhood, and in 1873 removed with his parents to Webster County,
Ky., the place of his present residence. His father, Edmund Beymer, who
is a native of Guernsey County, Ohio, was born in 1833, and is a skilled
workman and is engaged in his calling, which is that of a carriage trimmer
and saddler. Edmund is the son of William Beymer, who was the son of Gen.
Simon Beymer, of the Revolutionary War. Edmund espoused as his wife, Mary,
daughter of James and Eliza (Marsh) Kirkpatrick, of Guernsey County, who
was born in 1834 and is now living. Their union was blessed with the
following named children: Charles A., Walter E., Clara B. (Cobb), Emma A.
(Kenyon), Nellie M., Winifred, Myrtie B., and Gracie M. Charles A. was
favored with good literary advantages, having been educated at the high
school, located in Bellevue, Ohio and is well versed in the literature of
the day. He is engaged in the profession of farming, and chiefly in the
cultivation of wheat and tobacco. His parents are Methodists and his
father is a Republican.

Beymer Marsh Kirkpatrick Cobb Kenyon
Huron-OH Guernsey-OH
Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 3rd ed.,
1886. Monroe County.

ROBERT H. RICHARDSON was born March 15, 1824, in Fentress County, Tenn.,
where he grew up. In 1843 he removed to Monroe County, Ky., where he has
since resided. His father, John H. Richardson, was born about 1787, in
Virginia. He was a son of Williamson Richardson, who was also from
Virginia, but who was born in England; he was among the first settlers
of what is now Fentress County, Tenn., but which was then a portion of
Kentucky - before the revision of the State line between the State of
Kentucky and Tennessee; was appointed clerk of the county court when the
county was created, and held the office, by appointment, until it became
a law that the clerk should be elected by the people, after which he was
successively elected every term until his death - making about forty
years he held the office; in polities he was a stanch Democrat. John H.
Richardson, married, about 1805, Abigail, daughter of Geoffrey and
Lillie (Bowen) Hildreth. To their union twelve children were born, of
whom Robert H. is the ninth. He married, December 23, 1842, Margaret,
daughter of William and Tabitha (Wallace) Kirkpatrick, of Monroe County.
To them have been born Henry, William, John, Alonzo, Lucy (Grey),
Tabitha (Maxey), Shrilda, Basil and Gertrude. Mr. Richardson is the
owner of about 2,000 acres of land, with 1,000 acres in a fine state of
cultivation, besides a well stocked store. He is a member of the
Tompkinsville Lodge, A. F. & A. M., and in politics is a Democrat.

Bowen Grey Kirkpatrick Maxey Richardson Wallace
England Fentress-TN VA
Memorial Record of Western Kentucky, Lewis Publishing Company, 1904,
pp 521-522 [McCracken]
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REV. JOHN D. KIRKPATRICK was born in Montgomery county,
Tennessee, November 27, 1828, and is a son of Finis Ewing and
Margaret (Gant)[GOTT] Kirkpatrick [son of Robert & Martha KIRKPATRICK].
The mother died when he was just three
days of age. He has a twin brother, Robert Simpson Kirkpatrick, now
a farmer and resident of Washington. The parents were natives of
Rev. Kirkpatrick was reared by relatives in Tennessee. His
training was given him upon a farm, and his early educational
advantages were very limited. When seventeen years of age he was
thrown upon his own resources, and worked as a farm hand for one
year, then in 1848 came to McCracken county, where he has practical
made his home ever since.
In 1858 he married Mary Jane Rudolph, born in Montgomery
county, Tennessee, July 22, 1834, and their children were as
follows: An infant, deceased; Elmira M., deceased; Ellen Simpson,
deceased; William T.; Linnie B., deceased; E. Wallace.
When Mr. Kirkpatrick was sixteen years of age he joined the
Cumberland Presbyterian church, of which both he and his wife are
faithful members. In the spring of 1855 Mr. Kirkpatrick was
licensed to preach, and was an active worker in the vineyard of the
Lord until recently when declining years forbade. While carrying
his religious labors he has also farmed, and is a most excellent and
worthy man. In his political convictions he is a Prohibitionist,
and at one time was a candidate of that party for legislature.
Fraternally he is a Mason and a member of the Independent Order of
Odd Fellows.

Kirkpatrick Gant Rudolph Simpson
The Crittenden Press, Marion, KY 13 May 1932. Used with permission.
[Crittenden Co]

ISAM CLEMENT came to Crittenden county from Virginia in 1818. His
father's name was Isam and he ran a kill [sic] on the Rappahannoch River
in Virginia. Young Isam married Miss Sarah Rudd in Charlotte [sic], Va.,
in 1818. They settled on a farm about seven miles south west of Marion.
Their children were: Granville F. Clement, who married Salina Phillips;
Maria Clement, who married Littleton Owen; Elizabeth Clement, who married
Alexander Coleman; Nancy Clement, who married Robert Love; Pauline
Clement, who married Joe Ben Champion; Anne Clement, who married Presley
Cruce; Parthenia Clement, who married William Bennett; John Clement,
who married Sallie Hughes; William Clement, who married Malvina Nunn;
Henry Clement, who married Permelia Bennett.
Newton Clement was married twice. He first married Anne Coleman,
and next Maggie Francis. Marion Clement married Jerdonia Kirkpatrick.
Granville Clement was a third cousin of Samuel Clements [sic], who
lived at Florida, Mo., and who was the father of the great writer and
humorist, Samuel Clements, better known as "Mark Twain."

