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Subject: Re: [KORNEGAY-L] Elizabeth, wife of George Kornegay III
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Abstracts of Wills Duplin Co, NC
Daniel Glisson estate settled in 1830 all went to wife Elizabeth
Daniel Glisson made a will in 1880 to his wife Mary
Daniel Glisson estate settled in 1881 all to his wife Mary
Haywiid Glisson estate settled 1854 all to his wife Mary

>From Marriage and Death notices NC

Major Daniel Glisson Jan 29 1828 (notd: should be Feb 29th) Duplin co
Raleigh Register 1, Mar 1828
died at his residence in Duplin Co on the evening of the 29th ult. Major
Daniel Glisson in his 74th year of his age. Major Glisson had been active
and useful member of the Legislature for 36 years ], as a member of the
last session and for several years chairman of the county court. He had
attended court during the week in perfect health, went home on Friday
evening, supped, and enjoyed himself with great glee as was his custom,
with his family and some of his neighbors, went to bed, and before day was
a corpse.

page 179 - Mrs Daniel Glisson Jr d( 15 Mar 1822 Duplin Co,

Absteracts of wills Bertie Co:

page 335
Gliston, Daniel, 24 Oct 1787, Aug tern 1790, hiers, daughters Anna & Sarah
Glisson, Test: Arthur Jernagan (also in State Archives, estate settled 4
Aug 1792)

Abstracts of Wills Duplin Co, NC''
Bk 4 Paaage 203 Devisor Daniel Glisson 1880, Devisees Mary Glisson, Robt.
Glisson, Harry J. Glisson, Zearence B. Roberts.

CFI Mormon Church Records - Marriages

Daniel Glisson to Sarah Herring on 6 sep 1783 Duplin co, NC
Daniel Glisson to Nancy Herring on 7 Oct 1822 Duplin Co, NC\
Sarah Glisson to George Fisher Kornegay `792-94 in Duplin Co NC (notes
dates wrong)

DAR Patriot Index
page 271- Daniel Glisson (b) 7-12-1759 - (d) 2-1830 (1M) Anne Herring (2m)
Sarah Kornegay, Volunteer NC

Hope this helps

At 09:19 PM 3/6/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I have analyzed my data more thoroughly and believe I can support some of my
>deductions, but must withdraw the part about Elizabeth having married three
>times. I think it was only twice. See below:
>>>>Pat, in re: to your statement "I have to rule out a d/o William and
>OUTLAW because their dau. Elizabeth was 2nd wife of Daniel GLISSON (unless
>married George 1st and he died or something)".<<<
>I think it is the "or something". I think Elizabeth (dau of Wm and Eliz.
>Outlaw) did marry George III first. Then, rather than George dying, I think

>they divorced shortly after the last child, Daniel, was born.
> >>> (2) Per George III (1821) Will he had 3 minor children, no wife named
>youngest child, Daniel,
>under age 15. (3) George III would have to have m. again if (per Matt) he
>Elizabeth were divorced. There were other things that raised a red flag also
>but can' t remember what exactly. But I remember at the time of analysing I
>descerned that it was not Elizabeth (wife of George III that m. Daniel
>but instead her daughter Elizabeth. If anyone has the b. and m. dates of
>their daughter Elizabeth that would help to determine if this speculation has
>any validity. <<<
>Elizabeth, the daughter of George III and Elizabeth, was born 29 Jan 1799. I
>don't have a birth date for Daniel Glisson, but I do have a birth date of one
>of his children, Haywood, which is 1812. If the younger Elizabeth were the
>mother of this child, she would have been only 13 when he was born and
>possibly only 12 when he was conceived. Possible, but not likely.
>Last Will and Testament of George Kornegay (III), dated July 17, 1821,
>Probated 1822. In the name of God, I, George Kornegay of Pulaski County and
>state of Georgia, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, calling to
>mind the uncertainty of life, do make this my last will and testament, hereby
>revoking and disannuling all former wills by me made and after recommending
>myself to the Earth from which it sprang to be buried at some convenient and
>eligible place in a decent manner and after my funeral expenses and all my
>just debts are first paid, the remainder of my estate I wish to dispose of in
>the following manner:
>ITEM FIRST: I give and bequeath to my daughter, Margaret Stevens (sic), one
>Negro man named Harry, one mare, bridle, and saddle, one bed and furniture
>a Negro girl by the name of Cate (all of which she has received except the
>Negro man Harry).
>ITEM SECOND: I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Rebecca Hollyman, three
>hundred acres of land in Duplin County, North Carolina, one horse, bridle,
>saddle, two beds and furniture, two cows and calves. (All of which she has
>received) Also, I give to each of her four children namely, Betty, David,
>Fountain, and Needham fifty dollars each, when they become of age.
>ITEM THREE: I give and bequeath to my daughter, Zilpha, (Kornegay) one Negro
>girl named Edy, one Negro boy named Simon, one bed and furniture.
>ITEM FOURTH: I give and bequeath to my daughter, Lettice Gomez one horse,

