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Subject: [KNOX-DNA] Knox-DNA Project - My Most Distant Ancestor Profile
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 12:25:23 -0400

Testing Service Name: Knox-DNA Kit

Group or Line Number: 1

Participant ID Number: 190727

Most Distance Proven Ancestor's Name: James Knox

Birth date/location: 26 July, 1713, near Ranfurly, Lanark, Scotland

Death date/location: 1787, Richburg, Chester, South Carolina

Wife: Elizabeth Craig

Birth date/location: 26 Dec 1718, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Death date/location: 1822, Puncheon Camp Creek, Bedford, Tennessee

Children (Chapter citations refer to

2-1 Mary Knox, born about 1740 in Scotland, married Mr. Pollock or Polk,
remained in Ireland, no more information.

2-2 Jannet Knox, born about 1742 in Scotland, married John Gaston; [Chapter
2, page 15.]

2-3 John Knox, born in Scotland in 1744, married Elizabeth Eoff; [Chapter 3,
page 48.]

2-4 James Knox, Jr., born in Scotland about 1749, married Jannet Miller;
[Chapter 4, page 56.]

2-5 William Knox, born in Scotland about 1751, married Patience Gill;
[Chapter 5, page 409.]

2-6 Samuel Knox, born in Ballymoney, Ireland, about 1753, married Catherine
Jones; [Chapter 6, page 434.]

2-7 Elizabeth Knox, born in Ballymoney, Ireland, about 1753, married Samuel
Morrow; [Chapter 7, page 542.]

2-8 Robert Knox, born 11 April, 1758, in Ballymoney, Ireland, first married
Elizabeth Gill, and second, married Milly Bohanon; [Chapter 8, page 549.]

2-9 Joseph Knox, born about 1760 in Ireland, he was blind, did not marry, no

2-10 Margaret Knox, born about 1763 in Ireland, married Isaac Eoff; [Chapter
9, page 568.]

2-11 Ann (Nancy) Knox, born about 1765 in Ireland, married Jacob Sutton;
[Chapter 10, page 597.]

2-12 Susan Knox, born 1767, died on ocean, no descendants.

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Migration Data:

James and Elizabeth were married in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland ca 1735.

In 1752 they migrated to Ballymoney, Ireland.

In 1767 they migrated to Charleston, Chester County, S.C. They settled in
Richburg, S.C. on Rocky Creek.

Several of the sons participated in and lost their lives in the
Revolutionary War. Then it is recorded that on 3 October 1786 James and his
wife Elizabeth sold the Rocky Creek property. The exact date of James' death
is not known but it is assumed that he died sometime during the winter of
1786 or 1787.

Probably sometime in the early spring of 1788, a wagon train of six wagons
set out for new lands in Crab Orchard, Madison Co., Kentucky, including the
matriarch Elizabeth Craig Knox, then 65 years old.

In the spring of 1812, another breakup of the Knox family occurred. Four
families along with Elizabeth Craig Knox formed another wagon train bound
for Tennessee, deciding to settle on Puncheon Camp Creek, on the Garrison
Fork of the Duck River, Bedford Co., Tennessee. Elizabeth died at age 103 in

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