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Subject: [KOREAN-WAR] Korean War Project - Memorial Day 2003
Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 20:11:42 EDT

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May 26, 2003 Memorial Day Newsletter
Table of Contents

1.  Remembering our Korean War Veterans
2.  A Young Korean Remembers
3.  Bookstore
4.  USS Orleck DD-886
5.  "Shot Heard 'Round the World." -  October 3, 1951
6.  Reunions and Commemoration Events
7.  A Son-in-Law Visits the Allegheny County Korean War Memorial
8.  This Mailing List (going to  26,000 + persons)
9.  DMZ Veterans Resources
10. I Remember Korea Bumper Stickers - Membership Drive

1. Remembering our Korean War Veterans

Today marks another day for friends, family and current day
service men and women to pause in Remembrance. The
sacrifices of those who paid the ultimate price are
even more evident to us this year with the recent war

Those who continue to wear the physical and mental scars of
war whether veteran or family need to be thanked for their
contribution as well.

Those who became POW - Prisoner of War and suffered
deprivation at the hands of their captors deserve a special
Remembrance today.

Close to 13,000 UN troops were held over time.  For US
Forces, just under 4700 men came home after Operation Little
and Big Switch.  Others who managed to escape,  never given
POW status, deserve to be recognized for the hardship

The casualty rate among UN Forces held captive was

The call to service in the Korean Peninsula was answered by
an international force of arms. Medical units, aviation,
naval and/or infantry units arrived to assist in stemming
the tide of aggression from the North.

Civilians on both sides of the Demarcation Line in Korea
lost their lives by the thousands. Many more of them became
refugees. The ROK had upwards of 135,000 imprisoned or
reduced to involuntary service for the DPRK.  Estimates of
89,000  ROK citizens are still unaccounted for.

For those who served and those who continue the tradition,
We Shall Remember.

2.  A Young Korean Remembers

Ed Moynagh, USAF  Ret. first caught this recent KWP
Guestbook entry:

             ENTRY: 73528
             DATE POSTED: 2003-05-11 23:11:32
          FIRSTNAME: Jung sik
          LASTNAME: Yoon
          STREET: State Univ of NewYork Wilson hall 9  
          CITY: Plattsburgh
          STATE: NY
          ZIP: 12901 2690


I am a Korean student who is studying in the U.S.A. I just
found this web site from linked site. I sincerely appreciate
to you to help my country during the Korean war. By
sacrificing nearly 60000 unit, you brought us liberty, so we
could keep our democracy. Again,Thank you so much for your
help. We will never forget it.

and one more.. special thanks to missionaries.

3. Bookstore

Beautiful Feet & Real Peace
by Hubert Edward Reeves

Better known to thousands of KVETS as PFC Ed Reeves, the
author has his book in print.  Ed was a member of the 31st
Infantry Regt. at the well-remembered Chosin Reservoir
battle.  He survived due to the efforts of Task Force Faith
and care of medical personnel in Korea, Japan and the USA.

Ed has been a pen pal of the Korean War Project for many
years and we are proud to recognize his penmanship and
wonderful spirit.


Ed Reeves
1945 Forest View
Prescott, AZ 86305-5115

Cost: $15.00 by check or money order only.

A Foxhole View,
Personal accounts of Hawaii's Korean War Veterans
Edited by Louis Baldovi

Editor Note: more details as soon as we contact our pal,

>From Charles Fox, in Hawaii: Quoting from the Preface:

"Seventy Korean War combat veterans, from various units,
were invited to share their accounts of the war. Of the
seventy, fifty agreed to be interviewed.

"All of the stories are woven together in chronological
order, starting in 1950, rather than presenting thirty 
separate accounts".

"In comparison to the overall population of the United
States, Hawaii suffered three times as many wounded and
three and a half times the total number of casualties".

"Of the sixteen nations, excluding the United States, that
sent ground combat units to Korea, only Turkey  and the
United Kingdom had more men killed in action than Hawaii".