Clement Clements Rudd Phillips Owen Coleman Love Champion Cruce Bennett
Hughes Nunn Francis Kirkpatrick Twain
Charlotte-VA MO
Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 6th ed., 1887,
Trimble Co.

JOHN H. CALVERT, M.D., was born where he now resides, five miles southeast
of Milton, March 2, 1861, the youngest of six children born to Wade H. and
Martha M. (Kirkpatrick) Calvert. Wade H. was born near Frankfort, Ky.,
April 11, 1812; his wife on July 12, 1818, near Paris, Ky. She died
November 29, 1881. Wade H. was reared on the farm, and when quite young
turned his attention to mercantile pursuits, and for many years was engaged
in merchandising at Pleasureville, Henry County. About 1860 he abandoned
that business and turned his attention to agricultural affairs, moved to
Trimble County and settled where he yet resides. At one time he owned
upward of 1,000 acres of land, but which is now divided among his children.
Our subject was reared on the farm, received his early education at the
common schools, and later attended Hanover College in Jefferson County,
Ind., where he remained two years. During that time he paid some attention
to the study of medicine with Dr. James R. Lewis, of Madison, Ind., and in
1878 entered the University of Louisville, from which he graduated February
26, 1881. He then commenced the practice of his profession in Trimble
County, where he has since been engaged in the practice of his profession,
has a large patronage, and is regarded as one of the ablest physicians of
the county. March 1, 1883, he married Inez A. Brown, a daughter of
Joseph and Hettie (Myers) brown, of Lockland, Ohio, but now residents of
Memphis, Tenn. Dr. Calvert politically is a Democrat.

Calvert Kirkpatrick Brown Myers
Memorial Record of Western Kentucky, Lewis Publishing Company, 1904,
pp 574-575 [McCracken]

EPHRAIM RUDOLPH, who died at Paducah. June 12, 1903, was one of
the oldest and best known residents of McCracken county. He was
born within six miles of Clarksville, Tennessee, April 26, 1813, a
son of John and Mollie (Stailey) Rudolph, both natives of North
Carolina, where they were reared and married. They then moved to
Montgomery county, Tennessee, and lived until their deaths. They
had ten children, of whom Ephraim was the youngest. The father was
a farmer, and our subject was reared upon the farm, obtaining a very
limited education. His marriage took place in Montgomery county in
1831, when he was eighteen years of age, to Catherine Carter, who
was born near Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and died in McCracken county,
Kentucky, in 1886. To this marriage were born the following
children, namely: William Andrew, deceased; Mary Jane, who married
Rev. John D. Kirkpatrick; Thelbert Michael, of Paducah; Lean
Elizabeth, who married C. J. Rudolph, a farmer of McCracken county;
Margaret Adaline, widow of Henry Phelps, of McCracken county.
In 1840 Mr. Rudolph came to McCracken county, Kentucky,
settling ten miles southwest of Paducah, where he made his home till
death. He settled here in the woods and cleared off a good farm,
and was one of the oldest pioneers in the county. For a number of
years he voted the Democratic ticket, but was later a Prohibitionist. He
was a devout member of the Cumberland Presbyterian church from the time
he was eighteen years of age, and was a ruling elder the greater portion
of that time. He was a man very highly esteemed in the neighborhood, and
a fine type of the pioneers of long ago.

Rudolph Stailey Carter Kirkpatrick Phelps
NC Montgomery-TN
Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 3rd ed.,
1886. Monroe County.

CHRISTOPHER HAYES was born April 13, 1811, near Tompkinsville, Monroe
Co., Ky., and in 1823 removed with his parents and located at the head
of Barren River, where he grew to manhood and has always resided. His
father, Aaron Hayes, a native of North Carolina, was born October 20,
1769, and in 1799 removed to Monroe County, Ky.; he was a blacksmith,
and died July 15, 1854. He was the son of Jesse Hayes, of Maryland, and
served seven years in the Revolutionary war, and died in Maury County,
Tenn. Aaron Hayes married Hannah, daughter or Oby and Priscilla (Breed)
Howard, of Union District, S.C., born in 1770, died in 1857, and from
their union sprang Avery B., Anna (Ray), Sally (Gist), John, Howard,
Harlin, Christopher, and Jane (Bray). Christoper married, May 19, 1844,
Nancy K., daughter of William and Keziah (Chisan) (sic) Kirkpatrick, of
Jackson County, Tenn., born September 21, 1821, and to them have been
born Amanda (Meador, deceased), Keziah (Comer), William K., Lydia A.
(Jones), Harlin, Lois M. (Emberton), Sally J. and Hannah H. In
commencing his business career Mr. Hayes had an even start with the
world, and maintained his parents during their declining years. By his
own efforts he has accumulated a compentency. He is interested in a
handle factory, also in a mill, which has been profitable. He is a
farmer, owning 400 acres of productive land in good condition and in a
fine state of cultivation. He has for thirty-five years been a member of
and for twenty-seven years a deacon in the Christian Church. In politics
he was an old line Whig, and is now a Prohibitionist.

Breed Chism (Chisan) Comer Emberton Gist Jones Kirkpatrick Meador Ray
Jackson-TN MD Maury-TN NC Union District-SC

Carol (Gehrs) Mitchell, 211 Capitol Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15236-3901

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