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From: "Peggy Bruckner" <>
Subject: [KNOX-DNA] General Mail List Usage TIPS
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 12:46:18 -0400

Please be aware that when you "reply" to a post, the subject line remains
the same, so please try to keep your reply on the "same" topic.

When the subject changes in the middle of a thread, it's very disorienting
for some of us old folks who are trying to focus on one subject at a time :)
An added benefit is that well-written subject lines make "browsing" the
archives later much easier...

To "change" subjects/topics, please compose a NEW email and send it to
. This will start a "new" message thread.

We're all learning how to use the list, so if you see anything that might
make our "conversations" more useful and effective, please don't hesitate to
speak up...

Peggy Reece Bruckner
List Owner/Manager

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