The Price We Pay
by Ralph Adams

From: Ralph Adams

Ted, I had told  you I had written a book about the Korean
war. Titled,'The Price We Pay" I  have many pictures I took
in the Korean war. The book is almost 300 pages.

I was a squad leader with the 3rd Infantry Division, the
same one that is in Iraq.

Send  $20.00 tax and shipping included.

Ralph Adams
1920 Atwood Dr.
Pensacola, FL 32514

MIA - Korea, Sgt. Forehand's Family Still Searches
by Thomas Forehand

An online book: http://www.miakorea.com/korea/

Have you ever received a letter that came late? I did. That
letter was written in 1954 but did not arrive until
1995–forty-one years later! Shortly before that letter
arrived, I had asked my aunt to send information about my
father's tour of duty in Korea. She obliged me by sending a
copy of that un-mailed, 1954 letter that I had never even
known existed. It was a letter she had typed to send to me,
a seven-year old. Yet for various reasons, in 1954 she felt
that she could not send it. For four decades, her epistle
lay buried under a dirty pile of family bitterness, sickness
and forgetfulness. In part, Aunt Peggy had withheld this
detailed information until she was convinced I would
seriously appreciate my father’s experience.

This book is about my late father Master Sergeant Thomas A.
Forehand. If he were alive today, he would be in his
eighties. It is expected that few Americans remember him,
however, it is tragically unexpected that most Americans
remember little of the last war he played a part in -- The
Korean War.

---e. ---
Christmas in July
Edited by Hank Nicol

"Christmas in July" is a story by over 20 of us who were in
a battle on Christmas Hill during July 1953, the last month
of the Korean War. I am now collecting stories--and writing
my own--about earlier phases of the war.

I have edited "Christmas in July" which is on the web. Go

If that doesn't work go to the website of Humboldt State
University, click on Department, click on History, scroll
down to  Dogface-Xmas Hill.

4. USS Orleck DD-886

From: Roy Yater 

Ted---I'm a Korean War vet and very much enjoy the

Other readers may be interested in the story of the
destroyer on which I served during the war.  She was built
in Orange Texas shipyards in 1945 and fought in WWII, Korea,
and Vietnam. 

After nearly 40 years of distinguished service
she was decommissioned and sold to the Turkish Navy.  A few
years ago a group of interested patriots from Orange
arranged to have her towed to Orange Texas, where she is now
being refurbished by volunteers.

She is open to the public as an educational and historical
museum. The USS Orleck (DD886) is a proud old fighting lady
named for a valiant WWII skipper who, after evacuating the
entire crew, went down with his damaged ship when it hit a
mine while he was trying to ground it. 

The ship's web site is http://www.Orleck.com.  Her
caretakers are seeking donations to provide her with a badly
needed dry-docking.

5. "Shot Heard 'Round the World." -  October 3, 1951

Last fall, the KWP alerted our viewers to a young Wall
Street Journal writer, Josh Prager. Josh received many email
from you and is still working on his book:

May 19,  2003
From: Josh Prager

Hello. My name is Joshua Prager. I'm a reporter at the Wall
Street Journal currently on book leave writing about a
baseball game that took place on October 3, 1951--right in
the middle of the battle at Heartbreak Ridge. The event was
a playoff game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York
Giants that culminated in Bobby Thomson's famed home run,
the "Shot Heard 'Round the World."

The radio call of the game was carried by Armed Forces radio
and I'd very much like to include a story or two about
soldiers in Korea who were able to listen to the game,
particularly if you were stationed at Heartbreak Ridge.

If you have an interesting story to share about listening to
the game while a soldier in Korea, I'd love to hear it.
Thank you so very much. My email is .

Joshua Prager

6.  Reunions and Commemoration Events

Please visit individual Looking For unit messages and our
Reunions section. A partial listing of new reunion alerts follows:

---a. ---
>From Phil Hill

Major Richard Bong Air Museum

There is going to be a dedication of the Major Richard Bong
Air Museum in Superior Wisconsin on D-Day 6 June 3003 and
they are inviting all members of the 49th  Fighter-Bomber
Group and Wing to attend. 