>bridle and saddle, one bed and furniture, two cows and calves (which she has
>already received). Also, one Negro girl named Tencih during her natural
>then to dissolve and go to the heirs of her body.
>ITEM FIFTH: I give and bequeath to my daughter Sally Hines one mare, bridle
>and saddle, two cows and calves, one bed and furniture (which she has already
>received). Also five hundred dollars to be paid out of a debt due me by my
>brother, Bazzel (sp. sic) Kornegay of North Carolina.
>ITEM SIXTH: I give and bequeath to my daughter, Rocky Reciviz one horse,
>bridle, and saddle, one bed and furniture (already received). Also, one
>girl named Esther (already received). Also, one Negro man by the name of
>ITEM SEVENTH: I give and bequeath to my daughter, Eliza Kornegay one Negro
>named Buck, one bed and furniture, one saddle and bridle.
>ITEM EIGHTH: I give and bequeath to my daughter, Seville Reeves one mare,
>saddle and bridle, one bed and furniture (all received except the saddle and
>bridle). Also, one Negro girl named Lucy and one Negro boy named Jeff.
>ITEM NINTH: I give and bequeath to my daughter Susanah Kornegay one Negro man
>named Bob, also, one Negro girl named Sarah, one bed and furniture, one
>and bridle.
>ITEM TENTH: I give and bequeath to my son, Bazzel Kornegay, the land, whereon
>I now live and a Negro man by the name of George and his wife by the name of
>Penny, one bed and furniture, one horse named Jackson, one saddle and bridle.
>ITEM ELEVENTH: I give and bequeath to my son, Daniel Kornegay one Negro woman
>by the name of Phillis. Also, one Negro boy by the name of Peter. Also, two
>thousand dollars to come out of a debt due to me from my brother, Bazzel
>Kornegay of North Carolina, to be appropriated to buy him a settlement of
>when he arrives at twenty-one years of age.
>ITEM TWELFTH: I wish my cattle and hogs together with two head of horses to
>remain on my plantation for the use of my unmarried children until my son
>Daniel arrives at fifteen years of age.
>ITEM THIRTEENTH: I wish the residue of my estate not otherwise
appropriated to
>be divided equally amongst my three daughters (to wit) Zilpha, Eliza and
>Suzanah Kornegay to furnish them with horses.
>LASTLY: I do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my son Bazzel Kornegay
>and Needham Stephens, (sic) Esq., my Executors to this my last will and
>testament and guardians for the minor children until they arrive at proper
>to choose for themselves. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand
>and affixed my seal this 17 day of July 1821. Signed, sealed and
>in the presence of Wm. Lester, M. W. McGriff, James D. Shanks. his George
>Kornegay mark
>We have birth dates for all of George III's children:
>Margaret (Peggy) 25 Oct 1784
>Rebecca 2 Nov 1786
>Zilpha 23 Dec 1789
>Letitia 31 Dec 1790
>Roccelaney (Roxie Clarissa) 4 Apr 1793
>Salley 8 Aug 1795/97
>Basil 9 Apr 1798
>Elizabeth 29 Jan 1799
>Sivil 12 Aug 1803
>Susannah 3 Apr 1806
>George 28 Dec 1808
>Daniel 22 Jan 1809

>Based on the date George's will was written 17 July 1821, the last four
>children would have been under 21, though Sivil would have been only a month
>shy of her 18th birthday. I'm not sure what age constituted "of legal age"
>at that time in his state of Georgia. Nor do I know whether it was the same
>for boys and girls. Nevertheless, Sivil was already married (in 1820 to
>Reaves) so was immancipated. Susannah didn't married until after her
>death. She married Kindred Hall 9 Jan 1823. So Susannah, George and Daniel
>are the three "under age."
>Actually the only important date is the last child's birth, Daniel, 22 Jan
>1809. We may assume that George III and Elizabeth were still married as of
>the conception of this child. Even assuming they stayed married until after
>Daniel's birth and for the duration of that year, it would leave Elizabeth
>from 1810 to her death 30 March 1821 to marry two more times...but I think
>only married a second time and the third reported marriage is a mistaken
>The fact that George's will does not mention a wife could be due to the fact
>she died in March of that year (her was writing his will in July), or it
>be due to their prior divorce which would dovetail with the information I
>on her as having married Daniel Gilisson and had several children by him, one
>born in 1812. But there appears to be no reason George would have had to
>marry again to have had minor children at the time of the writing of his
>I have Elizabeth second marriage to Daniel Glisson. I don't have a date for
>this marriage but I have the date of birth of one child, Haywood, as 16 June
>1812. The other four children of this marriage are Dennis, George, Elizabeth
>and (suspiciously) Eliza...the latter may be a mistake of some researcher and
>in reality be the same child as Elizabeth.
>The third marriage I have for Elizabeth (wife of George III) is the one that
>has to be an error: I have (from some forgotten source) this same Elizabeth
>marrying George Duncan in abt 1795 in Duplin Co. It also gave six children
>of this marriage: Zelpha, Jesse, Lee, Nancy, Mary, and Elizabeth F. (b. abt
>1815). This marriage just won't fit in at all with the dates of the other
>for Elizabeth wife of George III. Can anyone identify who the real Elizabeth
>is in this marriage to George Duncan?
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