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Subject: Re: [KNOX-DNA] Inquiry
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 15:47:38 EDT

In a message dated 10/15/2008 2:27:36 A.M. Central Daylight Time, Ed Knox
() writes:

>> What organization is sponsoring this project? <<

Hello Ed!

Thanks for the inquiry! The message you received was from Peggy Bruckner,
who is now building a new website for the Knox DNA Project.

>> How can I view the information that has already been gathered? <<

The new website isn't quite yet in shape for prime time viewing, but I
imagine it will be ready soon. So Peggy should be announcing its Internet address
any time now.

>> Is there a project membership fee? <<

No, and as I mentioned above it's not really a new project -- just an
extension of the existing Knox DNA Project. So the only cost is what you've already
spent for your DNA test.

>> Does the Knox project interconnect with other family projects - for
instance my maternal grandfather's family, the Wood family? <<

It's possible that you MIGHT learn something about your maternal
grandmother's maternal line (her mother's mother's mother and so forth back for
thousands of years) by having a test for your mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA).

We don't test this type of DNA under the auspices of the Knox project.
Nonetheless, the sample you've submitted for your Knox test (your "yDNA") could be
reanalyzed by the lab in order to determine your mtDNA patterns. Still, I'm
reluctant to advise such testing until a participant has a good understanding
of the limited potential of mtDNA. In fact, it's seldom useful for
genealogy. Rather, it's more a tool for researching your "deep ancestry."

Now if you're interested in tracing the Woods surname -- as opposed to your
grandmother's maternal ancestry -- you'd have to get a DNA sample from one of
your Woods-surnamed male cousins. Your own DNA can't be used for this
specific research.

Finally, referring back to the genealogical info on your Knox line that
Peggy has requested for our new website, you may send the info directly to me or
to her () rather than to the Knox DNA mailing list. I'd
recommend your handling it this way if for any reason you don't want your name
to be directly associated with your DNA results in a publicly viewable

(We won't show our participant's names at the website unless they
specifically request same. But if you send your genealogical info to the mailing list,
your name and email address will be linked to your genealogical info in the
mailing list's public archives.)

I hope I've addressed your concerns adequately. In any case, please always
feel free to contact me whenever you have questions -- whether about DNA
genealogy in general or about the Knox project in particular. I'm here to help!

Best regards,

Jim Brown (James Armistead Brown, Jr.)
Volunteer Project Administrator
Knox & Variant Surnames DNA Project
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