It is right on highway 53 and it goes 6 - 9 JUNE.

1370th Military Police Squadron (Avn)

  I am a Korean veteran of before and during the war and I
am always attempting to locate friends who were there with

In your next newsletter I would really appreciate if you
would post a message asking any past members of the 1370th
Military Police Squadron (Avn) to contact me who were
stationed there at Kimpo from February 1948 until August of

My e-mail address is as follows:
or they can write me at:
PO Box 24462
Tempe, Arizona 85285-4462.

John Calhoon, Scottsdale,  Arizona 

The USS LSMR 404:
will hold its third reunion in Memphis, TN from Sept. 16
through Sept. 19.
Interested parties should contact Warren Gilmour at
"" for info. 

7. A Son-in-Law Visits the Allegheny County Korean War

To: <>
Sent: Monday, May 05, 2003 7:30 PM

I would like to share a note I received from one of my
son-in- laws;

Earlier today, I was walking along the north shore (between
PNC Park and Heinz Field) and I noticed the Korean War
Memorial.  I've walked this stretch of the Allegheny River
Shore line several times when coming to/from
Steelers/Pirates Games.  Until today, I have never noticed
the beauty of this Memorial.  The sun was shining on it in
such a way that all of the marble and bronze was glowing.  I
spent quite awhile walking through the Memorial.  I have to
be 100% honest:  the Korean War was never dealt with in any
of my history classes in school.  As a result, I got quite a
history lesson today.  The Memorial has a section devoted to
the events of the war and a chronological timeline.  The
names of all the servicemen from Allegheny County who served
during the conflict have their own brick.

About a half hour ago, I watched the arrival (on American
soil) of the first POW's home from the current War in Iraq.

These two events today, really got me thinking about how on
any given day, a few hundred/thousand service personnel keep
several hundred million American citizens free.  What an
awesome task!  Often, I feel my generation is not
appreciative (does not even attempt to grasp) the level of
sacrifice it takes to keep us free.  A lot of us have always
known, but never truly grasped the required level of
sacrifice.  Today, has me grasping it a little more, and I
just wanted to say thanks for the sacrifice you made many
years ago, far away from home, for so many of us.

8. This Mailing List (going to  26,000 + persons)

This list is a private list for our visitors and members.  A
person may join or leave the list at will. It is compiled
from our Guestbook and is for public service messages of
general interest to veterans and families.

Send Ted an email with Subscribe or Unsubscribe in
the subject. Be sure to include name and full email address.

If you wish to have any or all of your messages deleted
from the site, you must email Ted with instructions and
areas of the site affected eg: Looking For, BBS,

Note: if you received this from us directly, you are already
subscribed. Consider forwarding the Newsletter to your
friends. Many people take copies to veteran meetings.

9. DMZ Veterans Resources

Be sure to review the pages and contact information:

a. http://www.koreanwar.org/html/dmz_war.html
   The Forgotten DMZ by Van Jenerette

b. http://www.koreanwar.org/html/dmzvets.htm
   Message Center and links - 1953 thru today

c. http://kdvamerica.org/
   KDVA - Korea Defense Veterans Alliance

d. http://www.dmzforum.org/
   DMZ Forum Preservation of DMZ Ecosystems

e. http://www.koreanwar.org/html/history_and_reference.html
   under category; DMZ

f. DMZ Veterans Association Contact & Newsletter

David Benbow
Benbow and Phillips
PO Drawer 432
Statesville, NC 28687-0432

PH: 704 871-9000

10. I Remember Korea Bumper Stickers - Membership Drive

Many thanks to all who have assisted the KWP with their
donations or purchase of the Bumper Stickers.

If you have not donated, do consider sending in your
dues or sponsorships to help us keep going!

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Thanks to all of you for helping make the Korean War Project


Hal and Ted Barker

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