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From: "Ivan Knox" <>
Subject: Re: [KNOX-DNA] About the New KNOX-DNA Mail List...
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 10:28:33 +0100
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Wednesday 1st October 2008.

Hi , good morning from Ireland.

In reply to your e-mail regarding the Knox 's I am absolutely positive of my
forefather John Knox born 1785 who married a lady named Herron or Harron,
they had a family of two sons and seven girls, .John had a brother William
born 1795 who married a lady named Gardiner and had a family of ten girls
and four sons.
I have information in my possession that we are of the same Knox line as
that of General Henry Knox 1st Sec of War in the USA.His Father came from
County Donegal Ireland while his Mother came from County Tyrone Ireland.The
wife or mother of President Andrew Jackson was one of this family.
Further back than 1785 I don't know but I would be delighted to find out.

I was told by my grandfather that our families of Knox are of the same line
as John Knox the great Scottish Reformer Church Minister, and Andrew Knox
Bishop of Raphoe 1611, died 1632., who's families can be traced back to
around when they had no surname, the couple were known as Adamus and
Cybilla, the got their surname from her father who was high sheriff of
Scotland and as a wedding gift gave her a plot of ground with contained a
large rock or stone.
The Gaelic spoken word for rock or stone is (Cnoc)translated down the years
to Knox,and that is when the surname was first known.
I hope this piece of information is of some use to your DNA projects.
Kindest regards
Ivan Knox.
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From: "Peggy Bruckner" <>
To: "KNOX-DNA" <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2008 9:09 PM
Subject: [KNOX-DNA] About the New KNOX-DNA Mail List...

> Several days ago, Jim Brown, our FTDNA Knox-DNA Project Administrator, and
> I
> discussed the need to capture and preserve our Knox-DNA "conversations"
> for
> access by all (present and future) who have an interest in this subject.
> Emails tend to be "hit and miss" and difficult to manage for larger
> groups,
> and it's easy to miss someone who has a "need to know"...
> I suggested a Mail List might be useful in managing the flow of
> information,
> and Jim agreed. With that goal in mind, the "Knox-DNA Mail List" has been
> established. We're not sure how this approach will work, so we'll all
> need
> to "play it by ear" at first, and if more discussion rules are needed,
> we'll
> figure them out as we grow... If you have ideas in this regard, please do
> post them to the list! Your suggestions are always welcomed.
> Administrivia:
> Everyone who has been participating in our most recent email discussions
> has
> been added to the list in "L" mode, meaning that whenever any one of you
> posts a message by sending an email , it will be
> sent
> to everyone immediately.
> My experience is that "L" (List) mode usually works well for low-volume
> traffic lists; however, as the number of messages grows, sometimes "L"
> mode
> creates too many daily interruptions. If this becomes a problem for you,
> "D" mode (Digest mode - which consolidates messages into no more than one
> email notice) is an alternative method that works very well. For
> detailed
> instructions on switching to Digest mode -- go to this link:
> General User Instructions for the Knox-DNA Mail
> List<>;
> Our hope is that you'll find this Mail List helpful finding and
> understanding DNA connections to your Knox ancestor. We also hope you'll
> actively participate by posting.
> We're all searching for that elusive connection back to Ireland or
> Scotland...and so I wish you all success in making the trans-Atlantic
> leap!
> Peggy Reece Bruckner
> KNOX-DNA Mail List Administrator
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> with the word 'unsubscribe' without the
> quotes in the subject and the body of the message


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